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Monthly Archives: March 2010

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Get Cut Abs Workout

I just love posting Jeff’s workouts. He starts off talking about his coaching days, and then shows you some more unique abdominal movements to help you get a stronger core: Click here to Learn more about Jeff Cavaliere’s Athlean-X Program

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Bodyweight, Cables, and Medicine Ball Workout: Abs

Jeff Cavaliere, author of the Athlean-X program shows you some great abdominal movements you can do with just your bodyweight, cables, and medicine ball. He also starts off the video with some great nutrition tips that you can start to implement today: Click here to

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Medicine Ball Plyometrics Drills for Athletes

In the spirit of athletic training, lets now go over a few plyometric drills you can do with a medicine ball: Oblique Toss Perform this movement with a partner. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Have your partner stand side ways to you a

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Gym Workouts: Abs Training at the Gym or at Home

Whether you’re training at the gym, or at home, abdominal training is absolutely important. Basic crunches and situps are too easy. It’s time to start incorporating some tough movements into your core training workouts. Check out this video from Jeff Cavaliere for some ideas: I’ll

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Ab Workout for Runners and Other Athletes

Looks like April is going to be month for Athletes on this blog. Well, all athletes need some serious core work. I came across a YouTube video by Jeff Cavaliere that shows you some truly unique abdominal movements. Check this out: Yesterday, I was able

Eric Wong Helps you With your Back Problems

Everyone has hurt their back at some point in their lives. If you have not experienced even the slightest bit of back pain from intense workouts, then I guarantee you will soon. It’s just the fact of life. But Eric Wong, author of Ultimate MMA

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Vertical Jumping Workout: Jack Casio Video

Here’s a video of Jack Casio jumping onto a variety of objects, including cars, one-leg jumps onto polls, and into pools: If you want to maximize your athletic training with intense workouts and unique movements, then my friend Jack Casio just launched an incredible athletic

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New Shah Training Forum is now Up!

Hey guys, New Shah Training forum is now up. The goal of this forum is to create a small community of like minded individuals who respect each other. I do not want to turn this into a forum or forum where people hate