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Tough European Bodyweight Workout Plan

My friend Pryas is heading off to wales in a few weeks to do his PHD in Economic Forecasting. He’s 5’3” and 175 lbs. We worked out together on Sunday, and he realized just how out of shape he was.

Our workout was super simple, and consisted only of bodyweight movements. This was the workout we did:

4 rounds alternating with partner:
•    Pullup hold hanging leg raise x 5 reps
•    Close Grip Pushups x 5 reps

3 rounds for time of:
•    Dips x 3 reps
•    Cross-Body Mountain Climbers x 6 reps each side
•    Squat Jumps x 9 reps

Wasn’t too difficult for me, but for him, he almost passed out at the end of the workout. I finished off the workout by doing a few rounds on the monkey bars and sprinting while he sat there begging for water ( oh yea, we forgot to bring water BIG mistake!)

So, coming back home, I gave him a few training tips. I’ll share the same tips with you:

Tip #1: Always make sure to warmup up your body. Use movements such as:

  • Prisoner Squats
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Prisoner Lunges
  • Grasshopper Pushups
  • 1-leg RDL’s
  • Stick-ups

Tip #2: Finish your workout up with a nice circuit or interval training. His finisher was the Dips/Cross Body/ and Squat Jumps combo. Mine was the monkey bars and sprints (which I used as interval training).

But the bottom line is that you finish your workout hard, regardless of what you did DURING your workout.

Tip #3: During your workout, the best way to organize your workouts is to do supersets. Supersets are where you combine two movements together. I like to do strength-building movements that challenge my body. I used chinup hold hanging leg raises and close-grip chinups as my strength work.

Now, I will be helping my friend Pryas with his workouts, but I also told him to purchase Craig Ballantyne’s bodyweight workouts. They’re done for you, and require very minimal equipment. He can do them in his dorm room!

Craig has put together a great package for you to try out. Click here to learn more about his bodyweight workouts!

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Fastest Way to Boost Metabolism

To lose fat, you must boost your metabolism. How do you boost your metabolic rate? There are actually 6 awesome workout techniques you can use to boost your metabolic rate:

1 – 8/12 Adrenaline Sprints

Australian researchers found that intervals performed at 8 seconds on, 12 seconds off helped burn a significant amount of fat. I’ve done these adrenaline sprints on my own, and after just 10 minutes, I was exhausted!

They are called adrenaline sprints because those same Australian researchers found that the 8/12 scheme increased levels of Epinephrine, also known as adrenaline. Hence, the name Adrenaline Sprints!

2 – 1 and a ½ rep exercises

The 1 and a ½ rep technique is exactly what it sounds like: you perform one full repetition of an exercise, followed by a ½ rep. You can apply this technique to any movement you desire: pushups, pullups, squats, etc.

I like to apply this technique with chinups. So perform a full chinup, then go down half way, and then go back up. Return to starting position. This is one repetition. This technique will really hit your biceps!

3 – Bodyweight Cardio

A tried and true way to burn bucket loads of fat is to perform bodyweight cardio. Bodyweight cardio is where you choose 5 bodyweight movements, and then perform each one for 1 minute, followed by a minute rest.

You must choose one exercise from each of the following categories:

  • Squat
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Single Leg
  • Total Body Ab

If you want some done-for-you bodyweight cardio workouts, then check out the TT Bodyweight Cardio 1000 workout. Click here for more info!

4 – Barbell Complexes

A barbell complex is a unique type of circuit done with just a barbell. You should start off with a light weight the first time you performt he complex. Here are the basic rules:

  • Do 6 repetitions of each exercise
  • Do not rest between each exercise
  • Do not put the barbell down until the circuit is finished
  • Rest 1 -2 minutes after each circuit
  • Perform the circuit 2-3 times total

Here’s a sample circuit you can perform. Notice how each movement smoothly transitions into the next one:

  • Squat
  • Good Morning
  • Jerk
  • RDL
  • Hang Clean
  • Front Squat

5 – Meathead Arms

Not bicep curls here! Meathead arms are when you perform compound movements for a high-volume to target your arms and the rest of your upper body. Here is a sample workout you can do with just your bodyweight:

A) Chinups, perform 50% of max reps
B) Dips, perform 50% of max reps

Alternate between these two movements with no rest for a total of 8 rounds. Increase your repetitions by 1-2 reps after each workout.

