3 Bodybuilding Supplement Scams You Should Know!

Ever wonder why that “miracle muscle builder” supplement that hoovered up last week’s paycheck didn’t perform as well as it did for the shredded dude in the magazine ad?

  • Were you just not working hard enough in the gym?
  • Are you just too much of a “hardgainer”?
  • Did you not click your heels 3 times?

That’s what some of the big supplement companies would like you to believe.  When in fact, it’s not YOU at all!

A recent review of the slick marketing tactics used by greedy bodybuilding supplement companies revealed some pretty scary tricks that you may have fallen for in the past.  Here are the Top 3 findings (and how you can be sure to NEVER get scammed again!):

Bodybuilding Supplement Scam #1:
“Proprietary Blends”

If the ingredient label on a supplement says “patent-pending” or “proprietary blend”, don’t buy it!  That’s scam-talk for “cheap worthless supplements we don’t want to tell you about!”  Companies can combine any simple compounds (whether they work or not) and submit them for a patent.  Sounds “official”…but it’s a smoke screen!

Bodybuilding Supplement Scam #2:
“Pixie Dust”

Most supplements list “proven” active ingredients on their labels that CAN help you build more muscle and burn fat.
Unfortunately, most of them contain so LITTLE of the actual ingredient that they will literally have NO EFFECT on your body unless you take expensive MEGA-DOSES!  Usually the language that’s used is something like, “…contains an ingredient proven to blah, blah, blah…”  “Contains” = “Sucker”  Don’t be one.

Bodybuilding Supplement Scam #3:
Scientific Jargon

We’re conditioned to accept medicines as having a powerful effect on our body.  That’s why supplement companies will use the latin or scientific name for a compound on the ingredients label to jack up the price for something that costs just pennies to produce.

In fact, I found one expensive “advanced” supplement that was using the long scientific name for plain old creatine…and charging a small fortune for it.  In another testosterone-boosting supplement, the manufacturers used the scientific name for (get this…) black tea leaves!  The bottle cost nearly $60 and it was filled with nothing more than ground up black tea leaves with its latin name!

Makes You Want To Give Up On
Bodybuilding Supplements, Doesn’t It?


Of course you need to have a kickass training program to stimulate muscle growth.  And you know you need to feed that muscle to make it grow, right?  Well the fact is, there ARE some great supplements that can show you faster results in the mirror!

The secret is to know…

  • Which ones actually WORK
  • How much DOSAGE actually works
  • And how to buy them WITHOUT going broke!

I know that sounds like a big challenge, right?  Well it’s not…IF you have a  “how-to” guide that actually shows you how to make your OWN supplements (without any special skills or equipment).  That’s exactly what I do at www.MakeYourOwnSupplements.com.

In fact, you’ll save as much as 98% by making your own supplements and you’ll know that your own formulas actually WORK!  That’s because there are 29 ready-to-make recipes that you can use for ANY fitness goal starting right away.

Imagine making your own:

  • Muscle-Builders
  • FatBurners
  • Hormone-Enhancers
  • Testosterone Boosters
  • Workout Formulas
  • Mass Gainers

You’ll Save A TON Of Money
On Your Bodybuilding Supplements
And Get FASTER Results!

It really is that simple and you’ll be thrilled when you see just how easy it can be with a step-by-step blueprint in you hands to walk you through creating your own formulas.  You’ll never be a slave to the greedy supplement companies again!

Just go to www.MakeYourOwnSupplements.com and you’ find everything  you need there.

What Causes Belly Fat (And What to do About It)

The Following is a Guest Post by Jeff Anderson

What causes belly fat often depends on a variety of factors including a person’s diet, level of activity, body type, genetics, and hormonal balance.  Belly fat, or abdominal obesity, is more than a cosmetic challenge; it can seriously challenge your health as well.  This is often the reason that people target it and work hard to get rid of it.

Regardless of what causes belly fat, it’s a pretty good clue that you may have increased inflammation throughout the body.  This can create problems anywhere in your body, not just for your belly.  Fat in the abdominal area is additionally a concern for individuals who may develop high blood pressure as well as an increased risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease due to excess belly fat.

What Kind of Belly Fat Do You Have?

