Build Big Biceps Without Weights

All guys want big biceps, right? Well, is it possible to pack on muscle on your biceps without lifting heavy weights? Yes it is! And I’m not talking about pullups or chinups here. I’m talking about resistance band curls…with a twist! In the following video, Coach Adam Steer shows you a great biceps movement you…


19 Foods to Help You Lose Fat Fast

Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables. THAT’S the KEY to losing body fat! Seriously. I’m not joking around with you. Yeah, I know it sucks. No one likes vegetables. But they really are the key to losing body fat! So let me give you a super simple diet that will help you lose fat REALLY fast. For the…


Sample Metabolic Resistance Training Program

Here’s a really cool video showing a sample metabolic resistance training program from Chad Waterbury’s Body of Fire program: To check out a completely done-for-you 12-week metabolic resistance training program, then you need to check out Chad Waterbury’s Body of Fire. ===>>


Metabolic Resistance Training – Beginner Workout

Beginners are making one BIG mistake: they’re following stupid magazine workouts that ask you to split up your body part. Instead, they should be focusing on full-body training. Full body training allows you to transform your body faster then split-body training. There is a positive correlation between the number of muscle you work, and the…

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