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Monthly Archives: November 2012


The “Punisher” Workout

A good workout to me is one that covers all the bases: 1) It’s full body, and 2) It’s intense, and 3) It’s mentally stressful, but satisfying.Developing a workout is like writing a recipe. You keep tweaking and working at it until what your cooking


New way of Doing the Squat Thrust: KB Squat Thrust

There’s something special about squat thrusts. Squat thrusts, and it’s more advanced variation, the burpee, are staples of every training program designed to help you lose fat and become athletically fit.However, can you do this movement with a Kettlebell? Well, there is a very simple

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How to get a Flat Female Stomach

Welcome to the next installment in the Female Fat Loss series. We’ve explored this topic through a variety of articles. Check out the previous articles on this topic to give you an understanding on how Female Fat Loss works: Female Fat Loss Myth #1: Age


Why I’m Not a Bodybuilder

When I first began training, it’s safe to say that I had no clue what I was doing. Like most trainees, I picked up a bodybuilding magazine and copied the routines as best as I could. But a lack of knowledge is what made me