Archive / June, 2011

Kettlebell Circuit Workout with Two Kettlebells

The reason I love Kettlebell training is because you can get a great workout super fast. Chris Lopez, who’s the guy I go to for all my Kettlebell workouts just came out with a new workout video using two kettlebells: Now,you can do this workout with one Kettlebell. I just find the concept really great! […]


Metabolic Resistance Training: Stronger Core and Spine for Fat Loss

Fitness these days is all about core training. For many years, core training was all about doing crunches and situps. However, Dr. Stuart McGill has completely changed the game when it comes to core training. Through his research, Dr. McGill taught us that the ability to brace the core improves back health and performance. “Bracing” […]


Metabolic Resistance Training: Muscle Building Possible?

What is all this talk about metabolic resistance training? What makes this training technique so special that it is supposed to help you burn fat AND build muscle? The days of boring cardio are all gone. Now we’re being told that we don’t even NEED interval training! Why? Because we have this thing called metabolic […]


Metabolic Resistance Training – Beginner Workout

Beginners are making one BIG mistake: they’re following stupid magazine workouts that ask you to split up your body part. Instead, they should be focusing on full-body training. Full body training allows you to transform your body faster then split-body training. There is a positive correlation between the number of muscle you work, and the […]