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Secret Cardio Programs for Fat Loss

The following is a guest post by Craig Ballantyne: Slow boring cardio doesn’t work for fat loss, but there is a “Secret Cardio for Fat Loss” that will get you results fast. And this secret method is called interval training. Interval training is a research-proven KEY to your fat loss program and health. Researchers are even […]


High Intensity Interval Training Routines for Awesome Fat Loss

Time is essential. And we all complain about a lack of time. The more time we have, the more freedom we have to do what is important to us. And that’s where interval training comes in. I know, it’s a strange segue, but I wanted to use an example from my life to illustrate the […]

What is the Caveman Diet Plan?

What is the caveman diet plan? The caveman diet plan, also known as the paleolithic diet, is based on the eating habits of our caveman ancestors. The diet plan includes wild plants and animals that can be easily transported and do not necessarily require cooking before consumption. The foods you choose must be unprocessed, and […]

3 Cool Pushup Variations for Stronger Abs

Here are 3 cool pushup variations for stronger abs: [pro-player] 1.m4v[/pro-player] How do Pushups work abs? Do a pushup, and you’ll see just how much your abs are activated. To keep your body straight, you need to tighten up your abs. In fact, if you suck at pushups, chances are that your abs are not […]

Intense Home Workout Routines

The following are some great Intense Home Workout Routines from YouTube: Fitness – Intense Boot Camp Workout For more free fitness videos, workout routines and diet and exercise plans visit Zuzana’s fitness site: www.BodyRock.Tv Fat Burning Cardio Workout for Home, Office or Travel CLICK HERE: for More FREE Fitness & Fat Burning Exercise Videos, […]