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Monthly Archives: October 2010

5 Cool Fat Burning Workout Tips

By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS If you want to squeeze even more fat burning results out of the  already amazing Turbulence Training workouts, here are 5 cool workout tips that will super-charge your fat burning success. 1) Use the TRIPLE set method Try the triple

Best Full Body Workout you can Do at Home

His face was pouring with sweat. He looked up at me with tired eyes, asking me “how much more?” That was when I announced the next combination. He looked on as I demonstrated – Jab, Cross, Left Uppercut, Right Uppercut, Left Hook, Right Hook. He

Bicep Workouts for Mass

If you’re really killing it with your workouts, but don’t LOOK like you workout, then you feel a little…meh. You know what I’m talking about. You want others to KNOW you workout. You want them to compliment you, to look at you, to come up

Triceps Training for Bigger Arms

I have an odd relationship with my arms. When I first started training, I was training solely for power. I was training for Martial Arts, so I stuck to lots of bodyweight movements and olympic lifts. But once I stopped training for Martial Arts, my

Dumbbell Exercises for Shoulders

Want big, round shoulders? Then I’ve got 5 movements that you need to be doing. But first, lets go over some key tips to getting bigger shoulders: Use Momentum Try to keep your form as strict as possible. However, towards the end of each exercise,

Intense Home Workouts: Metabolic Circuit

Metabolic Circuits are what Arnel Ricafranca uses to help you burn 1000 calories per workout. I’ve used his method to create my own workout you can do at home: Intense Home Workouts: Metabolic Circuit from Parth Shah on Vimeo. Who is Arnel Ricafranca? Arnel Ricafranca