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Navy Seal Exercises

If you’ve ever seen a Discovery channel or Military channel special on Navy Seal training, then you know that Navy seals are TOUGH. They’re not only physically tough, but also mentally stuff. A good program must prepare you physically, and mentally, for the challenges that life has for you.

If you’re looking to get both physically and mentally tough, then you can use their workouts as a guide for our own. I’ve taken a typical navy seal physical fitness program and made some slight modifications which include:

  • Adding in intervals
  • Replacing situps with planks
  • Adding in Leg Work
  • Using more variations of pushups

So, lets get started:

Navy Seal Running program:

WEEKS #1, 2: 2 miles/day, 8:30 pace, M/W/F (6 miles/ week)

WEEK #3: 8 minutes Interval Training, M/W/F

WEEK #4: 3 miles/day, M/W/F (9 miles/wk)

WEEKS #5, 6: Monday – Run 2 miles, Tuesday – 12 minute Interval Training, Thursday – Run 4 miles, Friday – 8 minutes Interval Training

WEEKS #7,8: 4/4/5/3 miles, M/Tu/Th/F (16 miles/ wk)

WEEK #9:  Monday – Run 4 miles, Tuesday – 16 minute Interval Training, Thursday – Run 5 miles, Friday – 12 minutes Interval Training

Navy Seal Strength Program:

* Performed M/W/F

WEEK #1:

  • 4X30 Squats
  • 4X15 Pushups
  • 4X20 seconds Planks
  • 3X3 Pullups

WEEK #2:

  • 5X20 1-leg Deadlifts Each Side
  • 5X15 Decline Pushups
  • 5X20 seconds Panks
  • 3X3 Pullups

WEEK #3,4:

  • 5×25 1-leg Deadlifts Each Side
  • 5X15 Close Grip Pushups
  • 5X25 seconds Planks
  • 3X4 Pullups

WEEK #5,6:

  • 6X25 Squat Jumps
  • 6X15 Decline Close Grip Pushups
  • 6X25 seconds Planks
  • 2X8 Pullups

WEEK #7,8:

  • 6X30 1-Leg Deadlifts Each Side
  • 6X15 Spiderman Pushups
  • 6X30 seconds Planks
  • 2X10 Pullups

WEEK #9:

  • 6X60 Squats
  • 6X15 Decline Spiderman Pushups
  • 6X30 seconds Planks
  • 3X10 Pullups

Final Thoughts:

This program my seem BASIC, but I assure you, it’s TOUGH. Try the program out, the let me know what you think! Post your results to comments:

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Burn Fat x 10 Black Friday Sale

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This is a “Black Friday sale.”

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Marine Training Program

The other day my friend said he wants to join the military to pay for Law School. He then asked me if my workouts would be able to prepare him for military. I did some research and found out that basic training for all branches of the military focuses on four exercises:

  • Pushups
  • Pullups
  • Situps
  • Running

I don’t know why they don’t test squats, because that is one of the most important movements for both average joes and military men. In addition, Situps are clearly an out dated form of testing your abdominal strength.

Back to my friend – I told him that his core was certainly getting stronger. We were still working on his pullups, and his pushups were top notch. One thing we never worked on was running, because frankly I don’t like running.

So I said, I’ll set a timer for 10 minutes. And we’ll just jog as far as we can. Then, we’re run back and try to make it back in under 10 minutes. My friend agreed, and off we went.

8 minutes later, my friend was gasping for air. I looked at him. What the hell was this? How can a 24 year old man who’s been training with me for 2 months not be able to jog at a steady pace for 10 minutes?

I saw problems.

I believed that my short, intense workouts would have carry over to endurance training as well. I’d tested this out when after about 8 months of not running, I went out for a 3 mile run. The run felt easier after 8 months than before the 8 months.

And what did I do in those 8 months? High intensity Kettlebell training. So I was training my heart.

Why didn’t it work for my friend? He used to be on the lacrosse team in High School? His coach would make him run 2 miles before practice every day.

