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Burn off the Holiday Fat with Fighter Workouts

We’ve seen an enormous shift in the training systems of many world class athletes. There was once a time where combat athletes such as martial artists, boxers, and wrestlers refrained from using heavy weight lifting. They used primarily bodyweight calisthenics. Movements such as pushups, pullups, burpees, sprint drills, and jump roping ruled the strength and […]

How to Get Started with Russian Kettlebells

The following is a guest post from Nathan Donahue from Kettlebell Planet. I first learned about Russian Kettlebells in 2002 while reading Pavel Tsatsouline’s Power to the People. As a competitive powerlifter I was always looking for new ways to get stronger and Pavel’s writing was very interesting and informative. In the back of his […]

Kettlebell Workouts: Pros and Cons

Kettlebell workouts provide a complete strength training, balance, and cardiovascular workout. However, do Kettlebell workouts really produce the results the experts claim they do? Or are they just over-hyped pieces of over priced iron? Well, you’ll find the answers to these questions in this article. Top 6 “Pros” of Kettlebell Workouts: Best combination of Cardio […]

Kettlebell Ab Exercises for a Strong Midsection

Everyday, there are thousands of workouts, exercises, and articles being published on the Internet about abdominal training. Most of these training guides are absolutely wrong when it comes to developing strong, functional abdominals. This is the reason why individuals perform endless situps and crunches on a daily basis without giving the abdominal region enough rest. […]

6 Kettlebell Concepts You Should Know

Kettlebells are quickly increasing in popularity. It used to be that just a few thousand fitness enthusiasts were training with these unique looking objects. Thee days, almost everyone from world-class athletes, bodybuilders, movie stars, busy professionals, teenagers, and stay at home moms are starting to use Kettlebells to get in shape and stay healthy. However, […]

Make your Cardio Fun with Kettlebell Cardio

Here’s something that people don’t tell you about burning calories: the harder you work, the more calories you burn. One obvious example is a sprinter and a jogger. Sprinters work much harder than joggers. Their goal is to expend as much energy in as little time as possible. Joggers, on the other hand, focus on […]

High Intensity Training Workouts

Moderate training will get you moderate results. It’s as simple as that. In order to truly excel in your fitness goals you need to be constantly taking it to the next level. Taking it to the next level means training heavy. Forget about training for aesthetics for just one moment. Don’t worry about mass or […]