25 Days of Xtreme Fat Loss

25 Days of Xtreme Fat Loss

Do you STILL perform cardio?

Learn how to lose fat by ENDING  your cardio:

Joel Marion just released an incredibly intense, 25 day fat loss program called the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. This is a brutal and unique diet program which employs a variety of strategic dieting methods and training.

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The plan is based off of periods of strict dieting and periods of cheating. You get to eat anything you want once every 5 days! For the other days, you will diet slightly differently each day. This way, your body never adapts. That is the beauty of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

Lets break down all of these days of dieting:

Xtreme Fat Los Diets – Dieting Days

Dieting Method #1: Cheat Day

People get excited on Cheat Day and make it “strategic.” Don’t. Wake up normally and eat the foods you crave. Don’t make a plan the night before to eat everything in sight. The goal of your cheat days it satisfy your cravings and to prevent your body from going into “starvation mode.”

Hence, don’t stuff yourself. Eat until you’re full, and get on with the rest of the day. Eat regularly throughout the day. Don’t fast all day so that you can feast and binge at one meal. Try an eat your normal times per day, whether thats 3 times or 6 times.

Dieting Method #2: Fast Day

Right after the cheat day, you’ll move into a fast day. Once again, this diet is based on extremes. So you’re moving from end of the dieting spectrum – where you eat what you want – to the other side – you eat nothing.

You will consume only fluids throughout the day. The idea of the Fast Day is to create a massive calorie deficit while the body is primed for fat loss. Why your body is primed for fat loss after a cheat day you’ll be told in the manual itself.

Dieting Method #3: Shake Day

The shake day is basically a gradual transition back into eating. On this day, you will be consuming calories based on your body fat percentage. The lower your bodyfat percentage, the more you will be allowed to consume.

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There is also a specific combination of macro nutrients you must follow for each shake. These are given to you in explicit detail. Healthy fats are an important aspect in your shake day. The three sources Joel recommends are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hemp, or Udo’s Choice Oil.

Dieting Method #4: Moderate Carbohydrate Day

Most diets only focus on severe caloric restriction. Well, Joel is all about cycling between periods of high, moderate, and low calorie consumption. This is your moderate carb day, meant to break you out of the rut created by extreme caloric depletion.

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Once again, you will be consuming calories based on your bodyfat percentage. The lower your bodyfat, the more you will be allowed to eat. Joel recommends you workout in the morning and consume carbohydrates earlier in the day.

Dieting Method #5: Protein Only Depletion Day

Your depletion day is devoted to depleting your energy stores. Very simple concept: deplete muscle glycogen and triglyceride stores to make room for the influx of calories on your Cheat Day. Consume protein 2 grams for every pound lean body mass.

So the more muscle you have, the more protein you will consume. Lactic Acid training is the recommended workout for this day. In addition, you can perform a low intensity cardiovascular workout. The main idea is move as much as possible on this day to deplete your energy stores.

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet – Training Days

The training portion is designed by Joel Marion’s buddy, John Romaniello, and is based on his Final Phase Fat Loss workout plan. He has contributed 8 fat burning workouts. Each of John’s training methods is meant to compliment a specific method of dieting.

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Click here to Grab your Copy of Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Today!

I’ve already gone over many of John’s training methods before. Here are some articles:

So here’s what the cycle looks like:

  • Day One: Cheat Day with Density Training
  • Day Two: Fast Day with Lactic Acid Training
  • Day Three: Shake Day with Strength Training
  • Day Four: Moderate Carb Day with Dynamic Training
  • Day Five: Protein-only Depletion Day with Lactic Acid Training

I know it all seems quite complicated, but don’t worry – Joel and John break it down for you in the 25 day meal plan and Training manual. They’ve also included “Cliff Notes” that gives you a great synopsis of the entire 25 day diet plan.

There’s also a pre-program checklist for you before you start the actual program. This checklist helps you make sure you’ve gotten everything you need in your arsenal for maximum success. It covers everything from purchasing the recommended amount of supplements to planning out which restaurants to visit on your Cheat Day.

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