But he told me he would eat a lot of bad food. He would literally eat onion rings right before practice, and be able to burn it all off. Ah, the good old high school days. Unfortunately, you’re not in high school any more, and you’re body isn’t the same as it was back then.

You can’t eat crap food, and expect to recover properly. In order to get maximum benefits with my, or any training program, you MUST clean up your diet. And that involves banning yourself from McDonalds and knowing when to say no.

How to Clean up your Diet

Cleaning up your diet isn’t rocket science. Here’s what you do:

  1. Write down everything you eat for an entire week.
  2. Organize your list into three parts: good food, bad food, and ok food.
  3. The key is to expand on the good food, get rid of the bad food, and cut down on the ok food.

Pretty simple. Here are some more tips to help you organize your food intake:


Don’t avoid carbohydrates, especially if you’re training like an athlete. Choose carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. The Glycemic Index is a measure of how quickly carbs are absorbed into your bloodstream.

Some foods with a low glycemic index include noodles, mixed grain bread, carrots, corn, and chickpeas. Foods with a high glycemic index include bagels, candy, honey, and sports drinks.

So, avoid Gatorade and your morning bagel with cream cheese as much as possible.


Don’t be a protein whore. Average people only need about .36 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. If you workout, you can get away with .5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. The 2 grams per bodyweight recommendation is strictly for bodybuilders.

Focus on learning how to listen to your body. If you feel sore and tired, then increase your protein and carb intake slightly to aid recovery.


All fat’s are not bad. In fact, you need good fats in your diet. When you get hungry, instead of reaching for a piece of candy, grab some almonds or peanuts. Start using olive oil in your cooking.


I think calories are important, especially if you’re trying to change your body composition. But you don’t need to count every single calorie. Once a week, just count up your calories for that day, to see where you are, and make sure you’re not over eating.

Once again, learn to listen to your body. As someone who works out, you will need more food to fuel your workouts, and recover from them.

How to Improve your Core Strength

As mentioned earlier, I do not believe that situps are important for core strength. Even elite branches of the government, such as Marine RECON, use situps as a measure of core strength. They’re standards are 80 situps in 2 minutes.

Seems simple enough. No?

Well, then you obviously need to do more situps. Here’s the right way to do them:

The reason why I hate sit ups so much is because you need to round your lower back in order to bend forward at the waist. This is the exact same motion that doctor say causes a herniated disc!

So how do you train your abs properly? Try this:

These movements are certainly going to make your abs stronger, so situps are going to be super easy. However, right before your military physical exam, make sure you see that you can actually meet the requirements they set for you.

How to Improve your Running

The abdominal training exercises laid out by Craig Ballantyne will help improve your running, pushups, and pullups. That’s the first step.

The second step is to focus on your breathing.  Most people have erratic breathing patterns while running, causing them to hyperventilate. Improper breathing also causes extreme cramping in your abdomen and legs.

Here’s a great way to practice a full inhale, and full exhale:

  • INHALE on your left, right, left foot steps
  • EXHALE on your right, left foot steps

Slow down your pace, and practice breathing in this manner. It will soon become a habit, and you will notice that your body is much more relaxed while running.

High intensity training is great, but when your heart rates are elevated for too long a time at once, you are unable to full exhale and inhale. This raises the CO2 levels in your body, raising your lactic acid production, and preventing your from finishing the run.

The final step is high intensity training. One of the reasons why the 3 mile run felt so easy to me was because my heart was used to tougher training. Start incorporating interval training, bodyweight or kettlebell circuits.

Here’s a sample bodyweight circuit to try:

How to Do More Pullups

The minimal amount of pullups necessary in any military branch is 3 repetitions. However, the more pullups you do, the higher you score on your physical test. So lets first make sure that you can do pullups.

Here is the best way to work up to your first pullup:

Here are some more tips on getting your first pullup:

Now, lets focus on increasing your pullup repetitions. There are three different techniques you can use:

Reps for Time

The first method is to choose a number, lets say 10 pullups, and then time yourself to see how much time it takes you to do 10 pullups. So, for complete pullups, you’ll most likely have to do sets of 1-2, with 2-3 minutes rest in between each set.