For more meatheads style training, check out the Reformed Meatheads program. Click here for more info!

6 – 10 Minute Density Squats

You can actually apply this method to any exercise you wish to improve on, but it works best with squats. You take a timer, and set it for 10 minutes. Start with a light weight, and perform a set of squats.

The idea is to perform as many squats as possible within a 10-minute period. Try to rest as little as possible between each set. Because of this lack of rest, you will not be able to lift as heavy. Make sure to drink lots of water!

As you can see, Craig Ballantyne is always coming out with unique ways to build muscle. If you wish to find more muscle building and fat burning techniques, then check out his Lean and Jacked program. Click here for more information!

Start implementing these incredible Turbulence Training metabolism boosting techniques into your routine and start losing fat and building muscle at record speed! If you want more awesome technique and workouts, then check out some of the products recommended in this article.

Workout hard!

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Discover How To Lose Fat And Build Stamina With Almost ANY Equipment – Even Your Own Bodyweight – Using The Legendary Metabolic Resistance Training System


By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS, CTT

What the heck is this new style of workout that fitness experts are calling “Metabolic Resistance Training”?

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) workouts are advanced fat burning sessions that are a hybrid-fusion of bodybuilding  set and rep schemes with an interval training twist all in a  total body workout system.

Bodybuilding workouts are metabolic, but they fail to be  ultra-metabolic because those workouts focus on one body part at a time.

So the next step is to do total body workouts.

Plus, the TT MRT workouts add in a greater interval training response for fat burning. You’ll love it when you use some high rep bodyweight exercises, kettlebell swings, and short sprints.

My MRT program contain two different types of MRT workouts.

First, there is the heavier resistance, classic MRT program.

And second, there is the higher rep, Metabolic Conditioning style workouts.

Both are used in my MRT program.

The workouts are different than anything they’ve tried before.

I’ve managed to create workouts that are fun, fast, effective, and even give you a bit of that bodybuilder pump and fatigue.

It’s the best of all worlds, and the results are dramatic – and quickly noticeable.

So get ready to achieve more with your workouts – and get faster fat burning results than you have gotten with any other program. TT MRT is the hottest thing going in the fat loss world today. Get it today: Metabolic Conditioning Training Program

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Diet to Increase Energy


Went out to lunch with my cousin Sagar and close friend Chetan on Friday. We had a great lunch at a Greek restaurant. We all had the same thing. Can’t remember the name of it, but it involved hummus and beans.

It made me realize that if you plan ahead, and choose the right spots, you CAN eat out healthy! Eating healthy is the most natural way to increase your energy. Forget about supplements or energy drinks, just focus on eating the right foods.

There are three rules you must follow if you want to eat healthy: plan, shop, and prepare.


The first step is to plan your diet. Now, just HAVING a plan is not enough. You must literally sit down each week and identify any and all obstacles you have coming your way. So, if you have a business meeting this week, or guests coming over, or are planning a trip with friends – you need to plan for all that. Be aware of the situation, and modify your diet based on your situation.

Based on your schedule for that week or day, you may have to research restaurants or go to the grocery store to get the right foods. Regardless of your situation, you will be able to find a healthy option once you start being aware of the obstacles in your way.

Planning also involves learning how to cook. The more recipes you know, the more variety you will be able to add into your diet. If someone like me, who is the worst cook on the planet, can learn a few simple recipes, so can you!

