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What Excites You About Your Fitness Plan?

Image by pierodemarchis This is the second installment of the “Shah Training is Not Bodybuilding” series. Yesterday, I talked about how one should use a long-term approach to fitness. When designing a fitness program, one should always start from the “end” first. The end is simply your final goal. Make sure that this goal is […]

3 reasons to Perform Whole Body Bodyweight Workouts, and 3 Reasons to Perform Circuit Training Workouts

I’ve often preached the idea of training your entire body in one workout. In fact, the overwhelming majority of the workouts I publish on this site are whole body in nature. But, what exactly are the benefits of whole body bodyweight workouts? Well, here are three reasons why you should consider training your entire body […]

Learn Kettlebell Swings, Snatches, Cleans and Much More!

I just recieved word that the recently launched Kettlebell Revolution program developed by Turbulence Training Certified Trainer Chris Lopez is on sale until 12 noon today (Friday). This is big news for people that train with Kettlebells. I urge you to go and check out Kettlebell Revolution. Turbulence Training is already a highly respected training […]

The Biggest Lessons I’ve learned from Performing Crossfit Routines

My training system is unique because I like to borrow a lot of ideas from a variety of sources. Crossfit is one of these sources. Over the years, Crossfit has expanded in popularity, while at the same time being at thereceiving end of jokes from the bodybuilding community. Well, Crossfit did pick the fight. It […]

Maximum Intensity Training with Basic Bodyweight Exercises: Pushups, Pullups, and Squats

For some strange reason, people still believe that they can’t get in shape with basic pushups, pullups, and bodyweight squats. These are the same people that are unable to pump out 10 good pushups, 5 good pullups, and 20 good bodyweight squats. The problem with these individuals is they lack a clear vision into the […]