Lets assume it takes you 20 minutes to do 10 pullups. The following week, try to do those 10 pullups in less then 19 minutes. Keep going until you cut your time in half. Then, increase your goal, lets say 15 pullups, and start over.

Max Reps

Very simple: perform a maximum set of pullups. Rest 5 minutes, and repeat 2-3 times. This only works if you can do at least 5 pullups. If you can’t do more than 5 pullups without restin, then use the first method.

With max reps, simply record your total number of repetitions over the 3-4 sets, and focus on performing at least on more repetition the following week.

Pyramid Training

Pyramid training can be used by all fitness levels. They allow you to perform more repetitions in a shorter period of time.

Here is what a beginner pyramid scheme might look like:

  • 1-2-3-2-1

That is 9 repetitions! So with this workout, you perform 1 repetition, rest for 60 seconds, then do 2 repetitions, rest for 60 seconds, then do 3 repetitions. Go back down the ladder. If you still have the strength, then repeat the sequence.

You can combine the pyramid scheme with Reps for time, for improved scores.

How to Do More Pushups

First, you should be able to do pushups. Here’s a quick tutorial to get you started with your first pushup:

To increase your pushups, you can use the same methods as I mentione earlier for Pullups. Craig Ballantyne also has some tips to perform more pushups:

So, that’s that. Whether or not you wish to join the military, getting the basics down is extremely important. If you with to improve with your bodyweight training, or are simply seeking to lose fat, then I strongly recommend Craig Ballantyne’s bodyweight workouts.

Click here for more information


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Joel Marion Explains why Dieting Can’t Work

Two things to share with you today.

First, a cool bonus announcement, and second, a pretty insightful article from Cheat Your Way Thin creator, Joel Marion.

First up — how would you like to go out to eat without ever having to worry about what menu items and meals are “approved” for your current nutrition program?

Would make going out and being social EXTREMELY easy, wouldn’t it?

Well, good news, Cheat Your Way Thin author Joel Marion just informed me that he’s added a BRAND NEW bonus to the “Holiday” package — the official Cheat Your Way Thin Restaurant Guide!

In the guide, Joel dissects the menus of more than 75 popular restaurants, providing you with a detailed list of Cheat Your Way Thin approved meals and options at each.

And today, in honor of the American Thanksgiving holiday, you can get the Restaurant Guide bonus, along with the Holiday Cheat Calendar bonus (a day-by-day guide, with every holiday designated as a Cheat Day, to achieve maximal fat loss DURING the holidays), AND the complete Cheat Your Way Thin system for less than HALF price.

Just use the link below to access the invitation only HALF PRICE sale:

==> Holiday Fat Loss

Want more information on how “cheating” can actually help your fat loss efforts and why typical “diets” don’t work? Check out Joel’s article below: Why “Dieting” CAN’T Work

Why “Dieting” CAN’T Work
By Joel Marion, CISSN, NSCA-CPT


Ever feel this way? Or maybe a better question is: Ever been on a diet?

Why is dieting so psychologically draining?

Well, for one, it requires change in a major area of our lives—the way we eat—and for most of us, change is a very uncomfortable thing.

Fact is, changing old habits and forming new ones is never an easy task; however, with dieting, it becomes exceedingly difficult given all of the physical adaptations that occur (which we will soon discuss).

Consider what happens in your mind when you go on a diet.

Almost immediately you are faced with an array of cravings. Just the sight or smell of food mentally adds to your already present hunger pangs. You find yourself craving foods that normally you have no desire to eat.

Every time you come in contact with an “off-limits” food item—whether it be on a television commercial, in a magazine, or physically right in front of you—the battle begins.

Do you give into the temptation to experience immediate pleasure, only to be swarmed by overwhelming guilt shortly soon after? Or do you stick it out and allow the anxiety to increase with every day?

It seems like a lose-lose situation—and it is.

And what if you’re not making as much progress as you had hoped? What if you’re seemingly doing everything right and the scale just isn’t moving?

Feelings of frustration, discouragement, and even depression emerge, making you even more inclined to break your diet.

