Goal Setting

Here is Why You Should Use Exercise as your “Me” Time

The problem is that most of us don’t see progress in everyday life. We only see the mundane. The 9 to 5. The daily chores. The daily grind. It’s difficult to even see the joy that you may have in front of you – such as the joy of family and friends – when your mind is constantly on bills and distracted with what’s going on in this political climate. [...]

Why Boredom is Unethical and How to Overcome It

If you’re bored that means you’re starting to get soft. This is when you start to gain weight, and you don’t “feel” like doing a workout. You’ve gotten too comfortable, and this comfort is going to lead to your ruin. [...]

Pits of Despair

We must talk ourselves out of falling into that pit of despair. Think of a black hole. That negative memory, or feeling, or doubt – is what’s pulling you into that pit of despair – like a seductress, calling you closer. [...]