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Step up Your Results with this Home Fitness Workout

Has your workout program been stalling lately? Well, I hope not. If you’ve been following my daily advice and workouts, then the last thing you should be is plateauing. However, we can all use a little bit of edge. Something to just push ourselves and attain new levels of fitness. That is the goal with […]

Home Training With Dumbbells and Bodyweight

If you want to get in shape at home, then you need to stay away from all those fancy and expensive infomercial products. Instead, focus on combining Dumbbells and Bodyweight exercises for effective workouts. Check out two of my favorite exercises which can be performed by anyone at any fitness level. At the end of […]

3 Basic tips on How to Design Incredible Interval Training Workouts

Why are so many people NOT performing Interval Training? Is it because it’s too hard? People walk around claiming that they don’t have any time or equipment to workout, but I tell them about Tabata or Interval Training, they look at me like I’m crazy. “4 minutes? How can you get an intense workout in […]

Circuit Training Method #3: Circuit Competition

List of posts in Circuit Training Methods for Amazing Fat Loss: Circuit Training Methods for Amazing Fat Loss – Circuit Training Method #1: Staggered Circuits Circuit Training Method #2: Random Rounds Circuit Training Method #3: Circuit Competition This is kind of like a dance off, and should be done with at least one other partner. […]

Supersets Training with Dive Bombers and Kettlebell Snatches

The following are some templates you can use to design your workouts: Superset Template One (Rounds for Time): Choose total rounds that you wish to perform (i.e. 5) Choose exercises (Choose one push up variation, and one kettlebell exercise) Choose number of repetitions per exercise (start with conservative numbers) Time the entire workout. Try to […]


The Push-up Workout Program for People Who Can’t Do Push-ups

Image by rondavis The Push-up is where it all begins. However, many beginners do not have the basic strength to start a push-up program. Here is a video to help: I have put together a short progressive routine to help you develop the required strength to perform your first full push-up. Week One: Wall Push-ups […]

Fat Loss is a Battle – Workout One

I want to start a new series here at Shah Training. The Fat Loss is a Battle (FLB) series will consist of 100 workouts designed to burn fat and increase your metabolic rate. Now, many of my workouts may be a bit to advanced for some, so I will scale the workouts for beginners, intermediates, […]