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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Navy Seal Exercises

If you’ve ever seen a Discovery channel or Military channel special on Navy Seal training, then you know that Navy seals are TOUGH. They’re not only physically tough, but also mentally stuff. A good program must prepare you physically, and mentally, for the challenges that

Burn Fat x 10 Black Friday Sale

My good buddy Dan Robey has agreed to take $30 dollars off his amazing new Self Improvement product Burn Fat X 10 plus to really sweeten the deal he is throwing in tons of bonus products…Fr.e.e This is a “Black Friday sale.” If you want

Marine Training Program

The other day my friend said he wants to join the military to pay for Law School. He then asked me if my workouts would be able to prepare him for military. I did some research and found out that basic training for all branches

Joel Marion Explains why Dieting Can’t Work

Two things to share with you today. First, a cool bonus announcement, and second, a pretty insightful article from Cheat Your Way Thin creator, Joel Marion. First up — how would you like to go out to eat without ever having to worry about what

3 Bodyweight Exercise Workout Boosters

By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS If you’re really busy and want to boost the effectiveness of your fat burning workouts, I have 3 powerful tips for you today. You’ll discover how to get more done in less time, how to train your entire body in

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At Home Kettlebell Workout Routines for MMA

When it comes to training for MMA, it’s all about the perfect blend of power and technique. If you’ve ever done a YouTube search MMA workouts, you probably see athletes performing explosive drills with a Kettlebell. You’ve got your usual Swings, Cleans, and Snatches, which

The most important fat loss hormone EVER?

My buddy Joel Marion is giving away two freee fat loss reports at his website to help you LOSE a bunch of fat this holiday season: Holiday Fat Loss Black Book + Leptin Chronicles <——- F.REE One of the reports – The Leptin Chronicles –