I mean, who wants to sacrifice without being rewarded? At least when you bite into a chocolate chip cookie, the taste is satisfying. But working hard to reap no return on investment? Well that, that just flat out sucks.

There has to be a better way—and fortunately, there is.

The simple truth is this: “diets” can’t work.

If you tried ‘em and failed, you’re just like 99% of the rest of the world, myself included: normal.

You see, any time you restrict calories, you literally “program” your body to fight against your every effort to lose weight.

Not quite making sense? Time for a little history lesson.

Think back for just a minute to the time in which our ancestors roamed the earth. You know, the hunter and gather, feast and famine type days.

For those individuals, survival was king, and in order to survive, they had to do the whole “eating” thing just like us.

Unfortunately, things weren’t quite as easy for this group as they are today. No supermarkets. No drive-through meal deals. Instead, when our primitive ancestors wanted a nice steak, they had to go find it.

This inevitably meant that there were plenty of instances in which our yester-year counterparts went without food for days at a time. And at other times, namely during the winter months, their bodies were forced to get by on very little daily food and calories.

And the reason why they didn’t die? There’s only one—the body’s natural defense against starvation.

Don’t get enough calories for an extended period of time? No problem, the body simply causes ”bad” hormones, fat storage enzymes, and hunger to all increase while “good” hormones, metabolism, and fat burning enzymes all take a dive.

Enter “starvation mode”.

Friend to our ancestors; anything but to the dieter.

You see, dieting, although planned, is nothing more than a lesser degree of premeditated starvation.

Go on a diet—any diet—and it wont be long until the body begins fighting for every ounce of your body fat. You want to lose it; it wants to keep it. And guess what? It wins every time.

Sad scenario, I know.

But what if there was some way to “trick” your body into thinking you aren’t dieting when you actually are?

What if you could essentially “block” the body from entering starvation mode, keeping fat burning at its highest point, week after week?

Well, you can.

And even better news—you can do it by strategically “cheating” on your diet with all your favorite foods.

Is it apple pie that you crave? Chocolate chip cookies (like me)? Or maybe just the freedom to order whatever you want from your favorite restaurant’s menu? Whatever it is, believe it or not, you can actually use those foods to help you lose fat faster.

But it needs to be very strategic, and with Cheat Your Way Thin, that’s exactly what I teach you how to do.

“So how does strategic cheating override the starvation protection mechanism?”

That’s a good question, and one I’m more than happy to answer.

You see, it takes the body about one week of calorie restriction to substantially trigger “starvation mode” and perpetuate the negative adaptations we discussed previously (decreased metabolism, slowed/stalled fat loss, etc).

On the other hand, it takes a much shorter period of time to reverse these trends via strategic practices of “overfeeding” or dietary “cheating”.

Essentially, by incorporating bursts of strategic cheating like I teach in Cheat Your Way Thin, you can literally turn your metabolism into your fat burning slave by ensuring you always have an internal environment primed for burning fat—and you do it with your favorite foods.

Oh, and did I mention just how HUGE that is psychologically?

Thinking back, I can remember when I used to “cheat” only to quickly be overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and failure. Never again. Now when I cheat, it’s planned. And each time I do, I walk away knowing that I just accelerated my progress.

Frankly, it doesn’t get much better than knowing that you just USED your Thanksgiving Dinner AND dessert to speed along fat loss.

Anxiety? Nope. When cravings arise, there is major comfort in knowing that you’ll be able to enjoy that very food in just a few short days when your next cheat session rolls around.

Feelings of discouragement and decreased motivation? Definitely with other diets, but with Cheat Your Way Thin, you’ll actually be excited to step on the scale week after week to view the consistent, steady progress that regular, strategic cheating yields.

Simply put, strategic cheating solves the dietary dilemma by providing you with powerful metabolic benefits and perhaps even more powerful psychological ones.

Finally, a diet that actually WORKS.


Pretty convincing (and insightful) if I do say so myself!

If you want to cheat your way through the holidays this year, and actually LOSE a massive amount of body fat(while everyone else is stuck gaining it), then be sure to pick up the full “blueprint” while it’s still less than half price:

Holiday Fat Loss <== Ends Soon

And get ready for your first BIG Cheat Day next week — Thanksgiving Day!