Your meal plan should be as simple as possible. That is the ONLY way you will stick to it. Find foods and recipes that you love and focus on portion sizes instead of counting calories. Counting calories will just drive you nuts.

As you plan your meal, remember not to keep anything OFF LIMITS. If you do that,you will crave them more, and then you will go into relapse. Schedule days were you cheat on your diet, where you can eat what you crave within reason.

If you’re eating with someone else, make sure that person knows about your healthy eating plan. They may reject it, or they may support it. But be prepared for rejection. If they are very apprehensive of eating healthy, then you may want to avoid the meeting. Your goals come first!


Now you have to do the grunt work. You have to actually go out and get the foods you need for your recipes and diet plan. The first time going into a grocery store can be tough. Even for people who go to the grocery store on a regular basis, you’re now going there with a different mission: find healthy food!

Here are some tips:

First, stick to the perimeter of the store. Most of the packaged foods, which you don’t need, are in the center of the aisle. Next, if something says “low fat” or “Reduced fat,” don’t get it. And finally, reduce your bread intake as much as possible!

Remember, you wont’ get it right away. As you shop, some of your old desires and cravings for food will creep up. Keep the process slow and steady and realize that you will make mistakes along the way.

Make sure you get a lot of different spices to make your food taste better. Many people will just use salt and sugar to make their food taste better. Spices have not extra calories, and will help you make your transition to healthy eating less painful.


Some people can cook for an entire week. Other people can’t do this. Either way, find a way to prepare your food ahead of time, wether you do it once a week, or once every 3 days, it’s up to you.

There are also some recipes with 10-minute preparation times, so you can learn those as well. The whole idea hear is to make nutrition as convenient for you as possible, so you can eat healthier and naturally boost your energy levels!

Preparation is absolutely important because it will prevent you from stumbling. Even people who have been eating healthy for years will stumble. Perfection is not what we’re after. We’re after a healthy lifestyle.

When you cook your food, pay attention to portion sizes. If you make a lot of one dish, remember to portion it all out ahead of time, so that you don’t over eat. Use tupper ware to do this.

So if you’re looking for the perfect diet plan to help you lose weight and increase your energy level naturally, then I recommend grabbing a copy of TT Simple Nutrition. Click here for more information!

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Boot Camp Style Exercises


The Following is a Guest Post by Caroline Fitzgerald of


August is typically a slow month for boot camps as campers go on vacation and get ready for back to school time and such. That makes it a great time for coaches and trainers to find some new “stuff” for their camps so classes are fresh and fun when everyone gets back into the swing of things in September.

With that in mind, I wanted to send you a new workout for you to try. I kept the exercises pretty simple so everyone will know them, but for those of you who already own the Best Boot Camp Workouts ( you can use any of the nearly 100 Bodyweight exercises in BBW as substitutes to make this workout endlessly changeable! That’s one of the best things about BBW…with more than 50 workout FORMATS (not just 50+ workouts!) and nearly 100 BW exercises to choose from, your boot camps will never get stale! That is a surefire way to keep your campers coming back year after year, not just month after month!

I hope you like this one!


This one works really well here on the beach because it is so easy to mark the “lines”, but you can use anything (cones, ropes, whatever) to mark yours, or be even more creative and use “landmarks” instead…ie: park benches, the top of a hill, swingsets, etc

These building blocks involve building on distance and reps. Mark off 6 lines, all about 20 yards or so apart. At each line, have a white board (or the like) reminding your campers what they are to do at each line. They will start at the starting line, perform the given exercise then travel out to the first line, do the given exercise there and travel back to the start. They then repeat that sequence, and after they return to the starting line, they travel out the the second line (bypassing the first line and first exercise but performing both travel exercises.) At the second line, they will perform the given exercise, then return to the starting line. They will then repeat that sequence (out to line one, exercise, return to start, exercise, out to line 2, do the exercise, back to start) then they will travel out the third line and perform the given exercise there. Repeat the entire sequence and then travel out to the 4th line. Repeat as above and then travel out to the 5th and final line. So it is kind of like suicides with exercises at each line.. and campers do an increasing number of reps at each line.

