Boot Camp Style Exercises

Boot Camp Style Exercises

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August is typically a slow month for boot camps as campers go on vacation and get ready for back to school time and such. That makes it a great time for coaches and trainers to find some new “stuff” for their camps so classes are fresh and fun when everyone gets back into the swing of things in September.

With that in mind, I wanted to send you a new workout for you to try. I kept the exercises pretty simple so everyone will know them, but for those of you who already own the Best Boot Camp Workouts ( you can use any of the nearly 100 Bodyweight exercises in BBW as substitutes to make this workout endlessly changeable! That’s one of the best things about BBW…with more than 50 workout FORMATS (not just 50+ workouts!) and nearly 100 BW exercises to choose from, your boot camps will never get stale! That is a surefire way to keep your campers coming back year after year, not just month after month!

I hope you like this one!


This one works really well here on the beach because it is so easy to mark the “lines”, but you can use anything (cones, ropes, whatever) to mark yours, or be even more creative and use “landmarks” instead…ie: park benches, the top of a hill, swingsets, etc

These building blocks involve building on distance and reps. Mark off 6 lines, all about 20 yards or so apart. At each line, have a white board (or the like) reminding your campers what they are to do at each line. They will start at the starting line, perform the given exercise then travel out to the first line, do the given exercise there and travel back to the start. They then repeat that sequence, and after they return to the starting line, they travel out the the second line (bypassing the first line and first exercise but performing both travel exercises.) At the second line, they will perform the given exercise, then return to the starting line. They will then repeat that sequence (out to line one, exercise, return to start, exercise, out to line 2, do the exercise, back to start) then they will travel out the third line and perform the given exercise there. Repeat the entire sequence and then travel out to the 4th line. Repeat as above and then travel out to the 5th and final line. So it is kind of like suicides with exercises at each line.. and campers do an increasing number of reps at each line.

Depending on the distance you use and the fitness level of your campers, you may find that this workout takes the whole class time, or you may need to tell your strongest campers to start “descending” when they have completed the entire set of Building Blocks…that is, take one line off each time, just as they added one line each time initially.

The possibilities are virtually endless for both travel methods and exercises so have fun with it! Try this one on for size soon!

At Starting Line: 10 Pushups (regular, Spiderman, 1.5, One-legged, etc)

To Line 1: Skip
At Line 1: 12 Burpees
Back to Start: Sprint

To Line 2: Skip to first line, then walking lunges from 1st line to 2nd line
At 2nd Line: 14 Groiners (double count)
Back to Start: Sprint

To Line 3: Skip to 1st Line, Lunge to 2nd Line, Inchworm to 3rd Line
At 3rd Line: 16 Chin to Knees (double count)
Back to Start: Sprint

To Line 4: Skip to 1st line, Lunge to 2nd, Inchworm to 3rd, Broad Jump to 4th Line
At 4th Line: 18 Dolphins
Back to Start: Sprint

To Line 5: Skip to 1st, Lunge to 2nd, Inchworm to 3rd, Broad Jump to 4th, Back pedal to 5th Line
At 5th Line: 20 Star Jumps
Back to Start: Sprint

Remember: August is a great time to add to your boot camp “arsenal” so your boot camp workouts are fresh and fun for your newbies and  returning campers come Fall! Check out the Best Boot Camp Workouts for loads of new ideas!

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