To a happier, fuller, leaner you this holiday season ;)

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Joel Marion Shows you How to Cheat your Way through the Holidays

What if I told you that you could actually LOSE up to 21 lbs of fat this holiday season without giving up a single holiday meal, party, or dessert? Is that something you might be interested in?

Of course it is, and believe it or not, that’s EXACTLY the topic of today’s newsletter.

You see, my good friend and certified nutritionist Joel Marion just released the Holiday Edition of his Cheat Your Way Thin system, and along with a SIZABLE discount he’s also giving away some pretty unique bonuses. Get the details here:

==> How to “Cheat” Your Way Through the Holidays

One of the coolest bonuses, I think, is the “Holiday Cheat Calendar” – a complete day by day guide that designates every holiday from Thanksgiving through January as a fat-incinerating “Cheat Day”, along with exact details on what to do each and every day in betweeen to ensure you’re maximizing the fat burning potential of each holiday cheat.

Essentially, it’s a complete blueprint for you to lose up to 21 lbs of blubber this holiday season (while everyone else GAINS those same pounds) without ever missing out on a single holiday meal, party, or dessert!

Oh, and did I mention that the program starts with your first BIG Cheat Day – Thanksgiving!

Here’s the link again:

==> How to USE the Holidays to LOSE Fat Faster

Another cool bonus Joel is giving to all first day action takers is a 3-part LIVE holiday coaching series where he’ll literally be leading users through the Holidays from start to finish with private coaching calls in November, December, AND January–and all three of those calls come at no additional cost for anyone who grabs their copy of Joel’s holiday fat loss program today.

Bottom line, if you’re looking to truly enjoy the holidays while finally being AHEAD of the game come Jan 1st, then you’re not going to find a more perfect solution than this program.

And remember, the 3 LIVE Holiday coaching sessions are only for individuals who grab their copy of Joel’s system on Day 1 (that’s today):

Don’t miss out on those!

==> Big Discount + Fast-action Coaching (today only)

Here’s to easily losing weight this holiday season!

P.S. I almost forgot to mention: More than 6 years of continuous research and over 308 medical research papers went in to initially developing this program, and even more since then to continually perfect it.

What you’re getting with Cheat Your Way Thin is without a doubt one of the most researched nutrition programs available anywhere, and that’s just one of many reasons I’m able to so enthusastically recommend it.

If you are someone who has struggled to lose fat in the past, Joel’s site explains in detail exactly why it’s very likely NOT your fault, and then teaches you how you can literally “trick” your body in to burning more fat with your favorite foods.

Get the details here:

==> How to LOSE 10-15 pounds this holiday season

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The Best Ski Exercises For Rock Solid Skier Legs

Don’t miss another powder day with an injury or weak legs that can’t ski more than a half day!

Every time I read a skiing magazine or see another so called “expert” recommending ski-specific workouts, I have to cringe when I see some of the exercises recommended! After all, isn’t the goal of an effective skier fitness training routine to reduce injuries while simultaneously building incredible strength and endurance in your legs and core?

Of course that’s the goal… we all want to tear up the slopes as long as possible, avoid the dreaded “jello legs” that might cut our day of skiing short, and also prevent those nagging injuries that might cut our season short.

The problem I’ve seen with traditional workout routines that are being recommended for skiers are that they not only use inefficient exercises that don’t carry over that well to actual skiing movements, but also may even be setting you up for an injury. For example, if you’ve seen workout routines that are recommending machine leg presses, machine leg extensions, and machine leg curls, please run screaming from that workout recommendation as fast as you can! It will only set you up for injury, and won’t even help your goal of strength and endurance that’s actually applicable to skiing movements.

The same can be said if you see authors recommending smith machine squats or any smith machine exercises whatsoever… they should all be avoided as smith machine movements follow unnatural movement patterns (not biomechanically correct) that can create excessive stress on the back and possible injury there and/or in the knees.

