Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss

Now You can Have a Great

Body, Better Health,

and Amazing Fitness by

Exercising with Just

your Bodyweight in the

Comfort of your Own


I’ve been training with my

bodyweight for almost two

years now. For a long time I stuck to

primarily pushups,

pullups, and bodyweight squats. But

once I purchased

Coach Steer and Murdock’s,

Bodyweight Blueprint for

Fat Loss, I’ve been incorporating a

lot of their unique

exercises and workout programs.

For just 77 bucks Coach Steer and Murdock have developed a three – phase fat loss system that will literally blow torch your fat. But not only are the exercises unique, but Coaches Steer and Murdock are the first Coaches that actually include video demonstrations with their products.

What! $77? Is Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat loss REALLY worth your $77?

Benefit #1: Unique Bodyweight Movements

Well, eBooks are half hazardly put together. That is why I will usually purchase a program, and then rely on YouTube to show me how to perform the exercises.

But, most of the exercises in Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss (BBFL) are not featured on YouTube. This is why the video descriptions that they include are so valuable!

Here is a sample unique exercise from Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss:

Benefit #2: Full Recovery Resources

Another drawback to most bodyweight programs is that they provide you with intense workouts, but don’t teach you how to effectively recover from your training. Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss is different.

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First, Intu-Flow is a special set of mobility drills designed to loosen up your body after a hard training session.

Before purchasing, Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss, I only went through some very basic dynamic stretches. I thought this was enough to get me through my workouts.

Boy was I wrong! Once I started implementing Intu-Flow into my overall workout program, all those aches and pains I was experiencing slowly began to disappear.

Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss goes very deep into Intu-Flow with lots of exercises and detail. The same is true for the Prasara Yoga. In fact, the Prasara Yoga video is very simple to follow.

Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss gives you a very clear picture of how to perform the Prasara Yoga poses. I’m still working on my flexibility, but the point is that these two sets of videos will guarantee you better recovery from your intense bodyweight workouts.

Benefit #3: Incredible Nutritional Information

This package features 4 separate audios from experts in 4 separate niches on nutrition. This gives you 4 effective options to better eating habits.

So you have a vegetarian eating expert, an intermittent fasting expert, a primal eating expert, and finally an expert who teaches you how to lose weight while “cheating.” Understand that each of these experts have then own individual eBook.

You’re getting extremely good advice from experts who know what they’re doing. And you don’t even have to go and buy their individual eBooks! You get all the information as part of this incredible fat loss package!

Enough waiting. I suggest you go and grab your copy of the Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss today. You won’t be disappointed!

Click here to Grab your Copy.


If you make the commitment today and purchase the Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss workout program, then I will send you 3 months of Bodyweight Workouts for Free!

I’ve used the same movements and training style Coach’s Steer and Murdoch teach in their product, and combined them with my own unique high intensity style.

This bonus includes three Bodyweight programs:

  • Bonus Workout Program #1: Ascending Reps
  • Bonus Workout Program #2: Up and Down Pyramids
  • Bonus Workout Program #3: Combination Program

In order to grab this bonus, you just need to follow two simple steps:

  • Step One: Purchase Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss.

  • Step Two: Forward your receipt number to

Once I confirm your purchase, I will send you the bonus via email.

P.S. If you made it this far, then you’re definitely ready to purchase Coach Steer and Murdock’s program. Do not hesitate! You need to take charge of your health and this Bodyweight Manual is the perfect for anyone who cares about their health, fitness, and well being.

Click here to Grab your Copy.


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