There are actually different kinds of fat on the human body.  Intramuscular fat is what runs throughout your muscle tissue.  It is a lot like the marbling in a steak.  Then we have subcutaneous fat.  This is the belly fat that lies directly beneath you skin and is the kind of fat that people think they’re working hard to get rid of.  Next, we have the visceral fat.  This fat is the dangerous kind that’s both in and around your organs and behind the muscular wall.  When looking at what causes belly fat, we find that it’s mostly visceral fat.

Weight Loss Tips To Get Rid of Belly Fat:

Many people hit the gym in order to get enough exercise to get rid of belly fat once and for all, but what they don’t realize is that they’re mainly targeting the subcutaneous fat, not the visceral fat.  Visceral fat, that hidden cause of belly fat, is best fought with your diet.

From a diet perspective, belly fat is usually caused by eating too may carbs.  Therefore, you have to cut back and limit the number of carbohydrates you consume.  Believe it or not, you don’t have to be very drastic with your carbohydrate limits.  Most people that want to fight visceral fat should keep their carbohydrate consumption below 200 grams a day.

You have to pay attention to the type of carbohydrates you consume.  If you consume high glycemic carbs, those from high sugar or processed foods, your insulin levels will spike, resulting in belly fat.  You should eat foods with low glycemic carbs or complex carbohydrates.  Stick with fresh vegetables, whole grains, whole grain bread and whole grain rice.  Low glycemic carbohydrates are released slowly into your bloodstream without causing your insulin levels to spike.

Belly Fat Tip To Get Rid Of Your Gut

One great tip that has worked extremely well for many of my clients that are trying to get rid of excess belly fat is timing when carbohydrates are consumed.  It’s best to eat high carbohydrate foods early in the day because this is when your metabolism is the highest.  As the day progresses, your metabolism begins to slow down.  During the late afternoon and evening your metabolism has slowed to a point of not efficiently burning excess carbohydrates.  Carbs that aren’t burned are stored as belly fat.  As you can see, it makes perfect sense to reduce your carbohydrate consumption in the evening.

This one tip will help you eliminate one of the biggest obstacles of losing your belly fat.  But if you’re serious about discovering the secret for how to lose weight fast, then you’ll find some more advanced fat-burning tips at www.CombatTheFat.com as well as a complete fat-burning program that covers everything from diet to exercise and even how to balance hormones that are holding you back from losing!

Dave Ruel: 7 new cooking tricks to boost your metabolism (free report)

You’re probably not losing as much body fat as you’d like because you’re not eating foods that boost your metabolism. In fact, most people neglect the fat burning powers of food, and that’s a BIG MISTAKE!

Wait, let me get this straight…. Eating can help you burn fat???

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8 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Grappling

As a Black Belt in Karate, I know one thing: most REAL fights end up on the ground. Once you’re on the ground, you recruit a whole bunch of new muscle groups that you do not engage while standing up.

Lifting weights is a great idea, but bodyweight  movements give you the fluidity that you need to win a fight. They also help improve your conditioning, especially if you perform them as high intensity circuits.

Lets look at the 8 best bodyweight exercises for grappling:

Close Grip Pushups

We’re going to start off with the close grip pushups. Why close grip? Well, regular grip works too, but close grip targets your shoulders and triceps a bit more then regular grip. Your triceps and shoulders are engaged when you are trying to push your opponent away from you, or if you are trying to push yourself off the ground.

To perform this movement, get into a pushup position and place your hands closer then normal. As you get stronger, bring them closer and closer together until you can touch your thumb and index finger of opposing hands together to form a diamond in between them. The close grip pushup is also known as the diamond pushup.

Squat Thrust with Pushup

Get into pushup position. Now tuck in both your feet at the same time. Thrust your feet out to pushup position, and perform a pushups. This movement is not like the burpee, where you perform a squat jump as well. Instead, the goal of the squat thrust with pushup is to work on quickness.

So bring those legs in and out as quickly as possible. If you want,you can do squat thrusts by themselves.


A bodyweight program is not complete without a pull-up. Regardless of what sport you perform, you want to be performing pull-ups. They will develop full-body strength and power. For combat, the pullups train your lats, which are the primary muscles used to pull your oppnonent towards you.