Depending on the distance you use and the fitness level of your campers, you may find that this workout takes the whole class time, or you may need to tell your strongest campers to start “descending” when they have completed the entire set of Building Blocks…that is, take one line off each time, just as they added one line each time initially.

The possibilities are virtually endless for both travel methods and exercises so have fun with it! Try this one on for size soon!

At Starting Line: 10 Pushups (regular, Spiderman, 1.5, One-legged, etc)

To Line 1: Skip
At Line 1: 12 Burpees
Back to Start: Sprint

To Line 2: Skip to first line, then walking lunges from 1st line to 2nd line
At 2nd Line: 14 Groiners (double count)
Back to Start: Sprint

To Line 3: Skip to 1st Line, Lunge to 2nd Line, Inchworm to 3rd Line
At 3rd Line: 16 Chin to Knees (double count)
Back to Start: Sprint

To Line 4: Skip to 1st line, Lunge to 2nd, Inchworm to 3rd, Broad Jump to 4th Line
At 4th Line: 18 Dolphins
Back to Start: Sprint

To Line 5: Skip to 1st, Lunge to 2nd, Inchworm to 3rd, Broad Jump to 4th, Back pedal to 5th Line
At 5th Line: 20 Star Jumps
Back to Start: Sprint

Remember: August is a great time to add to your boot camp “arsenal” so your boot camp workouts are fresh and fun for your newbies and  returning campers come Fall! Check out the Best Boot Camp Workouts for loads of new ideas!

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Exercises for the Lats


The best exercises for the lats do not even require any weights! All you need are a set of parallel or monkey bars, and you’re good to go. The name of the movement is called the bodyweight row, and we’re going to be going over a set of progressions that will help you train your lats.

So put down the weights and head out to your local park. The name of your trainer is Mike Fitch, creator of the Animal Flow Workout. He’s always coming out with new and unique ways to train with your bodyweight.

According to Mike, the way to make a bodyweight movement harder is to increase the percentage of bodyweight that you lift. You must progress with the movement properly. Doing too much in the beginning can set you up for injury.

Check out the video of Mike’s bodyweight row progressions:

As you can see, each variation is harder then the one before it. It’s incredible how much you can achieve with just your bodyweight! Mike Fitch has built an amazing body without lifting weights. He shares his unique bodyweight system in his brand new Animal Flow Workout.

I recently did an interview with Mike Fitch. Click here to read the interview!

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Bodyweight Conditioning Workouts


The following is Guest Post by Craig Ballantyne of

I am off on a bit of a European adventure for 10 days, and should be cruising over the Atlantic Ocean on my way to Lithuania (via Copenhagen) by the time  you read this.

I’m meeting some friends at an entrepreneurship seminar for college students and then we’re off to Austria for some hiking. We have over 50 kids coming from over 30 countries (including Canada and the USA) attending the seminar, and it’s going to be an amazing, high-energy weekend.

At the end of each day I’ll take the students through a bodyweight workout and then we go swimming in a nearby lake. And boy, those European kids can swim.

Here’s a picture of a group of us having a tug-of-war match after a bodyweight workout last year – this was seconds before the rope snapped in half and I went flying onto my butt. (I’m at the far right.)

tugowar  Tough European Bodyweight Workout






I probably won’t get to the gym much while on this trip, so I have planned bodyweight workouts that include the following:

1) Warm-ups such as:

– Prisoner Squats
– Mountain Climbers
– Prisoner Lunges
– Grasshopper Pushups
– 1-Leg RDL’s
– Stick-ups

2) Supersets such as:

1A) Chin-ups or Pull-ups on whatever bar we can find (1 rep short of failure) 1B) Pike Pushups or Decline Close-Grip Pushups (1 rep short of failure) – No rest between exercises…repeat until the students have a good arm pump

3) And my bodyweight cardio circuits for a metabolic finisher. I cycle through about 10 exercises for 20-40 reps each, and then I’ll look at the kids, see if they’re wiped out, and maybe challenge them again.

