Basic Dumbbell Training for Beginners

It is very easy to setup a dumbbell workout for beginners. Craig Ballantyne, founder of Turbulence Training, suggests that you always need to start with some sort of warm up.

A warm up is important because it sets the rhythm for the work out. When you perform a warm up your pulse rate goes up and this sets the tone for the workouts that you are going to perform after the warm up.

If you want to know the difference, do a workout session with and without warm up and you can see the difference for yourself.

A basic body weight warm up is preffered. Craig Ballantyne states that spending five minutes on treadmill is no better than a body weight warm up.

In fact it is true. Only your heart is trained by the treadmill. However, your muscles also get warmed up with a body weight circuit.

After the warmup, perform three – four supersets of non competing muscles.

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A non-competing superset is when you perform 2 exercises after each other with very little to almost no rest in between sets. “Non Competing” means that the exercises train opposing muscle groups such as back and chest.

One example of a non-competing superset is performing a dumbbell chest press followed by the dumbbell bent over row.

Craig also likes to alternate between lower and upper body movements. He also advises you to perform the hardest exercise first.

This is because you will be able to finish off the hardest exercise when you’re fresh.

You also have to perform the exercises using the same weight. This is well explained with the following example:

During a superset, you will be forced to keep two dumbbells with you. So if you need to use about 50lbs for Dumbbell Squat, but cannot manage more than 30 lbs for a Dumbbell Chest Press, too much time will be lost in between the exercises grabbing the 30lbs dumbbells.

You can better avoid this if you try to match up exercises where you can use similar poundages.

Another solution, suggested by Craig Ballantyne is to alternate between a body weight and dumbbell movement.

Follow these basicĀ  instructions and you will see results for yourself. If you’re skeptical of this form of training, then grab one of Craig Ballantyn’s free workouts:

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