To perform a pull-up, grab a pullup bar or the monkey bars at the park with a palms facing away grip. Tuck your feet behind you by bending your knees. Now you are suspended off the ground. From this position, pull your chest towards the bar.

In the beginning, you will not be able to touch your chest to the bar or bring your chin over the bar. But keep practicing, and you will be able to get it done.

Assisted Chin-up

If you are unable to perform a full pull-up, you can try assisted chinups. There are many ways to perform assisted chin-ups. One common way is to place a chair under the pullup bar. Grab the bar with a palms facing you grip. Place tuck your feet behind you, resting your toes lightly on the chair behind you.

From this position, pull your self towards the bar, trying to get your chin past the bar. Keep using assisted Chin-ups until you are able to perform full pullups. But, you will not improve your pullups if you do not practice the movement without any assistance. So make sure you have both variations in your program.

Bulgarian Split Squat

The bulgarian split squat is a tough lower body movement that will help develop the explosiveness necessary for you to perform takedowns. To perform this movement, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, facing away from a chair or bench.

Step forward with one leg so that your stance is staggered. Place the instep of the other leg behind you on the bench. Check the distance before performing the  movement. You will need to adjust before you get right distance to maintain balance.

Now lower your body until your front thigh is parallel to the ground. Now push back up to starting position. Perform all reps with one side before switching to the other side.

Step Up

Another great lower body movement is the simple step up. If you use a high enough bench, this can be a powerful lower body exercise. The execution is very simple: Stand facing a bench or chair.

Place on foot on the chair. Keep your abs tight and back straight. Now push off with the foot on the chair until the opposite foot touches the chair. Do not place the opposite foot on the chair, but instead lower slowly back to starting position.

You can alternate legs, or perform all legs with one leg.

Alligator Walks

There will be times in grappling where your opponent will be on your back. You will either have to shake him off, or toss him off. Alligator walks are a great movement to prepare yourself for this situation.

Get into pushup position with your feet on a towel. The idea is to keep your body in the pushup position as you walk your body forward only on your hands. To make this movement harder, see if you can get a training partner to hold you down on your back.


The final movement we will cover is another abdominal movement. The core is the most important aspect of your body in martial arts. The plank will develop your core better than any situps or crunches.

To start off, lie on your stomach. Place your forearms in front of you, and raise your body up so that your forearms and toes are resting on the ground. Hold this position for as long as you can. A minute long plank means that you have a solid core.

Make sure that you do not drop your hips, and that you keep your body as straight as possible.

Now, exercises on their own will not help you much. What you need is a solid training regimen to go with the exercises. My recommendation is grapping the Turbulence Training Bodyweight Deluxe Package. Click here to learn more.

Pushups Workout for Women

For some reason, women avoid pushups. They love doing squats and lunges and all these lower body movements, but they absolutely avoid any upper body movements. If you continue to avoid training your upper body, then you will look disproportionate.

5 Reasons why Women should do Pushups

Pushups help you:

  • Sculpt your Arms
  • Sculpt your Shoulders
  • Firm and Tighten your Chest Muscles
  • Make you Stronger
  • Burn Fat

Why Women Can’t do Pushups

Exercise is a mindset thing. If you believe you can’t do something, you’re never going to do it. If you believe you can’t do pushups, you’re never going to do them. Hence, you must believe that you can do them.

Why do women believe that they can’t do pushups? Because they’ve been exempt from them all this time. From the beginning of what seems to be time, pushups were always a “manly” thing. Women were supposed to do aerobics, and nothing but aerobics.

Well, times have changed. Women are no not only lifting weights, but they’re also participating in strongman (I mean, strong woman) competitions. So if you want to start doing pushups, get yourself into the right mind set….RIGHT NOW….

Still don’t think you can’t do pushups? Here’s a nice motivational video of a girl doing a lot of pushups:


Lets start doing pushups!

There are three things I’m going to show you. There was a recent video featuring Flavia Delmonte where she tells you why you should do pushups, and shows you how to perform 3 variations. Here it is:

I did a pushup tutorial a while back where I showed easier variations of the pushup:

Your Pushup Training Plan

In the video, I stated that you should also focus on training your core to improve your pushups. So, your 4-week pushups training plan will also include core training.

