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Summer Workout Options, Part 1: Training at the Track

This new series explores some of the training options you have available to you this summer. Here’s part 1: The fact that there is a revolt against traditional gym training is good, and I’m glad that people are talking about this topic. However, just because you’ve decided to ditch the gym, does not necessarily mean […]

Workout Without Weights: Use The Gym You Were Born With

We all know how much I love bodyweight training. When I first began this blog, I was going to focus my training specifically on portable equipment such as dumbbell, kettlebells, and resistance bands. Over time, questions such as, “What kind of workouts can I design for people who are unable to perform a single push up?” […]

Bossfit Intense Workouts: Interview with Rob Sulaver

CSCS…CISSN…ACE…impressive creds for trainer. But what really sets Rob Sulaver apart are these creds: Arnold Schwarzenegger Advisory Board Top 20 Fitness Experts Worth Following – The Huffington Post Top 50 Hottest Trainers in America – Shape Magazine Technical Advisor – Muscle & Fitness Technical Advisor – Men’s Fitness Top 60 Must Follow Health and Fitness […]


How to Measure Progress

Swimming through the sea of fitness DVDs, magazines, and infomercials can be tough. Everywhere you turn, people are trying to sell you one thing or another. Each and every product looks so tempting. Know what works for you Navigating through all the info first begins with knowing what works for you. “Well…how do I do […]