4 Interval Training Workouts to Burn Fat At Home

4 Interval Training Workouts to Burn Fat At Home

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We know Interval Training works, but not all of us like the traditional form of training – the one that involves us getting on a treadmill and sprinting. So the following are 10 great alternatives to performing interval workouts:

1 – 30/30 Kettlebell Swings

Grab a Kettlebell, and swing non-stop for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds, then repeat. Kettlebell swings are an amazing movement to help you get your heart rate up, and boost your metabolic rate. I recently put together an article describing 9 great variations of this movement. Click here to read the article.

2 – 20-Yard Shuffle

You probably did this drill in your gym class. I hated it. You off in the middle of a 10 yard distance with one hand on the ground. Push off with your dominant leg and run 5 yards as fast as possible. Reverse position and run 10 yards. Go back 5 yards to starting position. The total distance is 20 yards.

3 – Squat Cardio

Leg day sucks, and you usually sweat bullets on leg day, so why not turn it into a cardio day too? To turn squat day into squat cardio day, you simply choose one squat variation, and then sprint. The sprint doesn’t have to be too far. We use the length of our driveway, which fits up to 5 cars! Click here to learn a whole bunch of great squat variations you can use for this drill.

4 – 1/1 Pushups

Have you tried performing pushups for 1 minute straight? It burns. It’s great for your upper body, but also makes you sweat! The workout is simple: perform pushups for a minute straight, and then rest for one minute. Once you build up to performing regular pushups for a minute straight, it’s time to move onto more difficult variations. Click here to learn 7 amazing variations!

Use one of these 4 interval training methods to get stronger, leaner, and sexier! If you want even more bodyweight interval workouts, check out Kate Vidulich’s Bodyweight Cardio 500. Click HERE to learn more.