Weight Free Home Interval Workouts

For complete beginners, interval training can be a daunting task. This is why steady state cardio is so popular: people don’t want to do the hard stuff, so they do the easy stuff. But I would rather train hard for 10-20 minutes, rather then train slow for 30-60 minutes.

The Beginner Interval Workout

Beginners should start off with a 30 second work interval, followed by a 90 second rest interval. So, if you’re running, then run hard at a pace you can handle for 30 seconds straight, then go into a slow jog or walk for 90 seconds.

Perform 5 total rounds for a nice, 10 minute workout. You only need to do this sort of training twice per week to see results. After 3-4 weeks, once progress slows or comes to a complete halt, then move onto a more difficult interval routine.

Progressing with Intervals

The best way to progress with intervals is to reduce rest periods while keeping the total time that you train the same. So, from 90 second interval, drop it to 75 seconds. Then try 60 seconds, followed by 45 seconds.

Here is what 10 minute workouts would look like as you progress:

  • 5 rounds of 30 seconds work, 75 seconds rest
  • 6 rounds of 30 seconds work, 60 seconds rest
  • 8 rounds of 30 seconds work, 45 seconds rest
  • 10 rounds of 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest

As you can see, all of these workouts last 10 minutes or less.

Advanced Protocols

Many of the advanced protocols involve resting as much as you’re working, and working more than you’re resting. For example, the Tabata protocol is an advanced method that involves a 20 second interval followed by a 10 second rest.

Other advanced protocols include:

  • 15/15
  • 8/12
  • 30/15
  • 40/20

Remember that as you progress, you will need tougher and tougher workouts. I recommend grabbing Craig Ballantyne’s 31 Interval Workouts manual to keep your interval workouts fresh and exciting!

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Secret Cardio Programs for Fat Loss

The following is a guest post by Craig Ballantyne:

Slow boring cardio doesn’t work for fat loss, but there is a “Secret Cardio for Fat Loss” that will get you results fast.

And this secret method is called interval training.

Interval training is a research-proven KEY to your fat loss program
and health. Researchers are even starting to use intervals with
patients recovering from heart disease! So you know that interval
training is just going to get more popular.

But a lot of folks worry that intervals can get boring, if you do
the same ones over and over again. And that’s true.

So here’s the deal…If you don’t have variety in your program, you
are more than likely to end up at a fat loss plateau soon rather
than later. Variety is a key for getting continuous fat loss results.

Not only should you have variety within your training week (i.e.
alternate between two different interval training workouts, rather
than just doing the same interval workout each time), but you
should also change these workouts every 4 weeks.

Just like your resistance training, you need to change your
interval training program every 4 weeks. To modify your interval
training workouts, you can…

– switch exercise methods (and use bodyweight exercises for intervals)
– increase or decrease the length of the interval (while decreasing
or increasing the intensity, respectively)
– increase or decrease the number of intervals per workout
– increase or decrease the rest time between intervals

After all, there is NO “best” interval training program – no best
“sets and reps” for fat loss.

That’s why you need to use variety in your program. (So perhaps the
best interval training method is simply the one that changes every 4 weeks.)

If you are thinking that these intervals all sound “too intense”
for you, please don’t worry. Interval training is all relative.

In fact, a recent study found that coronary-heart disease patients
found interval training EASIER than cardio! You don’t have to
sprint for your life in each type of interval.

Instead, just work at a slightly harder than normal pace. By the
end of the interval, you should be getting tired, but you shouldn’t
be gasping for air. Start conservatively and you will get the hang
of it.

For example, if you regularly use level 5 on the stationary bike
for 30 minutes continuously, you might try doing a 1 minute
interval at level 7. Try that for an interval workout and let me
know how it goes.

(NOTE: Talk to your doctor first if you have never done interval
training before.)

My favorite intervals for fat loss are between 30-60 seconds. These
have been the staple intervals in the Turbulence Training workouts
since the first TT workout was designed back in 2001.

But again, you will get your best fat loss results if you vary your
interval training workouts – just like you must vary your strength
training workouts.

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Fat Loss Without Cardio: 6 Methods to Eradicate Fat without Boring Cardio

In yesterday’s post, I mapped out 7 methods you can do your “cardio.” These methods were not boring at all. However, what if you don’t want to do any cardio at all? Is there a way to burn fat? You bet there is. Here are 6 methods:

1 – Add Muscle

You’ve heard it over and over again: add muscle to burn fat. It’s absolutely true, but few people know how to do it right. The idea isn’t to go on a bulking cycle. A bulking cycle is where you eat a whole bunch of food – pretty much everything in site – to gain muscle. But instead, you gain fat along with the muscle, so you actually look worse then when you started.

Trust me, I’ve been there. What people don’t realize is that you can pack on a few pounds of muscle easily just by cleaning up your diet and increasing your protein intake. You don’t need to gorge like a mad man.

And it only takes an increase of 5 lbs of muscle mass to boost your metabolic rate and burn off more calories per day.

2 – Bodyweight Cardio

Out of all the cardio methods, bodyweight circuits are the best. You’re getting a cardio effect, and training your muscles at the same time. So,  you can actually build lean muscle mass while burning fat!

I’m going to be coming out with a lot of great bodyweight cardio circuits through my new site ===>>> No More Cardio

3 – High Intensity Training

In general, you want to make sure that you are performing high intensity training. That is the most effective (and fun) way to burn fat. If your workouts start to get easy, then do something to make them harder!

4 – Shuttle Sprints

Shuttle sprints are something I talked about in the last post. But they need a second mention because not enough people do them. Shorter sprints seem to work better.

