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A Note to Women about Fat Loss

  There is nothing more gratifying than seeing the numbers on the scale go down and your waist becoming tighter week after week. And when the numbers stop moving downwards what follows is usually very unnecessary desperate measures. I generally find the weight scale to


Fast Fat Loss vs Efficient Fat Loss

  There is always more than one way to get from point A to point B. When selecting the right way, you need to decide what’s more important: getting to point B fast, or getting to point B efficiently. The difference between fast and efficient


The Lost Art of Patience in Physical Training

  Fitness media is full of outrageous promises: super fat loss pills, magic diets, fast results, and dramatic 12-week transformations make the headlines. We have gone from a quick-fix and instant gratification society into a quick-result and hyper instant gratification society. No one wants to

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Weight Training for Endurance Athletes

Most endurance athletes know that to be competitive, there is no substitute for training in your sport. For example, there really is no better way to become a faster runner than, well, running. However, while you may not want to look like a body builder,

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Strength Coaches Abandoned This Exercise…

75, 76, 77….100!  Whew, what a great set of crunches that was… I feel so…what’s the word?  Oh yeah, nauseous. How many of us used to fall into that cycle of crunches until we just about vomited?  Many of us did and you know, things

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10-minute ab workouts

I stick to 3 basic principles (as much as I can) and achieve the same physique I had nearly 20 years ago with MUCH LESS time doing Abs and still enjoying my life (i.e. eating foods that taste good).   +Ab Workouts shouldn’t take more

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This movement replaces 10 other ab exercises

There he is….Mr. ABC… All he likes to do is Abs, Biceps and Chest when he goes to the gym.  We’ve all seen this guy.  Not only does he love to only work the anterior chain muscles, he always does the same 3 exercises for


Bodyweight Ladder Bootcamp Workout

Have you ever felt REALLY guilty after a huge meal that you woke up the following morning and worked out harder than you’ve ever worked out before? Well, here’s a workout you can do practically anywhere! Trainers can also use this workout on their clients…especially