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Resistance Training vs. Weight Training

Reading the title, you may think…well isn’t resistance training and weight training the same exact thing? Well…in some respects, yes. They both involve lifting weights, but one of them is better for fat loss then the other one. Which one is it? Go ahead…guess… If you guessed resistance training, you guessed RIGHT! Weight training is […]

Fight Training Workout for Average Joes

A fighter cares about conditioning. He cares about being stronger, faster, and lasting longer then his opponent. But you care about fat loss. You want the physique of a fighter. But you don’t want to put in the same amount of time that a fighter puts into it because frankly…you don’t have that much time. […]

The Single BEST Type of Interval Training You Can Do For Rapid and Efficient Fat Loss…Near-Maximal Intervals

By Nick Nilsson When I do cardio I want to get the greatest fat-burning effect in the shortest amount of time possible and get it over with fast. I want to burn a TON of calories and get the greatest “afterburn” for the time I put in. Essentially, I want to do the most EFFICIENT […]

Can you Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting quicker than Dieting?

Dieting to lose weight is a difficult process for most people.  Most diets come with unpleasant restrictions, which can hurt your motivation.  We’re supposed to enjoy eating food, not get stuck with unsavory options.  This is one of the many reasons why intermittent fasting could be a better choice for you. Some of the most […]

Kettlebell Man Maker Movement

What if you could learn a single combination move that would work your entire body? What if you could have an entire workout complete with that single movement? Efficiency at its peak and it is possible with the kettlebell man maker movement. The movement is a combination of several core kettlebell movements. First lets examine […]