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A Note to Women about Fat Loss

  There is nothing more gratifying than seeing the numbers on the scale go down and your waist becoming tighter week after week. And when the numbers stop moving downwards what follows is usually very unnecessary desperate measures. I generally find the weight scale to


Fast Fat Loss vs Efficient Fat Loss

  There is always more than one way to get from point A to point B. When selecting the right way, you need to decide what’s more important: getting to point B fast, or getting to point B efficiently. The difference between fast and efficient


The Lost Art of Patience in Physical Training

  Fitness media is full of outrageous promises: super fat loss pills, magic diets, fast results, and dramatic 12-week transformations make the headlines. We have gone from a quick-fix and instant gratification society into a quick-result and hyper instant gratification society. No one wants to


Coping with Weight Gain

A few weeks ago, I realized I was heavier than I actually thought I was. For a guy, that could also mean that I had packed on some muscle, so I just wanted to double check. After checking my BF%, it was true. I had

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Want to lose Fat? Lift Big!

For many years, women have shied away from heavy lifts like the bench press, deadlift, or squat. Most women wanting to slim down fear heavy weights will make them look too masculine and bulky. Nothing could be further from the truth. Big lifts are an

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Building Muscle

There is a lot that the average person doesn’t understand about building muscle – particularly when it comes to gaining mass. Here are 5 things you MUST know before embarking on your muscle building plan: 1.    You Have to Eat Properly Do you know the

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Top 3 Kettlebell Training Programs

Whenever you’re dealing with a lack of progress, the solution usually involves switching things up and challenging yourself with a brand spankin’ new training regimen. When it comes to Kettlebell Training, you have three incredible options: Kettlebell Challenge Workouts If all you had was 20

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Tips from Hugh Jackman to Get Shredded

I’m psyched to see the new Wolverine movie. There could not be anyone more perfect then Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine. The man captures the emotions, the prowess, and the physique of the classic comic book hero who is as complex as they come. Every