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  • January 2010
  • TT 15-Minute Kettlebell Express Workout

    The TT 15-minute Kettlebell Express Workout is the February Turbulence Training Workouts of the Month, developed by Craig Ballantyne. It has not been released yet. The TT members section a forum where you can ask Craig Ballantyne any question you wish, with immediate answers and help. You also have the benefit of getting feedback from […]

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  • What is the Difference between a One Arm Kettlebell Swing and a Single Arm High Pull?

    To a beginner, the one arm Kettlebell Swing, and Single Arm High Pull may seem like very similar movements. However, their is a difference. The KB Swing focuses on generating power with your hips only, and letting the KB swing naturally in front of your body. Your arms and shoulders are neutral. Use any sort […]

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  • Dumbbell Thruster Exercise

    The dumbbell thruster is a great full body movement that works your upper and lower body at the same time. To start off clean a pair of dumbbells up to your shoulders. Push your hips back and bend your knees to perform a squat. Go as low as you can, then reverse the movement and […]

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  • Crossfit vs. Turbulence Training

    Everyone wants to know: what is the difference between Crossfit and Turblence Training? Well, lets take a look at some pros and cons: Crossfit Pros: Provides you with free, intense workouts that help you lose fat, gain strength, and boost your athletic abilities. Recommends sound nutritional guidelines Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provides a great tutorial […]

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  • Top 7 Bodyweight-Only Ab Exercises and 3 Sample Turbulence Training Ab Workouts

    Craig Ballantyne, author of the world famous Turbulence Training workouts, includes some great ab exercises in his workouts. The following 5 of his favorite abdominal movements that you can do you using just your bodyweight: #1: Cross-Body Mountain Climbers   Start off at the top of the pushup position. Lift your left leg off the […]

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  • 2 Turbulence Training Work Out Routines for Women

    There are two mistakes women make when it comes working out for fat loss: No Variety Low Intensity Human beings are creatures of habit. So, if we find something that works for us, we stick to it. It might work for the first 2 weeks. And it might even work for the next 2 weeks. […]

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  • Women: Get Hot with these 4 High Intensity Kettlebell Workouts

    For the following 4 workouts, we’re going to stick to good, old fashioned interval training. Interval training is where you perform a movement for a high intensity level for a given time frame, followed by a short period of rest. For each exercise below, perform the movement for 90 seconds straight through, followed by 90 […]

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  • Check out these 9 Hot Kettlebell Bodies

    Still not sure if you want to start training with a Kettlebell? Well, then check out these hot bodies developed by Kettlebell training: Hot Kettlebell Body #1: Missy Beaver Missy Beaver RKC is Katherine Heigle’s (Knocked Up) trainer. She trains heavy, and she trains hard. Hot Kettlebell Body #2: Lance Armstrong Here’s a classic pic […]

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  • Turbulence Training Advanced Bodyweight Workout Routine

    The Advanced Bodyweight routine, developed by trainer Craig Ballantyne is exactly what it sounds like: a bodyweight-only program for advanced trainees. Benefits of the Advanced Bodyweight Program:   Provides you with more difficult movements to further your progress with Bodyweight exercises. Most programs stick to basic pushups, pullups, and squats. But after a while these […]

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  • Turbulence Training Workout Plan: Mini Bodyweight Circuits

    Turbulence Training is a training system developed by Trainer Craig Ballantyne. He has developed numerous workout routines for individuals who wish to get in shape at home. He also has numerous bodyweight-only routines for people who do not have access to equipment. You can check out all of his Bodyweight Workouts here. One of his […]

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