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The Importance of Timing Your Rest Periods

  The amount of time you rest between sets of an exercise is a very important workout variable although if you look around the average gym you’d be forgiven for thinking that rest periods are totally randomized! Some guys time their rest periods depend on

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Rep Speed

Bodybuilders and strength trainers worry about a lot of things related to their workouts. They weigh up the advantages and differences between split and full body workouts, they seek out the exercises that promise the best results in the shortest time, they argue over how

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How to Workout While on Vacation

The average workout is too long, too complicated, and overall, just too much. You may have the time and luxury to do “double front squats with a thick bar grip while standing on a bosu ball” at your local gym, but there is no time

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Hugh Jackman – Wolverine Workout

Superheroes are hot property in Hollywood right now with Marvel’s Avengers currently in movie theatres and Ant-Man and the Fantastic Four following hot on their heels. However, one of the most eagerly anticipated superhero movies is next year’s (2016) X-Men: Apocalypse which will feature everyone’s


Sylvester Stallone Workout and Diet

Sylvester Stallone Workout Sylvester Stallone is an iconic actor who has made action films his own. Best known for his roles as Rocky and Rambo, Stallone was cool in the 70’s and 80’s and is even cooler now. And, probably, most amazingly, he looks better

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How to Move onto Next Level of Leanness

There are 4 levels of leanness: 1 – Flat Stomach – Hint of abs, but not visible 4-pack 2 – 4-pack – visible 4-pack, but still has lower ab fat 3 – 6-pack – visible 6-pack 4 – Shredded – so cut, that it actually


ShahTraining Golden Six Workout

Yesterday we discussed Arnold’s success in staying bodybuilder-fit even when he’s not body building anymore. To celebrate Arnold’s return to the role that arguably is most famous for – The Terminator – here is the Golden Six Workout. It’s guaranteed to build hero-sized muscle,