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  • February 2010
  • Turbulence Training Bodyweight Workouts


    “Here’s a Method that is Helping People Lose Fat and Gain Muscle without Lifting Weights“ Introducing… Turbulence Training Bodyweight Deluxe … and it’s the first book ever written for the everyday layperson that clearly shows you how to workout without lifting weights in the comfort of your own home. Turbulence Training was a controversial eBook […]

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  • Is the Muscle Experiment Right for You?

    Here is a Method that is Helping People Pack On Lean Muscle Mass with Bodyweight -only Exercises The Muscle Experiment is a bodyweight-only muscle building program developed by Mike Thiga. Yes, you read right. MUSCLE BUILDING. We all know how to drop fat with bodyweight exercises, but muscle building is a whole different game plan. Don’t believe you can build lean […]

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  • What are Craig Ballantyne’s Bodyweight Workouts Like?

    If you’re wondering what it feels like to perform one of Craig Ballantyne’s bodyweight workouts, then check out this video: As you can see, this is a great program you can do with ZERO equipment. Here’s a rundown of how to perform “The Crazy 8 Circuit.” 60 Jumping Jacks 20 Spiderman Pushups 20 Walking Lunges […]

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  • Transform Yourself into a Warrior with Bodyweight Training

    You wake up in the morning. The alarm buzzes at an annoying pitch. Groggy eyed, you somehow find the alarm and shut it off. Then you crawl back to sleep. The alarm rings again, and this time you know its for real. You stand up with your eyes still half closed and somehow manage to […]

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  • MMA Conditioning Pyramid Circuit Workout

    Eric Wong is a MMA fighter who’s create a great program for MMA athletes titled “Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning. I personally love it because of my Karate background, and because it’s packed with great unique, high intensity workouts. Here’s a great workout you can do at a local park: If you’re training consistently, then […]

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  • Advanced Vertical Jump Program from Kelly Bagget and Alex Marako

    Kelly Bagget and Alex Marako just launched a remarkable Vertical Jump program for athletes who want boost their vertical jump and become more explosive. I actually haven’t had a chance to try this program yet, so there is not formal review. However, I thought I’d post this up since they’re offering a $20 discount during […]

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  • TacFit: Ryan Murdock’s Bodyweight Workout

    Ryan Murdock, one of the authors of the TacFit Commando workout, shares one of his quick, intense bodyweight workouts: During the 3-day launch phase, the price was discounted at $97. Here’s what one of the customers said about the price: “Are you guys insane? After the promo material and emails, I thought this program was […]

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  • TacFit Commando: Why the Fitness Industry has Failed You

    As you know, I’ve been extremely weary of gyms and commercial fitness systems. For years I’ve always challenged the norm and sought ways to achieve my goals faster and more efficiently. I’m so glad that TacFit Commando has finally been released. It will show the world what functional fitness is all about. Everyone’s trying to […]

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  • TacFit Exercises: Take the TacFit Workout Challenge

    Here’s a sample workout using TacFit exercises: Click Here to Grab your Copy of TacFit Commando Today! During the 3-day launch phase, the price was discounted at $97. Here’s what one of the customers said about the price: “Are you guys insane? After the promo material and emails, I thought this program was going to […]

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  • TacFit for Firefighters and Police Officers

    TacFit Commando is a bodyweight-only program that has been existence for many years. It’s just recently been released to the public in digital format. The program has been used in the past with: Military Units FireFighters Police Officers Law Enforcement Personnel MMA Fighters For military units and MMA fighters, this program makes perfect sense. These […]

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