Now what about wall squats (aka “wall sits”)? Well, although almost every skiing fitness program in existence seems to recommend this exercise for skiers, I don’t find it to be optimal. I will say that it’s a step in the right direction compared to the machine-based exercises that I mentioned previously. However, wall squats are still not a truly effective exercise that carries over directly to strength and endurance throughout the entire range of motion that the legs use during skiing. This exercise can be mildly effective since even an isometric exercise held for endurance in one joint angle will still carry over to a slightly wider range of motion, but I actually have at least a dozen exercises that are MUCH more effective than wall squats.

One of the other major faults that I’ve found with typical ski workout fitness routines is that they often neglect achieving a proper joint strength balance (proper strength ratios between quadriceps, hamstrings, etc). Although skiing demands a lot of work from your quadriceps and less work from your hamstrings and glutes, it is still vitally important for injury prevention to maintain proper strength ratios between all of the muscle groups of the lower body and also make sure the small stabilizer muscles around the joints are properly strengthened. This is yet another factor that’s lacking in most skier workout programs.

Want to know all of the specific exercises that really work in developing rock solid legs that will never quit on you on the slopes? Visit here for the best Ski Conditioning Exercises and learn the best kept secrets.

Mike Geary is a certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Specialist and the Author of the popular skiing fitness book for people that are serious about their ski season – Avalanche Ski Training, Your Guide to Carving Down the Mountain with the Power of an Avalanche.

Mike is also the author of the wildly popular book, The Truth about Six Pack Abs, which is the number one best selling abs program on the entire internet with readers in over 150 countries. Visit the following site to learn the truth about stomach fat exercises

Article Source:

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3 Bodyweight Exercise Workout Boosters

By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

If you’re really busy and want to boost the effectiveness of your fat burning workouts, I have 3 powerful tips for you today.

You’ll discover how to get more done in less time, how to train your entire body in 20 minutes, and how to instantly boost your performance by 20%.

Get ready for 3 powerful bodyweight exercise boosters…

Workout Tip #1 – Superset Bodyweight & Dumbbell Exercises

This tip is perfect for busy gyms and busy schedules. You’re going to pair a bodyweight exercise with a dumbbell exercise in your supersets.

This way you don’t have to waste time adjusting equipment or walking around your gym.

For example, if the workout calls for a dumbbell press followed by a dumbbell row, switch it to:

a) Decline (or other) pushups plus DB Row
b) DB Chest Presses plus Inverted Bodyweight Row in squat rack
c) Pushups plus Pullups or Bodyweight Rows (double bodyweight

Here’s another example. If your workout calls for a squat (any kind) and a dumbbell shoulder press, switch it to:

a) Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat (1&1/2 rep style) plus DB Press
b) Squat plus Pike Pushup or Handstand Pushup
c) DB Split Squat Plus Decline Pushup or Close-Grip Pushup

Bottom line: We are focused on movements and muscle groups and not married to specific exercises (in most cases). Thanks to the
massive variety in the TT workouts, we always have options.

Workout Tip #2 – Ditch the Cardio, Do Bodyweight Circuits Instead

Speaking of long cardio, there is NOTHING wrong with being a runner and enjoying long runs…but depending on long cardio for fat loss is ultimately going to disappoint you.

So this holiday season, when given the choice between 45 minutes on the treadmill (i.e. the cardio confessional) or a 20-minute bodyweight circuit that you can do in your own home without  equipment, choose the bodyweight circuit EVERY time.

You’ll work more muscles and, with the post-workout calorie burn,  still probably burn as many calories as you would with the slow cardio.

Plus, you’ll sculpt your upper body and abs, without requiring an extra 20 minutes of lifting after the treadmill.

Workout Tip #3 – Non-Competing Density Supersets

(This is a world-world-world exclusive…I haven’t even shared this tip with my editors at Men’s Health magazine yet!)

Here we’ll combine the classic non-competing TT superset method with the classic bodybuilder method of dropsets.

The results: An instant 20% boost in the number of reps you can do for bodyweight exercises.

For example, let’s use this non-competing superset.

