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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Motor Learning for Fat Loss

Motor learning is all about how much muscle you recruit in an exercise and how coordinated your movements are. For example, if you’re doing 10 sets of 10 repetitions, you will not get the most out of the workout if you’re not moving properly to

5 Steps to Fat Loss with the Xtreme Diet Method

I don’t write too much about nutrition because I don’t consider myself an expert. But this morning Dr. K sent me a video where he talks about 5 ways to lose fat fast. Check it out here: So lets review what he’s saying: Strategy #1:

Basic Workouts for Middle Age Men

If you’re middle aged and want to get into shape, all you need are 5 basic movements in your exercise routine: Horizontal pushing movement – such as pushups, bench press, or floor press. Horizontal pulling movement – such as bent over rows, one-arm dumbbell bent

Tacfit Commando Exclusive Sneak Peak

I’ve been given express permission to post 2 videos from the actual TacFit Commando package. The first one is an instructional exercise demonstration video. mp4 version <= Right click (Ctrl-click Mac) and save to disk m4v version <= Right click (Ctrl-click Mac) and save to

Scott Sonnon Teaches TacFit Commando

This is a really cool video: Scott Sonnon teaches a group of individuals who wish to be TacFit Field Instructors. Even if you don’t want to become a field instructor, this video will show you some great new bodyweight movements to add into your fitness

Basic Version of TacFit Challenge

A few months back, Scott Sonnon and Ryan Murdock came out with a free workout – the same workout they used to train the Isreali Special Forces. However, for many individuals, this workout was too difficult. So, Scott Sonnon has come out with an easier

Has Craig Ballantyne gone crazy?

Well, I think one of my favorite fitness trainers, Craig Ballantyne, may have gone crazy over the weekend. Check this out…it’s the most OUTRAGEOUS fitness offer ever… Men’s Health and Women’s Health fitness expert, Craig Ballantyne, is offering you a chance to “practically steal” his

Dumbbell Training Guides Reviewed

There are some great dumbbell training guides out there. Some of the provide full workouts, and others just give you exercises to perform. Which one is the best for you? Well, hopefully these reviews will help you make the best decision: Turbulence Training Turbulence training