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The Shah Training Bodyweight 500 Workout

High rep bodyweight workouts like the Shah Training Bodyweight 500 might not be the best way to build bodybuilder-sized muscle or pure powerlifting-type strength but when it comes to convenience, endurance, fat burning and general fitness, this workout is hard to beat. Add a timed


Truth About Pushups

Pushups Take you Far It’s uncanny how many pushups I still do. Not a lot. I thought it would be something I would leave behind as a beginner. But as I learned more and more about exercise, I realize you can take any exercise and


19-Minute No-Gym Necessary Fat Loss Workout

Around this time of the year, most people have the “aah it’s the holiday season. Let me enjoy, then I’ll set a new years resolution to get back into shape.” You’re different, because you understand that fitness is a life-long pursuit. Although you should take

Bodyweight Squats for Chicken Legs

To improve any part of your body, training it just once a week with a few sets of your favorite exercise won’t work. You really need to DESTROY that body part not just once a day, but a few times per day. Enter: the Bodyweight