Will Doing TRX Get Me Bigger Muscles?

What is TRX? The TRX is a suspension trainer – a portable device consisting of different straps and handles, that lets you perform a wide array of body-weight exercises wherever you are. It can be easily stored and carried, and all you need to use it is a doorway, or a sturdy frame, such as…

5 Ways to Recover from Fitness Workout Overload

Yesterday I wrote about how it’s important to purchase fitness eBooks from time to time. This post was for people who were bored with their current program, or for those that were so comfortable with their workouts that they needed to venture out and really try something new. However, what if you already purchase a…

True Blood Stephen Moyer Nutrition Tips

You may know Stephen Moyer from the HIT show True Blood. If you have seen the show, you will realize just how many times the characters on that show take off their clothing – it’s pretty much every episode. This is why Stephen Moyer needs to stay in shape in order to keep his job….

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