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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Chinups for People who Can’t do Chinups

Pullups, Pushups, and Squat are the staple bodyweight movements. Almost 2 years ago, I brought a video titled “Pushups for People Who can’t do Pushups.” The video was extremely popular on YouTube, so I decided to create a similar video to help you perform your

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2 Ways to make a Homemade Suspension Trainer

I’ve been using my Martial Arts belts to perform my suspension training. They’ve been working great for me! I got the idea from Coach Scott Sonnon, and have been incorporating many of his movements into my workouts from TacFit Rope. Another way to make a

Upper Back Pain: Causes and Treatments

Upper back pain can occur as a result of sudden trauma or injury, or it can occur through strain or poor posture over time. With people who exercise, the cause of back pain is usually through poor exercise technique over time. If you do not

Fighter Workouts for Crazy Fat Loss

Growing up, I’ve wanted to be many things…writer, magazine editor, actor, director, samurai, ninja turtle…MMA fighter. In fact, right after I saw my first UFC fight on TV, I started training like an MMA fighter. I had no idea what I was doing. I was

Last Chance To Get The Holy Grail of Fitness

Click here to check out my review of the Holy Grail Transformation Program. This is just a quick reminder to let you know that today is the last day on the special 3-day offer where you can get “The Holy Grail Body Transformation System” for