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  • December 2010
  • Best Cardio Workouts

    The Following is a Guest Post by Craig Ballantyne: Evolution of Fat Loss Cardio I’ve been meaning to write this article for a long time. Today I’m going to give you the story of how I solved the problem of getting an efficient and effective fat loss program finished in 45 minutes. Essentially, how I […]

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  • Good Home Workouts for the Winter

    Finding ways to workout with limited to no equipment is hard. But at least we can go outside to a playground to use all the equipment there. You know, the pullup bars and dipping stations. But not when it’s cold. When it’s cold, you don’t even want to step outside the house! Which is why […]

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  • Get Big Muscles Quick…Without Gaining Fat

    The thing I hate about building muscle is that you also gain fat at the same time. I was talking to a bodybuilder the other day who’s been training for 8 years. He’s a pretty big guy, and he told me that gaining fat is part of the process. So then what the hell is […]

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  • How to Stop Food Cravings

    There are lots of different methods you can use to stop food cravings, but knowledge is the most important. If you KNOW how damaging eating bad food is to your body, then you just won’t do it. I think most people have this mentality where “oh, I ate an extra french fry, I’ll just burn […]

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  • Your Favorite Diet and Activity

    Yesterday was my mom’s birthday! She started exercising a few months ago, and two weeks ago she was diagnosed with a movement disorder. Don’t let it happen to you! Start focusing on strengthening your body – your muscles and your bones – so that you’re not faced with poor mobility when you get older. With […]

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  • Staying on Track with your Workout and Diet Plan

    Craig Ballantyne calls it the “diet creep.” Something happens, and we just cheat on our diets without even realizing it. One cheat meals leads to another, and another, and then another. This usually happens during the holidays (which for most people have already begun). So what do you do? To keep yourself honest, you need […]

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  • Make a 180 Change with your Exercise Workout Routines

    If you have not been seeing any results with your current training regimen, then guess what..you have to CHANGE! And I’m not talking 1 or 2 things, I’m talking about 180 degree change. Flip it! That meas if you’ve been doing lots of cardio, do interval training. If you’ve been lifting weights, then do bodyweight […]

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  • Are you Afraid of Body Transformation?

    Body transformation is pretty scary – I must tell you. It’s not the process that’s scary. It’s right before you start the process that it’s scary. You’re looking down at your diet and training program, and you’re like “Am I really going to do this?” That’s where the fear starts, but it really leads to […]

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  • Fitness Motivation: Finding the Motivation to Bust through Plateau’s

    Losing the last 10 pounds is much tougher then losing the first 10 pounds. But let me tell you a secret: In order to bust through these plateau’s you just need to stick to your game plan. Of course, making your workouts more intense and diet stricter helps, but the bottom line is that it […]

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  • Upper Body Workout Routine You Should Stick To

    For most people, the dieting part is harder than the training part. So, get your workouts in. Don’t miss a workout. Ever. Of course, you’ll get better results if you stick to your diet as well. But, sometimes you just have one of those days where…you miss meals….you fall into social temptation…or you just forgot […]

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