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Bodyweight Cardio Troubleshooting Tips from the Trenches

We all know that bodyweight cardio is one of the best ways to lose fat. It’s much more fun then boring, steady state cardio, and it replaces any weight training days where you do not have access to weights. But, if you’re having trouble with your current bodyweight cardio program, then here are some tips: […]


Fact vs. Fiction: The Truth about Female Fat Loss

There are a lot of myths surrounding female fat loss. Lets just jump right into this and talk about one of the biggest mistake women make when attempting to lose weight: they CUT calories. Yup, they cut calories, and keep cutting calories. The rationalization is that the less you eat, the more fat you will […]


Lose Fat: Nutrition Tips to Lose Fat Now!

Nutrition is one of the those things that we don’t want to think about. We all want to think that “it’ll happen if we just workout.” Well, I found out the hard way that nutrition is MORE important then training when it comes fat loss. (It’s even MORE important for muscle mass) So, where do […]


2 Reasons Why Low Fat Foods Suck

Every few years, there’s a new trend in the foods market. First it was “low fat.” Then it was “low calorie.” And finally, the most recent trend is, “low carbs.” Well, all these foods suck, especially low fat foods. My friend Daniel Munday just put out a great new video talking about low fat foods: […]