Fundamental Principles for Effective Program Design

There are a hundred different theories out there when it comes to program design. The truth is my own methods have evolved over time. Bodyweightculture .com has a lot of great threads floating around about this very issue. One thing I’ve noticed is that the newbies always ask pretty much the same questions regarding program […]

For Fast Mass Gain, Train to Failure

When your hard work and dedication to improving your body and mind does not pay off, you start to second guess yourself. You start to wonder what you did wrong and how you can go about fixing it. You start to wonder if you actually did work hard, or were you just going through the […]


Follow a Long-Term Approach to Fitness

Image by laurasmoncur This is the first installment of the “Shah Training is Not Bodybuilding” series. The name is lame, sorry. And I’m not trying to say that there is anything wrong with bodybuilding. I’m just saying that we’re a little different here. And by different, I mean that the Shah Training philosophy is best […]


You’re Not Too Busy for Fitness

The following is Guest Post by Ali from The Office Diet. I run two blogs, aimed at very different audiences – one is for office workers, the other for students. At first glance, the “busyness” problems faced by each group might seem very different: • Office workers typically have an 8am – 4pm or 9am […]

How to Tap into your Mental Strength for Success

Each of us has a particular physical and mental threshold for stress and pain. Some have very little resistance to external stress, and others have an enormous resistance to external stress. One of the primary goals of my training philosophy focuses on increasing onces threshold for external and internal stress. The external stress is developed […]


What are the Core Principles Shah Training is Based On?

Image by Erik Charlton The Core Principles that make up the Shah Training methodology include the 80/20 principle, Parkinson’s Law, Mental Strength, Practice, and Recovery. 80/20 Principle – states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the efforts. In fitness terms, this means that 20% of the exercises you perform and methods you […]