Home Cardio Workouts

The following is a Guest Post by Daniel Munday, Sydney’s Fat Loss Expert: Too many people have their head on wrong when they think you need to have a treadmill, rower, exercise bike or one of those small penny boards, or even worse – a cross trainer available to do a great cardio workout. And

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Beginner Push Up and Pull Up Tips

Here is a great video to help you get started with push ups and pullups: Boost your Push Up and Pull Up strength at ChallengeWorkouts.com (click here)

Home Workout to Burn Fat

Not having a gym membership is no excuse for not reaching your goals. Simply by being alive, you are in possession of the best workout tool ever made for getting lean and burning fat – your own body. That’s right, you really don’t need access to any fancy cardio machines, vibration plates or lots of

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