What You Need to Know About Body Weight Exercise Routines

Bodyweight exercise routines are great for the average joe/jane, seniors, young athletes, martial artists, military personnel, police officers, overweight individuals, and busy professionals.

Wait… didn’t that cover almost everyone? Everyone except bodybuilders. Bodybuilding is a sport that requires a completely different set of parameters than what the average person trying to get into shape needs.

What I hope to do with this article is to shed some light on bodyweight workouts – what makes them effective, how to design a good program, and how to combine bodyweight exercises with other forms of training for superior health and fitness

What Makes Bodyweight Training Effective

Walking, sitting, carrying a baby, carrying boxes up a flight of stairs, sprinting after a bus, running away from a mugger, running away from a dog, jumping to the side to avoid an oncoming car, etc.

All these activities involve your bodyweight – to the simplest daily tasks to the most extreme. You used your bodyweight more often than you lift heavy objects.

And even when you do lift heavy objects, you are stil you using your bodyweight in ways you probably will never be able to tell. Take lifting a box up a flight of stairs as an example.

Are engaging so many muscles to not just lift up that weight, but to also stablize your abdominals, lower back, shoulders, and forearms to keep you from falling backwards and tumbling down the steps.

How to Design a Good Program

There are lot of variables when it comes to designing a good program. But I’ll just jot down a few to help you out:

  1. Train your entire body – either in one session, or over the course of a few days.
  2. Stick to the basics – pushups, pullups, and squats
  3. Combine bodyweight exercises with other forms of training.

Combine Bodyweight Exercises with Other Forms of Training

Simply, experiment. Combine bodyweight exercises with dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, or anything else you have lying around the house.

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