It’s okay though, they go night swimming in the lake followed by big sauna parties, so they’ll get plenty of European muscle recovery.

Editors Note:

Craig Ballantyne has put together a great deal called the TT Bodyweight Fat Loss system.

You’ll get the 6-Month Bodyweight manual PLUS dozens of other incredible fat-burning bodyweight workouts!

Get a smoking hot body by exercising at home with the most powerful piece of fat loss equipment freely available to you – your own bodyweight. TTBM5 42  Tough European Bodyweight Workout

You can grab this special offer hereL

=> Get the TT Bodyweight Deluxe Workout System


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Stretches for Knees


If you’re working a 9-5 job, you’ll see pain in various parts of your body. Your knees are one of them.  This occurs because you’re sitting in a chair all day. Your knees get used to staying in a 90 degree position for 8 hours per day.

So what do you do about this pain? Your best option is to perform mobility drills for you knees!

A mobility drill are deliberate movements through a defined pathway done repetitively. Most of the time, there is no resistance involved in mobility drills. They differ from stretching because mobility drills involves expanding your range of motion through movement, while stretches are usually static. Mobility drills are usually targeting joints rather then muscles.

Here’s a great mobility drill you can do for your knees:

Perform this mobility drill before going to work, before sitting down at work, after work, and when you get home from work. The more you perform this drill, the looser your knees will get, and the faster the pain will go away.

The trainer in the video is Ryan Murdock, co-author of the Shapeshifter Program. He and Adam Steer put together this regimen to help average joes like you and I re-build their bodies. I recently did an interview with Adam Steer regarding their program. Click here to read the interview!

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TacFit Rope Workout Wrap-Up


When the dust settles and all the TacFit Rope secrets have been revealed, you realize that TacFit Rope truly is a remarkable system of training. Not only are you saving lots of money on your own home suspension system, but you’re being given a series of progressive bodyweight movements that pales in comparison to what is currently being taught out there in the market.

TacFit Rope was designed with the soldier in mind. A soldier must be able to train anywhere and at anytime using the equipment he has available to him. Being in the military, a soldier may not always have access to a gym, but he will always have access to a piece of sturdy rope. Rope is used for a lot of different tasks.

It’s an important piece of survival equipment. But who thought you could get a complete workout using only a piece of rope? Scott Sonnon, creator of the TacFit Rope system, has decided to bring this system to our living rooms. It’s time to stop making excuses for lack of equipment. If you have $5, then you have a complete training system at your fingertips!

Lets take a look at the introductory video for TacFit Rope:

That was an intense presentation! And the workouts are even more intense! I’m sure you could clearly see the benefits of TacFit Rope. However, lets review a few KEY points that TacFit Rope helps you out with:

TacFit Rope is Portable

Bodyweight training is supposed to be portable. However. you can’t exactly carry around a pullup bar with you. If you’re on vacation, then you may or may not have access to a pullup bar, much less a gym. TacFit Rope is your no-cost gym in a bag. Take it anywhere with you. You don’t even have to take anything. Just find a piece of sturdy rope, and you’re good to go!

TacFit Rope is Fun

The exercises you learn with TacFit Rope are fun and exciting! You will never see movements like these done anywhere! The best part of TacFit Rope is that the movement are organized into 3-4 levels. So, you start off with the easiest level (which in itself is hard), and you can add sophistication to the movements to make your workouts harder!

TacFit Rope is Challenging

As I mentioned, with TacFit Rope, you will have a great arsenal of movements that become more and more challenging as you modify them. However, don’t forget that just the fact that you are using a suspension training system is going to make your workouts challenging. For example, there’s a big difference between doing pushups off the floor and doing pushups on a suspension training device.

