Advanced Muscle Building

If you’re looking for an advanced muscle building program, then you’ve come to the right place. I have come across a unique muscle building workout that will make your legs scream, and will produce thicker arms, chest and back unlike anything else you’ve ever tried! Ballantyne’s Day Muscle Massacre is a brand new muscle building

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Kettlebell Man Maker Movement

What if you could learn a single combination move that would work your entire body? What if you could have an entire workout complete with that single movement? Efficiency at its peak and it is possible with the kettlebell man maker movement. The movement is a combination of several core kettlebell movements. First lets examine

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How to Avoid Over-training to Maximize Muscle Growth

By Vince DelMonte Almost anyone that’s picked up a set of weights has or will experience symptoms of over-training at one point in there muscle building program. Over-training can lead to serious injury, chronic fatigue, and even muscle loss.  Over-training is very common amongst athletes and particularly bodybuilders, since they figure that training as much

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