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  • Burn 20 calories per minute with this ODD workout method


    Research from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) has shown that you can burn up to 20 calories per minute with this odd training method. You could burn off last night’s dessert in about 10 minutes… It’s the highest level of calorie burning you can get – even more than hill sprints. If you were to do […]

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  • Putting Cardio to the Test + A Better Solution


    You want to have certain criteria in place when choosing the kind of training you want to choose when trying to lose fat. For those that have busy lifestyles, the best criteria is: Must be time-efficient Must elevate metabolic rate for prolonged periods of time Must be fun Must be safe So lets put three […]

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  • Intermediate Strength-Training Plan

    Are your strength gains declining? Don’t worry. It’s normal. As you progress, your body will adapt to what you put it through. This means that you’ll become more efficient at the lifts you perform. To get past the sticking point, change the lifts you do, change your rep/set scheme, and change your intensity level. The […]

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  • Beginner Strength-Training Plan

    Strength is the backbone of every goal. Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, improve your health, or become a superior athlete, strength is where it all starts. I have created a 12-week program to help you improve your strength levels. This workout is a beginner program. The lifts in this routine can be […]

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  • How can I build an effective fat burning workout plan?

    In recent years, a new industry has been given birth: the factual-sounding fluff-full fitness information industry. You read that right. Now, more than ever, you have self-proclaimed YouTube buffs promising you extraordinary results in an extraordinary amount of time. No one wants to tell you the truth: that it takes hard work, consistency, and desire […]

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  • 12 Combo Exercises for Women


    Time is limited. Work is plenty. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, making time for exercise becomes a secondary ambition. In addition, if you work in a  9-5 office where the majority of your day is spent sitting, you are much more likely to be overweight or obese. This is no good. So […]

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  • The Manhattan Beach Kettlebell Workout


    Workout Description Workout will be based on the Tabata 20-10 model. Perform 20 seconds of each exercise, followed by a 10 second rest: Kettlebell Snatches with Left Hand Kettlebell Snatches with Right Hand Kettlebell Goblet Squats Kettlebell Halos Kettlebell Clean and Press with Left Hand Kettlebell Clean and Press with Right Hand Kettlebell Swings Repeat […]

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  • Trying to lose weight? Try whey powder

    Whey protein powder has made news in the recent years; thanks to the endorsements of celebrity trainers who swear to its effectiveness in building muscle mass. But whey powder is not just for muscle building; it is also for weight loss. Nutrition experts believe that this has something to do with protein and its effect […]

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  • Yoga for Muscle Building and Recovery


    We often see yoga as a mind relaxation exercise, but it is just a mere part of yoga. There are plenty of yogasanas or yoga poses that are effective at relieving a particular ailment or to lose weight or just about any other aspect. If you are into weight lifting and you think that practicing yoga is […]

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  • Workout Idea of the Week: Change is Good


    Many people are hesitant to change, not only in life, but also in their daily workout routines. To maximize results in your daily workouts, change is inevitable. I know, you have your niche, what seems to be working, and what feels good. Well, I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but without […]

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3 unique veggies that FIGHT abdominal fat? (surprising fat-fighters)

We have a great article for you today from one of our trusted nutrition experts… this article details how some of the chemicals (such as xenoestrogens) that we are being exposed to (from pesticides, herbicides, plastics, our water supply, etc) have been linked to what’s been termed “stubborn abdominal fat”, and how a specific class of veggies helps to combat this problem.

Read the article below to find out an interesting way to protect yourself from “xenoestrogens” and help you get a flatter stomach:

>> 3 Unique veggies that FIGHT Abdominal Fat (surprising fat-fighters that help to counteract “xenoestrogens”)

Get your abs now: Click HERE to learn 3 exercises that are BETTER then 22,000 crunches!