Week One:

  • Wall Pushups 3 sets of 10 repetitions, rest 60 seconds in between each set
  • Knee Pushups 3 sets of 5 repetitions, rest 60 seconds in between each set
  • Plank on Forearms 3 sets of 10 seconds, rest 60 seconds in between each set

Week Two:

  • Pushups with Hands on Top of Chair 3 sets of 5 repetitions, rest 60 seconds in between each set
  • Knee Pushups 4 sets of 5 repetitions, rest 60 seconds in between each set
  • Plank on Forearms 2 sets of 10 seconds, rest 60 seconds in between each set
  • Plank on Hands 2 sets of 10 seconds, rest 60 seconds in between each set

Week Three:

  • Pushups with Hands on Bottom of Chair 1 set of Maximum repetitions, rest 3 minutes
  • Pushups with Hands on Top of Chair 3 sets of 5 repetitions, rest 45 seconds in between each set
  • Plank on Forearms 3 sets of 10 seconds, rest 60 seconds in between each set
  • Plank on Hands 2 sets of 10 seconds, rest 60 seconds in between each set

Week Four:

  • Pushups with Hands on Bottom of Chair 1 set of Maximum repetitions, rest 2 minutes
  • Pushups with Hands on Top of Chair 4 sets of 5 repetitions, rest 45 seconds in between each set
  • Plank on Hands 2 sets of 10 seconds, rest 45 seconds in between each set

Week Five:

  • Attempt Pushups (You should be able to perform 1-2 repetitions)

Getting Stronger with the Pushup

Once you’re able to do your first pushup, your training does not end here. You need to get stronger. The best way to get stronger with pushups is to do pushups!

But along with pushups, continue your core training. Here are two more movements you should incorporate into your core training:

Mountain Climbers

Spiderman Climb

Try doing this workout 1-2 times per week:

  • Pushups x max in 60 seconds, rest 1-2 minutes
  • Mountain climbers x max in 60 seconds, rest 1-2 minutes
  • Spiderman Climb x max in 60 seconds, rest 1-2 minutes

Beyond pushups, you want to incorporate other movements that train the rest of you body. If you’re looking for full, bodyweight workouts, then I’ve got 3 of them for you! Click here to learn more about these bodyweight workouts.

Dave Ruel: 8 ingredients you should NEVER cook with!

Think you’re cooking with healthy foods? Better think again. If you’re following mainstream eating advice, many of the so called “healthy foods” the magazines recommend actually encourage fat accumulation.

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The worst thing is, they turn up in some of the best-selling  “healthy cookbooks” on the market today.

8 ingredients you should NEVER cook with! <== and more in their free report

Read the report, and banish these un-metabolic foods from your kitchen immediately!

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P90X Home Workouts to Get Lean: P90X Chest and Back

So I’ve been looking at some of the videos of P90X…and it’s PRETTY INTENSE! Just look at this chest and back workout:

Here’s the regimen in it’s entirety. You rest 30-60 seconds in between each exercise:

  • Standard Pushups x 30 reps
  • Wide Grip Pullups x 15 reps
  • Military Pushups x 30 reps
  • Reverse Grip Pullups x 15 reps
  • Wide Fly Push Ups x 30 reps
  • Close Grip Pullups x 15 reps
  • Decline Pushups x 30 reps
  • Heavy Pants x 20 reps
  • Diamond Pushups x 30 reps
  • Lawn Movers x 15 reps each side
  • Dive Bomber Pushups x 15 reps
  • Back Flys x 15 reps

Now obviously P90X Works! Lets look at some transformations:

The 150 Day Transformation

Here’s the thing I don’t like about P90X. Not EVERYONE is going to get super chiseled in 90 days. It takes longer for some, shorter for others. Why? It has to do with how serious we approach our training and diet.

It also has to do with where you start off. If you’re super obese, then obviously you won’t get abs in 90 days. That’s a ridiculous assumption. However, you will be leaner and stronger from where you started from.

Take a look at this 150 day transformation:

90 Days from Montreal, Canada

This guy had pretty crazy results. He had abs in 28 days! That’s amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that, although he didn’t really have that much weight to lose. Which goes to show just how different everyone is!

Check it out, with great pictues of Montreal:

The Stubborn Fat Destroyer!

