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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Weight Free Home Interval Workouts

For complete beginners, interval training can be a daunting task. This is why steady state cardio is so popular: people don’t want to do the hard stuff, so they do the easy stuff. But I would rather train hard for 10-20 minutes, rather then train

Secret Cardio Programs for Fat Loss

The following is a guest post by Craig Ballantyne: Slow boring cardio doesn’t work for fat loss, but there is a “Secret Cardio for Fat Loss” that will get you results fast. And this secret method is called interval training. Interval training is a research-proven KEY

7 Cardio Exercises for Faster Fat Loss

If you’re going to do cardio, then you should focus on exercises that give you the biggest bang for your buck. These are movements that you can perform at a high intensity level and give you the biggest metabolic burst within a short period of

What is the Caveman Diet Plan?

What is the caveman diet plan? The caveman diet plan, also known as the paleolithic diet, is based on the eating habits of our caveman ancestors. The diet plan includes wild plants and animals that can be easily transported and do not necessarily require cooking

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3 Cool Pushup Variations for Stronger Abs

Here are 3 cool pushup variations for stronger abs: [pro-player] 1.m4v[/pro-player] How do Pushups work abs? Do a pushup, and you’ll see just how much your abs are activated. To keep your body straight, you need to tighten up your abs. In fact, if you

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Intense Home Workout Routines

The following are some great Intense Home Workout Routines from YouTube: Fitness – Intense Boot Camp Workout For more free fitness videos, workout routines and diet and exercise plans visit Zuzana’s fitness site: www.BodyRock.Tv Fat Burning Cardio Workout for Home, Office or Travel CLICK HERE:

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Intense Home Workout No Equipment

An Intense Home Workout with No Equipment will help you lose fat and build muscle mass without going to the gym. Here are some great blog posts about no equipment training at home: Home Strength Training Workouts Without Equipment Starting your workouts at home is

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How to Design Circuit Training Program

Circuit training is one of best ways to burn fat and build lean muscle mass. Here are some great videos showing you how to design a circuit training program and some sample routines: Mar 08 2009 workout 1 Total body circuit workout design to shape,

21 Day Fast Muscle Building

Did you know that you really CAN build up to 20 pounds of PURE MUSCLE by rotating your cycling through a 1-week Primer Phase and a 2-week Overload Phase – just 21 days in total! My buddies Vince Del Monte and Lee Hayward are giving