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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Kettlebells and Abs: 5 Steps to Progress

Kettlebells are probably the easiest way to get a strong core and really make your abs “pop.” Here’s 5 reasons why: Unilateral Work Kettlebells are expensive, which is why most people purchase only one Kettlebell at a time. This is actually a good thing. When

Intense Effective Diets?

If you train at a high intensity level, then you need a diet that matches that level of intensity. You need a diet that’s full of real, whole foods, lots of fruits and veggies, lots of healthy fats, and lots of protein. Even though you

Limited Time Workouts

Is there a minimum amount of time you should workout in order to lose weight? If you don’t have much time at all throughout the day, can you get by with just 20 minutes, 15 minute, or even 10 minute workouts? Well, the short answer

Vegetarian Program to Lose Middle Age Fat

Vegetarians have a LOT of questions with regards to fat loss. Some of the most popular include: How do I know I’m getting enough protein, and where do I get it from? How can I keep my nutrition exciting enough to stick to it? Does

Fat Loss: Best Dumbbell Routine for Women

As women get older, it seems as though their waistlines want to expand, even when they’re careful with their nutrition and exercise. Unfortunately, there is no “magic formula.” But there is a way to get your weight under control and maintain it as you get

At Home Cardio Tricks

Amongst all this talk about steady state cardio vs. interval cardio, there are a group of people who actually ENJOY steady state cardio. Well if you enjoy it, then you should absolutely do it. But, you must also realize that you can get results without

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12 Minute Dumbbell Workout Plan

Getting in shape isn’t all that complicated. You don’t need a whole bunch of equipment to do it. In fact, you can even do it with just bodyweight movements. However, if you have access to a pair of dumbbells, then you can get even more