Burn More Calories By Adding Bodyweight Calisthenics Exercises To Cardio

By Eddie Lomax

Adding bodyweight calisthenics exercises at different intervals to your cardio will up the intensity of the cardio session… and burn more calories!

I know, I know… you were told the best way to burn calories was in the “Fat Burning Zone”, 65-85% of your Max Heart Rate.

In real world terms, this mean long, slow, boring cardio.

I have never seen a research study so widely accepted by the exercise community as the “Target Heart Rate” or “Fat Burning Zone”.


Because it is actually a prescription to work less!

Unfortunately for those who like to do their cardio while talking to friends, reading a magazine or catching up on the latest gossip on the TV… higher intensity exercise burns more overall calories during the session, and keeps on burning more calories after the session.

Just think about it this way, higher intensity exercise causes more disturbance in the body compared to its normal resting state… and therefore will require more energy to return the body to this normal resting state.

More energy used means more calories burned… and more calories burned means less fat!

Up The Intensity With Bodyweight Calisthenics Exercises

Here is an easy way to up the intensity for your cardio session… add bodyweight calisthenics exercises at different intervals.

Every once in a while, jump off the bike, treadmill or whatever you are using for your cardio session and perform some bodyweight calisthenics exercises like jumping jacks, mountain climbers, push up, free squats, etc…. then jump back on for more long, slow cardio.

This will accomplish a few things…

– Adding bodyweight calisthenics exercises will challenge your body in different, dynamic ways that breaks the monotony of long, slow, boring cardio… more challenge means more calories burned!

– Adding bodyweight calisthenics exercises will break your breathing and heart patterns, forcing your heart and lungs to work more… meaning increased cardiorespiratory improvement!

-Adding bodyweight calisthenics exercises will force you to recover from the more intense bodyweight calisthenics exercises while still under stress from the cardio you are performing… improving your recovery abilities!

– Adding bodyweight calisthenics exercises will create more metabolic disturbance in your body both during and after the cardio session… meaning less unwanted fat on your body!

If it your intention to get fitter, improve health and look better through exercise… adding bodyweight calisthenics exercises to your long, slow, boring cardio sessions is what your need!

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