Bodyweight Workouts that are Similar to the Insanity Workouts

They say that the Insanity Workout is the most hardcore workout out there. However, customers also say that it’s difficult to follow the program due to terrible camera work and lack of exercise explanations.

So I’m going to show you some bodyweight workouts that are even more difficult than Insanity:

TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding 2.0

I love all of Craig Ballantyne’s bodyweight workouts. However, TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding 2.0 is one of his latest, and most intense workouts. The great thing about this particular workout is that it is also a muscle building program. However, the circuit style nature of the workouts will help you drop any unwanted fat off your body.

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Ultimate Gymless Workouts

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This is a classic training program developed by Coach Eddie Lomax. However, it’s still an intense program that I would recommend to beginners. The best thing about UGW is the fact that Coach Lomax includes workouts for fat loss, general fitness, and size. So you get workouts to help you meet all your goals.

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TacFit Commando

If you’re looking for something truly unique and out of this world, then you should try TacFit Commando. This program, developed by Scott Sonnon and Ryan Murdock, is based on the bodyweight only routines that Scott Sonnon uses to train top military and law enforcement personell.

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Workout Without Weights

Another program by Coach Eddie Lomax, WWW is more of an exercise manual than a workout program. However, it does feature some 50 sample routines you can use for yourself. It’s also one of the most basic, and fluff-free manuals I have come across. If you’re an absolute complete beginner to bodyweight training, then WWW is what you need to get.

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