A study was conducted by Australian researcher Professor Steve Boutcher. He put women in two groups:

Group A – Performed 20 minute workout using 8-second intervals, followed by 12 seconds rest.
Group B – Performed 20 minute workout using 24-second intervals, followed by 36 seconds rest.

The 8-second intervals resulted in greater energy expenditure than the 24 second intervals!

5 – Sledgehammer Sprints

Another great cardio method I mentioned yesterday. The reason I believe sledgehammer swings are so effective is because, just like Bodyweight Cardio, you can get both a muscular and cardiovascular workout.

Use the interval training scheme above (8 seconds work, 24 seconds rest) for your sledgehammer Workouts!

6 – High Octane Cardio

In the next few months, I will be developing more workouts using the High Octane Cardio method developed by Kettlebell Coach Mike Mahler. But for now, lets go over the template that Mike Mahler uses:

  • Cardio Movement, such as Sledgehammer Swings
  • Strength movement, such as Pushups
  • Same Cardio Movement
  • Choose Different Strength Movement
  • Same Cardio Movement
  • Choose Different Strength Movement

There you go. Now plug in your favorite hard cardio and strength drills into the template.

Make sure you sign up for my new website so you can burn fat and build lean muscle mass with free bodyweight workouts each month. Click here to check it out.

7 Cardio Exercises for Faster Fat Loss

If you’re going to do cardio, then you should focus on exercises that give you the biggest bang for your buck. These are movements that you can perform at a high intensity level and give you the biggest metabolic burst within a short period of time.

1 – Jump Roping

My all time favorite method of cardio is jump roping. It’s a lot of fun, and you can slip it into any routine you desire. Try to start your circuits off with a 1 minute of hard jump roping, or do a complete interval workout with jump roping.

2 – High Octane Cardio

High Octane Cardio is a cool training method developed by Kettlebell Strength Coach Mike Mahler. All you do is alternate between bouts of high intensity cardio and bodyweight or weight bearing movement.

3 – Sledgehammer Swings

Grab a tire from your local mechanic, and a sledgehammer from a hardware store. Now, pretend your Rocky Balboa from Rocky 4, and swing away. Pretend you’re chopping wood and give swing that sledgehammer with a vengeance.

4 – Shuttle Sprints

You need some space for these, but not much. You can do them in your driveway or backyard. Simply sprint from one side of your yard to the other for 30 seconds (if you can last that long). Rest for 60 to 90 seconds, and go again!

5 – Interval Training

Interval training is another training method. All you do is alternate between periods of high intensity and low intensity exercise. You can use shuttle sprints, jump roping, or sledgehammer swings to set up your own interval training workout.

6 – Shadow Boxing

Another cool and fun exercise where you can pretend you’re Rocky Balboa. Simply bounce around, and throw punches into the air. You don’t need to be the best fighter around, just get your heart rate up!

7 – Bodyweight Cardio

This is a method that Craig Ballantyne, author of Turbulence Training uses a lot in his workouts. It’s also the kind of workouts you’ll see in my brand new (free) website called No More Cardio. You can check out at ShahTraining.com/NoMoreCardio.

Good luck!

What is the Caveman Diet Plan?

What is the caveman diet plan? The caveman diet plan, also known as the paleolithic diet, is based on the eating habits of our caveman ancestors. The diet plan includes wild plants and animals that can be easily transported and do not necessarily require cooking before consumption.

The foods you choose must be unprocessed, and must come from the following groups of food:

  • Meat, poultry, seafood
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Avocados
  • Oils from Nuts and Fruits, such as olive oil

You want to avoid foods such as grains, white sugar, and dairy products. In addition stay clear of beans, soy products, and processed meats. Vegetable oils are also a no-no on the paleolithic diet.

That is the jist of what the diet is about.

One of the key reasons why the caveman diet plan works is because it is low in carb, and high in protein – two key features of most fat burning diet plans.

But is the caveman diet plan really effective, or just another fad? Author Tom Venuto answers that question in his article “Paleo Diet Flaw.” Click here to read the article.

3 Cool Pushup Variations for Stronger Abs

Here are 3 cool pushup variations for stronger abs:

[pro-player]http://www.shahtraining.com/Pushups 1.m4v[/pro-player] 

How do Pushups work abs?

Do a pushup, and you’ll see just how much your abs are activated. To keep your body straight, you need to tighten up your abs. In fact, if you suck at pushups, chances are that your abs are not strong enough.

If this is the case, then you should get stronger for your pushups by doing planks. Hence, you’re not yet ready for the pushup variations displayed above. Here is how to do a plank:

How to Make these Pushup Variations more Difficulty

Are these pushup variations too easy for you? Well then, here are some quick ways to make them more difficult:

  • For the Wall Planche and Stability Ball pushup, you can use pushup handles to give you a deeper range of motion.
  • Experiment with your hand positions. Bring them closer to train your triceps, and wider to target more of your chest.
  • For the Hands on Ball Pushups, you can place your feet up on an elevated object, against the wall, or on another ball. Now, I have trouble with the basic versions, so use caution when using these super adanced variations.

Sample Routine

Here’s a sample routine using these 3 variations:

Perform 5 rounds of:

  • Stability Ball Pushups w/ JackKnives x 15 reps
  • Wall Planche Pushups x 10 reps
  • Hands on Stability Ball Pushups x 5 reps
  • Rest 60 seconds

Intense Home Workout Routines

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How to Design Circuit Training Program

Circuit training is one of best ways to burn fat and build lean muscle mass. Here are some great videos showing you how to design a circuit training program and some sample routines:

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21 Day Fast Muscle Building

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