burpees mass

Burpees Mass: Is it Possible?

Burpees are one of the cornerstones of bodyweight training. Taking little space and no equipment, they can be performed just about anywhere and can be modified so that they provide an appropriate challenge for beginner, intermediates and advanced exercisers alike. There is no doubting their effectiveness but are they suitable for building muscle mass? Good…


Your Step-By-Step Plan to Embrace Pain

Life is not about surviving, it’s about thriving. The large majority of people are too afraid to step out into the world in the fear of getting hurt, mocked, or disappointed. This is no way to live. What does this have to do with fitness? EVERYTHING! The reason why so many people walk around unhealthy…


Truth About Pushups

Pushups Take you Far It’s uncanny how many pushups I still do. Not a lot. I thought it would be something I would leave behind as a beginner. But as I learned more and more about exercise, I realize you can take any exercise and make it harder. You can make it last for ever….

Stop Lying to Yourself

The #1 Lie You Tell Yourself

Happy New Year everyone! If you have been reflecting on the past year, and find yourself unhappy with the results you achieved in 2014, then there is one thing that is absolutely true: you don’t need another training routine. Another book. Another workout. Another diet plan. Another piece of equipment. Another….another….Because let’s be honest, it…

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