TacFit Rope Builds Muscle

Bodyweight movements help you build muscle because you are performing compound movements. Compound movements recruit a lot of muscle mass, helping you build solid muscle mass. Now, add in a suspension training device, and you’re recruiting a whole lot more muscle mass, which means you’ll be gaining a lot of lean muscle as well!

TacFit Rope is Fast and Intense

All the workouts in TacFit Rope are based on 8 cycles of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off per exercise. This is known as the Tabata Protocol, a system of interval training that has been proven to burn fat, and enhance your athletic conditioning, speed and power! But, most of all the workouts are super fast, so you’re not spending hours per day working out.

TacFit Rope Gets you Flexible

It’s not going to be like Yoga type flexibility, but it will keep your muscles nice and lean. With suspension training, you get a nice stretch at certain spots of the movement, so you stretch while you build strength and muscle. Most people, especially me, forget to stretch before and after exercise, so we get tight. With TacFit Rope you don’t have to worry about losing your flexibility!

TacFit Rope Get you Strong

I’m a guy who can do 30-40 pushups EASILY. However, doing pushups on a suspension training system is HARD. My first time I was only able to manage 5 pushups. So now building up to doing 30 pushups with a suspension system is going to be hard, but it’s going to make me stronger and bigger!

Make your OWN Suspension Trainer!

Now, I’m sure you’re excited about TacFit Rope and suspension training. However, you’re wondering…how do you make a suspension trainer with a piece of rope?

Well, here is Scott Sonnon to show you how to create your own Suspension Trainer:

That is quite an ingenious way to use the rope! I know you’re dying to try a sample workout. So lets go over one. In the following workout, you will do each movement for 8 rounds. Each round will consist of a 20 second work interval, followed by a 10 second rest interval.

  • Double Row
  • Squat Fly
  • Press Up
  • Single Row
  • Dip-Feet
  • Knee-In Push Up

You start the workout with the Double Row. Grab two ends of the rope, plant your feet on the ground, and tilt back until your body is parallel to the floor, but not touching the ground.

Now pull your body up towards the ceiling as far as it will go. Squeeze your lats to feel your back muscles working. Next we have the Squat Fly. Grab either end of the rope, and stand on your two feet. Lean back and squat down. From the squat position, use your back muscles to pull your self back up to starting position, but keep your arms straight.

You are making a “fly” motion with your arms. A press up is basically a pushup. Grab the rope handles on either end, get into a pushup position, and do a pushup. Get ready to see your entire body shake as you perform the movement. Most likely you will only be able to perform 3-5 repetitions on your first go.

For detailed video descriptions PLUS a follow along video describing the workout, I recommend grabbing the TacFit Rope program. Click here to get started today!

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TacFit Rope: 5 Facts about Suspension Training


If you want to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time using just your bodyweight then you need to try suspension training. Suspension training involves using a device to literally suspend your entire, or a part of your body, off the floor. This technique will make all of your typical bodyweight movements 10 times harder!

With suspension training, you REALLY can workout anywhere and at anytime! All you need is a piece of rope! With most bodyweight training programs, you still need a pull-up bar. But you can’t take a pullup bar with you everywhere. That’s where TacFit Rope comes in.

But first things first: you want to have a sexy body. Convenience is #1 to getting you your dream body. The second thing is to have a challenging workout. And once you incorporate suspension training into your regimens, you will be challenged beyond belief! Even a basic pushup will turn into the most challenging exercise you’ve ever done!

Lets go over the 5 Facts that makes TacFit Rope so awesome:

Fact #1: TacFit Rope Does not require A lot of Equipment or Space, but…

TacFit Rope is a lot more fun then going to the gym and lifting weights. It’s a lot faster too. You have 6 exercises in a sequence, you spend for 4 minutes on each. So that’s a quick, intense, 24 minute workout that does not require expensive equipment or a lot of space. All you need is a piece of rope!