Here’s another great transformation I found. This guy was actually in decent shape when he started. But he was super bulky. Probably someone who spent a lot of time with bodybuilding workouts.

So he uses P90x to lean out super fast:

The goal of this post was to motivate you. Regardless of where you are, you need a workout that will kick your butt and keep you excited to keep you moving. I’ll be talking more about P90x in the days to come including what I like, what I don’t like, and why it works!

Until then, check out P90X on your own by Signing up for Free HERE!

P90X: How to be Successful at home with P90X

I first started this website because I began to question what was being written in muscle magazines. Here’s the problem I had with the magazines:

  • The workouts took too long
  • The workouts were too boring
  • Workout required equipment I didn’t have
  • Workouts required me to join a gym

I knew there was a better way. And eventually I found a better way to train at home with limited equipment. Now the whole “home training” thing has blown up. There are a dozen different gadgets and what not to help you supposedly get a great workout at home.

However…what I’ve discovered is that the basics still work. And that’s how you should approach your training at home. Stick to the basics, and work from there.

One program, I’m sure you’ve heard about, is p90x. P90X is a complete home training system that promises to get your ripped to the boned and jacked in 90 days. I roll my eyes and say “whatever.”

Why? Because it is all based on how hard you work, and how good your diet is. I trained for years without focusing on my diet and was running after a dream of six pack abs. Wanna get super lean? Put in the work from both the training and diet stand point.

Guys especially tend to work out really hard, but never look at their diets. I know of all these people who download the P90X workouts off of Torrent sites, or find them on YouTube, but you see them 90 days later, and they’re still out of shape.

Why? The information is at their finger tips. What’s holding them back? Well, let me tell you what’s going on here:

Nutrition is Important

Nutrition is super important, as I mentioned. P90X includes a nutrition guide, but I don’t know if these Torrent sites include them. I know you’re not going to find the nutrition guide on YouTube. But even if they do find the Nutrition Guide somewhere, 95% of people who download P90X aren’t going to follow the nutrition guide.

I mentioned before that I trained for years without focusing on nutrition. So what was it that finally made me get serious and look at my nutrition? I realized how easy it was. I discovered a dieting method that involved no dieting at all!

What people fail to realize is that the word DIET is simply a word that describes what you eat. So if you say you’re on a diet, that means you’re eating food. Everyone in on a diet. If you eat food, then you’re on a diet!

The only people that aren’t on a diet are Anorexics (cuz they don’t eat food).


Now you’re going to get pissed off when I say this. Especially if you’re someone who pirates stuff. You click on that button, and it’s on your computer. Oh how so easy it is! Well, that’s the problem isn’t it?

It’s so easy. There’s so much information out there that we’re suffering from information overload! So you do one workout, and then there’s some other awesome new workout and you download that.

Finish one thing before you move onto another workout! How are you going to do that? You’re going to do that if you actually paid for it. If you paid $100 bucks for a workout, then you’re going to be like, “Damn, I need to get my $100 worth!

So paying for it keeps you honest. Now, the flip side is that you want to use that $100 properly. You want to know if the product actually works. You know what…it probably won’t work for you if you don’t….

….Set a Deadline

The beautiful thing about P90X is that it’s based on 90 days. So you have a deadline. Set a particular goal for yourself, like “Lose 20lbs in 90 days,” and then you’ll REALLY stick to the program.

But are you still worried that the program won’t work for you? Then I’m sitting here scratching my head, thinking what makes you so special. Thousands of people have gotten ridiculously ripped with P90X and you still look the same as you did 90 days ago.

Ok, so let’s go over some other key principles that should be part of a program to make it work. Ready? Here’s the checklist:

#1: Must be High Intensity

High intensity is key. If you’re not breathing withing 5 minutes of working out, then you’re not training at a high intensity level. The “Target heart rate” thing is a myth. It’s stupid. It doesn’t work.

#2: Must be Convenient

I couldn’t follow those magazine workouts because I had to join a gym or buy all this expensive equipment. On top of that, I had to spend 2 hours a day working out. That’s not what I call convenient!

#3: Must Kick your Butt

Whatever workout you do must kick your butt. So if you want to “take it easy” then you might as well just sit there and watch Biggest Loser while eating “healthy popcorn” because you’re someone who is not serious about their goals.

