• 5 Methods to Help You Gain Muscle and Lose Fat With Bodyweight Training

    There are literally tons of training methods out there. I’m going to present to you my top five training methods to help you gain muscle and lose fat effectively using bodyweight training:

    Method #1: The Dice Method

    The dice method to program design is pretty simple. You take a dice and you roll it. With each roll, you assign a different property. The effectiveness of this method is based on what variable you assign to each throw.

    Here’s an example:

    Dice roll #1: Number of Exercises – You can have anywhere between 1-6 exercises in your workout. Lets say you roll a

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  • 4 Methods for Strength Training without Weights

    When you don’t have access to any weights, learning new exercises is only part of the equation. You need to learn how to organize those exercise into effective and intense workouts. Long are the day where you performed an exercise for an X amount of reps and then took 60 seconds between each set. Use the following high intensity techniques to maximize your strength training without weights:

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    Descending Reps for Maximum Intensity

    Supersets are a great training method. But one thing I’ve noticed is that each round is harder than the one before it. My reps become slower each time. The first round is usually the easiest one. Let me show you what I mean

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