Fastest Way to Boost Metabolism

To lose fat, you must boost your metabolism. How do you boost your metabolic rate? There are actually 6 awesome workout techniques you can use to boost your metabolic rate: 1 – 8/12 Adrenaline Sprints Australian researchers found that intervals performed at 8 seconds on, 12 seconds off helped burn a significant amount of fat. […]

Tough European Bodyweight Workout Plan

My friend Pryas is heading off to wales in a few weeks to do his PHD in Economic Forecasting. He’s 5’3” and 175 lbs. We worked out together on Sunday, and he realized just how out of shape he was. Our workout was super simple, and consisted only of bodyweight movements. This was the workout […]

How To Do More Pull Ups

The following is a rundown of the Armstrong Pullup Program with the help of Barstarzz athlete Eric. In the video above, Eric demonstrates the following regimen:

Exercises for the Lats

The best exercises for the lats do not even require any weights! All you need are a set of parallel or monkey bars, and you’re good to go. The name of the movement is called the bodyweight row, and we’re going to be going over a set of progressions that will help you train your […]

Bodyweight Conditioning Workouts

The following is Guest Post by Craig Ballantyne of I am off on a bit of a European adventure for 10 days, and should be cruising over the Atlantic Ocean on my way to Lithuania (via Copenhagen) by the time  you read this. I’m meeting some friends at an entrepreneurship seminar for college students […]

10-Minute No-Equipment Fat Burning Circuit

While there are many great workouts out there, they often take too long. The busy student or office worker simply does not have time for such lengthy workouts.

Enter: the 10-minute No-Equipment Fat Burning Circuit from Turbulence Training.

Beginner Parkour Training with the Animal Flow Workout

Free eBook: get in shape without doing boring cardio – click to learn more The Following is a Guest Post by Mike Fitch: One of the questions I get asked the most is how to incorporate animal movement exercises like the Animal Flow Workout into bodyweight training and fitness routines. So I’m really excited to […]

Transform Your Body with Parkour Training & Animal Flow

Dominic was covered in sweat. I had just put him through a crazy new parkour training workout that got his heart rate elevated in just 5 minutes. Every single muscle in his body was SCREAMING in pain. And 20 minutes later, he was lying on the floor in a pool of sweat. Until now, he’d been […]