Bootcamp Workout Ideas to Inflate your Next Paycheck

Bootcamp Workout Ideas to Inflate your Next Paycheck

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If you’re trainer who wants to make more money, then setting up a bootcamp is the way to go. Bootcamp classes are a great way to offer a lower price option to clients, while getting paid more per hour!

There is one guy who is doing a great job of teaching trainers how to make more money in their business. His name is Crag Ballantyne. Here is a great interview you can listen to to pick up some ideas:

Here’s some more great ways to make more money through bootcamp classes:

  1. Join a local business group for networking purposes. You can also bounce ideas off of other people who may  be in a different line of business then you are. You may also find some clients here.
  2. Every community has a monthly or weekly magazine or newsletter that is circulated. Advertise in these magazines and offer discounts to your bootcamp classes.
  3. Purchase a list of addresses in your neighborhood, and send them a postcard inviting them to your health club. You can also try to gather addresses and emails at local fairs, and then use the postcards to invite targeted customers.
  4. Sit down once a week and make a list of seven things you can do to promote your business. Then, tackle one thing each day, and get it done. Get into the habit of reflecting on your business once a week.
  5. Use Google Adwords to advertise your business. However, make sure you bid wisely on your keywords, as adwords can get expensive very quickly. Make sure you have a solid website set up before attempting this.

This was just a snippet of how to use bootcamp classes to make more money in your fitness business. If you’re looking for more bootcamp workouts and bootcamp business tips, then check out Craig Ballantyne’s TT Bootcamp 2.0.
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