Now, why not just stick to regular bodyweight training? Well, you can, but how would you train your back? Like I mentioned before, you can’t walk around with a pullup bar. But, you CAN carry a piece of rope with you. That’s really all the equipment you will need. With this simple piece of equipment, you can train your back, chest, shoulders, legs, and abs!

Fact #2: Gym Machines and Traditional Barbell Movements can cause Injury, but…

With TacFit Rope, you will not experience the sore shoulders, achy back, and pain in your joints that you normally experiences with gym machines and barbell movements. So ditch running on your treadmill like a hamster and going through the motions at the gym and experience something truly safe and exciting!

I’ve done it all – heavy weight training, gym machines, lots of running, etc. Excessive running has caused bad knees. However, once I switched over to bodyweight training, all my aches and pains went away. So, we already know that bodyweight training is the safer alternative! You just need to use suspension training to make your workouts harder.

Fact #3: Cardio doesn’t work, but…

Short, burst workouts work! There was a study that proved that even if you did 1 hour of cardio every day for a year, you’d only burn 5 pounds of fat! Very bad results. Let fast, intense workouts help you burn of all your stubborn fat for you. Combine that with a solid diet, and you’ll have your dream body in no time!

What people don’t realize is that weight loss is a function of a calorie deficit. So you need to burn more calories then you consume. However, cardio is NOT the most efficient way to burn calories. The key to burning lots of calories is to boost your metabolic rate, and you can do that with short, burst workouts.

Also, cardio doesn’t differentiate between fat and muscle. So, a great way to lose muscle is to do lots of cardio. Look at the difference between a distance runner and a sprinter. Sprinters are lean and muscular. Runners are lean, but they’re not very muscular. Most distance runners look like they’re anorexic.

Another problem with cardio is that people get hungry, and they eat. Now, lets say a session of cardio burns 200 calories. Now, your meal will probably 200 calories. Now you’ve just gotten rid of any benefit of the cardio you performed. A better option is to increase your metabolic rate, so that the calories you eat are used right away and burnt off.

Fact #4: You Can’t Turn Fat into Muscle, but…

You can build muscle TO burn fat. The way it works is like this: you do challenging movements that stress your body and build down muscle mass. Eat right. Eat a lot. Eat protein. And you re-build that muscle bigger and stronger. With big muscles comes a faster metabolic rate, because now your body needs more calories to maintain that muscle. Keep your caloric intake the same, and your body uses the fat calories to support new muscle growth!

How is TacFit Rope challenging? Well, bodyweight training in itself is pretty tough. But when you add in suspension training, each and every exercise you do gets tougher. For example, I can do 30-40 pushups easily. But when I did pushups using the TacFit Rope system, I could barely pump out 3 reps my first time!

Fact #5: Crunches won’t help you Lose Fat, but…

According to Mens Health magazine, you need to do 22,000 crunches to burn off 1 pound of fat. Do you have time to do that many crunches? Besides, crunches cause you to have a bad back. I won’t get into it, but if you want a solid midsection, then you need to do movements that stabilize your core. And TacFit rope has the movements that you’re looking for!

Lets go into what a stabilization exercise is all about. Do this: get down into pushup position. Notice how your abs get tightened up. Do a few pushups, and you will see just how much your abdominals are working. Pushups train your abdominals more effectively then situps and crunches!

TacFit Rope has a lot of great ab-specific movements. However, as a mentioned before, even doing pushups on the suspension training system is going to be tough. So, you’ll actually get an abdominal workout with EVERY single movement you perform! All you have to do is take care of your diet, and you’ll see your abs!

What we’re talking about here is a mind-set change. You’re used to going into the gym and training each body part at a time. Now, get used to training your ENTIRE body in one session. 24 minutes, 6 exercises, and your abs are going to be SCREAMING in pain. TacFit rope is the only workout you need for your abs.

It’s time to change the way you workout! Take on the challenge that is TacFit Rope today! Click here to order now!

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