1A) DB Reverse Lunges
1B) Decline Close-Grip Pushups

Do 8 reps of lunges for each leg. Rest 20 seconds. Do 4-6 more reps for each leg.

Then move immediately to decline close-grip pushups and go 1-2 reps short of failure. Rest 20 seconds and do another set of pushups  until you are 1-2 reps short of failure. (You should get about 20%  of your original number of reps.)

Rest 1 minute and repeat the entire process up to 2 more times.


Metabolic Muscle Turbulence like never before.

Bodyweight training is the fitness world’s gift to you this holiday season. And my gift to you is a 35% off sale on the TT 6-Month Bodyweight Manual here:

=> <== Sale ends Thursday


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At Home Kettlebell Workout Routines for MMA

When it comes to training for MMA, it’s all about the perfect blend of power and technique.

If you’ve ever done a YouTube search MMA workouts, you probably see athletes performing explosive drills with a Kettlebell. You’ve got your usual Swings, Cleans, and Snatches, which can get you extremely far.

However, these movements work just the Sagittal plane, or movements involving moving your body back and forth. For a complete program, you must also incorporate exercises that train your frontal and transverse planes.

MMA trainer Eric Wong explains what these planes of movements are and how best to train them:

Click here to learn more about Kettlebell Spetsnaz

2 sample Kettlebell Movements for MMA

Eric Wong also shows you two of the movement from Scott Sonnon’s program. Check this video out, and then I’m going to show you how to set up basic program with the movements:

Click here to learn more about Kettlebell Spetsnaz

The Spetsnaz program is set up in a very simple way: 8 movements, 30 seconds each, one after the other.

So for these two movements, you can perform 8 rounds of each, for 30 seconds per exercise, 30-60 seconds rest between each round.

Here’s what a sample routine would look like:

8 rounds of:

  • Dragon Press x 30 seconds
  • Goblet Drop x 30 seconds
  • Rest 30 seconds

Now these movements are quite advanced. Scott Sonnon’s program steadily builds you up so you can perform the advanced movements. Click here to learn more about Kettlebell Spetsnaz.

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Complete your Kettlebell Routines with Proper Back Training

Most people don’t talk about training the back with Kettlebells. When I say back, I mean the upper and mid back. The lower back is adequately worked by the swing, clean, and snatch. Lets take a look at some movements to train this area of the body:

Kettlebell Horn Swing

This is a movement I picked up from Scott Sonnon’s TacFit Spetsnaz. Position yourself as if you were to perform a regular swing. Now grab the Kettlebell from the “curves” of each side. So you’re not grabbing it from the top, and you’re not grabbing it from the side.

You’re grabbing the Kettlebell at the points on either side where the Kettlebell curves to form the handle. This is better explained in the video below:

Kettlebell Renegade Row

This requires TWO Kettlebells. It’s a brutal movement, however you will need 2 Kettlebells to perform it:

Here’s how to do it:

Kettlebell High Pull

The Kettlebell High Pull is often used to train the Kettlebell Snatch. But it’s also a great upper back movement. Take the stance you would if you were to do a regular swing. Grab the Kettlebell with one hand at the top of the movement. Then, follow the instructions in this video:

Kettlebell Row

Then you have the regular Kettlebell row. These better isolate your upper back muscles. These are also pretty easy, so you will have to use a heavier Kettlebell to get the effect:

One of the best Kettlebell programs currently out on the market is Kettlebell Spetsnaz by Scott Sonnon. Click here for more information.

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The most important fat loss hormone EVER?

My buddy Joel Marion is giving away two freee fat loss reports at his website to help you LOSE a bunch of fat this holiday season:

Holiday Fat Loss Black Book + Leptin Chronicles <——- F.REE

One of the reports – The Leptin Chronicles – is a *must* read. Leptin is perhaps the biggest fat loss hormone EVER, and is without a doubt the most powerful hormone to help you lose fat fast, all while enjoying ALL your favorite foods during the holidays.

Learn how to turn it “on” here:

How to “turn on” your Holiday Fatloss Hormone <——- F.REE

This is *extremely* high quality info…enjoy!

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