• 3 Bodybuilding Supplement Scams You Should Know!


    Ever wonder why that “miracle muscle builder” supplement that hoovered up last week’s paycheck didn’t perform as well as it did for the shredded dude in the magazine ad? Were you just not working hard enough in the gym? Are you just too much of a “hardgainer”? Did you not click your heels 3 times? […]

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  • What Causes Belly Fat (And What to do About It)

    Fat man holding a measurement tape

    The Following is a Guest Post by Jeff Anderson What causes belly fat often depends on a variety of factors including a person’s diet, level of activity, body type, genetics, and hormonal balance.  Belly fat, or abdominal obesity, is more than a cosmetic challenge; it can seriously challenge your health as well.  This is often […]

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  • Dave Ruel: 7 new cooking tricks to boost your metabolism (free report)

    You’re probably not losing as much body fat as you’d like because you’re not eating foods that boost your metabolism. In fact, most people neglect the fat burning powers of food, and that’s a BIG MISTAKE! Wait, let me get this straight…. Eating can help you burn fat??? Oh yeah. And this awesome free report […]

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  • 8 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Grappling


    As a Black Belt in Karate, I know one thing: most REAL fights end up on the ground. Once you’re on the ground, you recruit a whole bunch of new muscle groups that you do not engage while standing up. Lifting weights is a great idea, but bodyweight  movements give you the fluidity that you […]

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  • Pushups Workout for Women


    For some reason, women avoid pushups. They love doing squats and lunges and all these lower body movements, but they absolutely avoid any upper body movements. If you continue to avoid training your upper body, then you will look disproportionate. 5 Reasons why Women should do Pushups Pushups help you: Sculpt your Arms Sculpt your […]

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  • Dave Ruel: 8 ingredients you should NEVER cook with!

    Think you’re cooking with healthy foods? Better think again. If you’re following mainstream eating advice, many of the so called “healthy foods” the magazines recommend actually encourage fat accumulation. 8 ingredients you should NEVER cook with! <== and more in their free report I just read this new free report from my friends and fat […]

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  • P90X Home Workouts to Get Lean: P90X Chest and Back


    So I’ve been looking at some of the videos of P90X…and it’s PRETTY INTENSE! Just look at this chest and back workout: Here’s the regimen in it’s entirety. You rest 30-60 seconds in between each exercise: Standard Pushups x 30 reps Wide Grip Pullups x 15 reps Military Pushups x 30 reps Reverse Grip Pullups […]

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  • P90X: How to be Successful at home with P90X


    I first started this website because I began to question what was being written in muscle magazines. Here’s the problem I had with the magazines: The workouts took too long The workouts were too boring Workout required equipment I didn’t have Workouts required me to join a gym I knew there was a better way. […]

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  • Quick & easy cooking tricks by Dave Ruel to burn fat faster

    If you’ve got a mouth and a stomach, you probably love to eat. Heck, we all do! It’s one of life’s pleasures. That’s why losing weight is so tough. We’re face to face with a primal urge and we’re trying to resist it. To make things worse, eating and cooking for fat loss isn’t easy. […]

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  • Benefits of Home Bodyweight Programs: Tacfit or Insanity?

    There are a lot of home bodyweight programs to choose from. Two of the most popular regimens today are Tacfit Commando and Insanity from Beach Body (creators of P90X). So which one do you choose? Pros and Consof TacFit Commando Benefits: Different levels in program from Beginner to Advanced allows an individual to choose levels […]

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