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    If you’re like me, then you need to do something every day. However, it’s not a good idea to perform a hard workout every single day. So, why not mix it up with a soft cardio workout in between a tough workout? What is Soft Cardio? Soft cardio, also known as low impact cardio is […]

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  • Home Cardio Workouts

    The following is a Guest Post by Daniel Munday, Sydney’s Fat Loss Expert: Too many people have their head on wrong when they think you need to have a treadmill, rower, exercise bike, or even worse – a cross trainer available to do a great cardio workout. And to expect people to have them in […]

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Hello world.
3 unique veggies that FIGHT abdominal fat? (surprising fat-fighters)

We have a great article for you today from one of our trusted nutrition experts… this article details how some of the chemicals (such as xenoestrogens) that we are being exposed to (from pesticides, herbicides, plastics, our water supply, etc) have been linked to what’s been termed “stubborn abdominal fat”, and how a specific class of veggies helps to combat this problem.

Read the article below to find out an interesting way to protect yourself from “xenoestrogens” and help you get a flatter stomach:

>> 3 Unique veggies that FIGHT Abdominal Fat (surprising fat-fighters that help to counteract “xenoestrogens”)

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