• Circuit Training Karate Style

    My Sensei (Karate instructor) used to do a circuit training workout with us once a month. This workout was for the hard-hitters: a group 10 – 15 guys (and a few girls). The Circuit Training workouts were the type of workouts I enjoyed and looked forward too. They were painful and I loved the feeling […]

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  • The Truth about Building Huge Arms

    A lot of trainees want big arms, but what most of them do not know is that you need to put on about 15 pounds of muscle all over your body in order to put on just a half inch of mass on your arms. Well, actually I don’t know the exact ratio, but think […]

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  • Intermediate Strength-Training Plan

    Are your strength gains declining? Don’t worry. It’s normal. As you progress, your body will adapt to what you put it through. This means that you’ll become more efficient at the lifts you perform. To get past the sticking point, change the lifts you do, change your rep/set scheme, and change your intensity level. The […]

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  • A Basic Primer on Testosterone for Females


    In response to my “Three Intense Bodyweight Workouts for Females,” article, Neena Longia wrote: “I’d like to say that the article was great, but I’d like to suggest that you explain more in depth what high levels of testosterone really does to a females body, because I can guarantee that most women don’t know that […]

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  • Use Supersets Training to Torch Those Love Handles

      Stubborn fat is a bitch. Through my years of through research, I’ve discovered that there is only one real way to destroy stubborn fat: make your workouts more intense! Work harder. Sweat like you’ve never sweat before, and really kill yourself under those weights. My all time favorite training methods is superset training. Superset training […]

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  • Beginner Strength-Training Plan

    Strength is the backbone of every goal. Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, improve your health, or become a superior athlete, strength is where it all starts. I have created a 12-week program to help you improve your strength levels. This workout is a beginner program. The lifts in this routine can be […]

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  • Bodyweight Squats for Chicken Legs

    To improve any part of your body, training it just once a week with a few sets of your favorite exercise won’t work. You really need to DESTROY that body part not just once a day, but a few times per day. Enter: the Bodyweight Squat The bodyweight squat has been used for centuries by […]

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  • How can I build an effective fat burning workout plan?

    In recent years, a new industry has been given birth: the factual-sounding fluff-full fitness information industry. You read that right. Now, more than ever, you have self-proclaimed YouTube buffs promising you extraordinary results in an extraordinary amount of time. No one wants to tell you the truth: that it takes hard work, consistency, and desire […]

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  • Killer Ab Workouts: A Beginners Guide


    There are thousands of ab workouts out there. But not many are effective. Here are some steps you need to take to make the most of your ab workouts: [typography font="Bowlby One" size="30" size_format="px"]Stop doing Crunches and Situps[/typography] I used to do so many of these in Karate. But now I know better. In a recent issue […]

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  • Announcement: Shah Training is looking for Mind/Motivational Bloggers


    We’re looking for a blogger that write posts that really motivate and ignite the reader to get up and exercise. If this describes you, then you need to write for us! The description and how to apply are below: Description If you have your own blog, own a training studio, or work in a gym –  then […]

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