#4: Must Be Progressively Tough

The biggest mistake people make is doing the same workout over and over and over and over again. Yesterday I posted my workouts and if you notice, they were the same, but different. I make some minor change each workout to make them harder.

Purpose of this Article

Believe it or not, the purpose of this article is NOT to make you go out and buy P90X. What I’ve covered here are universal success principles that people need to know about. So this is what I want YOU to do:

Under this article, you will see these tiny buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Delicious, and Buzz. What I want you to do is to click on one or all five of those butons and post this article up.

Share it with your friends, your family, or random people you met at the bar. Trust me, they’ll love you for it! This is their wake up call. Tell them it’s time set a deadline and take massive action.

Make 2011 your FITTEST year ever!

Quick & easy cooking tricks by Dave Ruel to burn fat faster

If you’ve got a mouth and a stomach, you probably love to eat. Heck, we all do! It’s one of life’s pleasures. That’s why losing weight is so tough. We’re face to face with a primal urge and we’re trying to resist it.

To make things worse, eating and cooking for fat loss isn’t easy. If you follow the typical mainstream advice, it’s bland and uninspiring and it seems to suck the joy out of life. No wonder it’s so difficult to lose weight!

Thank God for my good friends Dave Ruel and Karine Losier! They love to eat too, and they know fat loss recipes should never taste like cardboard.

7 quick & easy cooking tricks to burn fat faster  loss <——- free download

Dave and Karine are GIVING AWAY a very cool report that will teach you seven quick and easy cooking tricks you can use to banish diet boredom and burn fat 2x faster than the average eating plan.

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7 quick & easy cooking tricks to burn fat faster  loss <——- free download


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7 quick & easy cooking tricks to burn fat faster  loss <——- free download

Benefits of Home Bodyweight Programs: Tacfit or Insanity?

There are a lot of home bodyweight programs to choose from. Two of the most popular regimens today are Tacfit Commando and Insanity from Beach Body (creators of P90X). So which one do you choose?

Pros and Consof TacFit Commando


  • Different levels in program from Beginner to Advanced allows an individual to choose levels based on their current fitness level and progress from there.
  • Coach Scott Sonnon breaks down each movement into explicit detail. He does this to a fault, but if you listen carefully, you will not have trouble learning the movements.
  • 100% bodyweight only. You can train anywhere and everywhere. You don’t even need a pullup bar for the program.


  • You have never seen these movements. Some of them are ridiculously hard and can get discouraging for people.
  • You will gain fat and build lean muscle mass, but since it is not the primary purpose of the program, your aesthetic results may come slow.
  • The Deluxe version is much better then the basic version. However, due to the price, people tend to choose the basic version. Big mistake.

Pros and Cons of Insanity


  • Uses a technique called MAX Interval Training which is designed to burn more calories in a shorter period of time.
  • Alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals so your body is constantly challenged and moving.
  • Burn twice as many calories than in a regular interval bodyweight regiment. According to creator Shaun T, you can transform your body in 60 days if you follow the program to a T (no pun intended).
  • Burn fat while you are at rest. Insanity boosts your metabolic rate, and thus you actually keep burning calories after you finish the workout.
  • The program also helps build lean muscle mass. The muscle you gain is not bodybuilder-type, but instead long, lean (athletic type).
  • Due to the combination of high intensity training, metabolic boost, and increase lean muscle mass, you will be able to lose fat at a faster rate then most programs.


  • The intensity of the program is super high. Most people will not be able to handle it at first.

Which one do I Choose?

Your choice will depend on your goals more than your bank account. Both programs are pricy. Both programs involve video. TacFit Commando is online video, while Insanity is a DVD set. So lets figure out which to chose:

CHOOSE TACFIT COMMANDO if your goal is superior mobility and funtional strength. If you are suffering from mobility issues due to weight or injury, then TacFit Commando will help you move better and faster. Click here to learn more about TacFit Commando.

CHOOSE INSANITY if your goal is pure and simple fat loss. Insanity is not for the faint of heart, so you should have some background with exercise before trying the program. If you’re a complete beginner, go with TacFit Commando. Click here to learn more about Insanity.