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4 Simple Steps to Help You Get In Shape at Home with Dumbbells and Bodyweight Training

Dumbbells are one of the most versatile tools out there for mass gain, fat loss, and strength training. On the flip side, bodyweight training is one of the most portable andholistic forms of training. When you combine the two, you get incredible high intensity workouts you can adapt to any goal. Home fitness training with […]

5 Ways to Get Faster Results with your Dumbbell and Bodyweight Training Routines

Two of my favorite methods of training include Dumbbells and Bodyweight Exercises. Dumbbells are great because I can lift weights through a full range of motion – the kind of natural movement I can not achieve with machines. Bodyweight training is great for the same exact reason – all the exercises can be performed through […]

How to Construct the Perfect High Intensity Training Workout at Home

High Intensity Training allows you to burn fat, build lean muscle mass, and improve your athletic conditioning – all in one simple, 20 to 30 minute workout. In this post, I will give you a basic blueprint on how to develop the best high intensity workouts at home. 6 Reasons why High Intensity Training at […]