Bodyweight Squats Build Muscle

We all know that to gain muscle you need to lift heavy. So what is all this about bodyweight training being a great way to build muscle? I’ve written numerous articles about how muscle building with bodyweight exercises works. However, the biggest problem still seems to be how to build muscle on the lower body….

5 Free Weight Exercises for Women

The following is a guest post by Valerie Emich, of Lifting weights is not just an exercise for men anymore. Fitness experts say that lifting weights is one of the most important parts of fitness and weight loss. I firmly believe in this concept. I first started out using resistance bands for my exercises….

Fitness Class Ideas and a Marketing Plan

If you’re looking for some fitness class ideas, then you need to listen to a guy named Craig Ballantyne. Craig has been in the fitness industry for over a decade, and he has been teaching trainers how its done. In other words, he’s the trainer of the trainers!Check out this interview he did with Kaiser…

Get Ready for some Bootcamp Exercise Ideas

The Military has been using bootcamp PT to get their soldiers in shape. Now average folk are looking too bootcamp exercises to help them get into better shape. If you’re a trainer, then you need to listen to the needs of your clients, and give them what they want: Bootcamp Workouts. To get started with…

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