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5 Steps to Fat Loss with the Xtreme Diet Method

I don’t write too much about nutrition because I don’t consider myself an expert. But this morning Dr. K sent me a video where he talks about 5 ways to lose fat fast.

Check it out here:

So lets review what he’s saying:

Strategy #1: Design a 30 Day Exercise Program using the Triple M Method:

  • Motor Learning – Focuses on how much muscle your recruiting within a given exercise. For example, pushups on unstable surfaces will recruit more muscle fibers than regular pushups.
  • Multi Planar Movement – Very similar to CST’s 6 degrees of seperation. Dr. K states that you must perform movements that have you moving back and forth, side to side, and rotational.
  • Muscle Balancing – Balancing the muscles around a joint. Pretty complicated, but the main idea here is that if you do not adequately balance the muscles trained, it will lead to a plateau and potential injury.

Strategy #2: Design a 30 Day Nutritional Program Using:

  • Carb Consumption – Simply put, the consumption of carbohydrates. Joel Marion talks about consuming more carbs than normal on your cheat day to jump start fat loss.
  • Carb Depletion – This is the idea behind low carb dieting. Carb depletion and carb consumption need to work hand in hand where you go through periods of undereating carbs, and overeating carbs. Also known as Carb Cycling.
  • Leptin Modification – A bit complicated and requires a separate article (coming soon). However, all you need to know right now is that leptin is an important hormone that gets screwed up during intense dieting phases.
  • Enhanced Muscle Growth – Basically increase caloric and protein intake to pack on muscle mass. Increasing muscle mass is your long term tool against fat loss.

Strategy #3: Write Down 5 Exercise Goals

Once you’ve written your goals down, read them out loud to yourself as if you’ve already accomplished those goals. Do this 5 times day:

  1. As soon as you wake up
  2. Before Lunch
  3. After Lunch
  4. Before Dinner
  5. Before Bedtime

Strategy #4: Heart Rate Spike Mini Sets

Dr. K will go through this in more detail in the next few days. However, I’m guessing it to perform short, 5-10 minute mini sets throughout the day that get your heart rate up.

This small boost in your heart rate will eventually raise your overall metabolism and get you burning fat faster.

Sample schedule would include:

  • One mini set in the morning
  • One mini set in the afternoon
  • One mini set in the evening

Strategy #5: Consider Strength and Length

Strength refers to how strong you are. Length refers to how flexibly you are. Dr. K states that you need to be both strong and flexible. This, once again, refers to how balanced your body is.

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High Intensity Training Workouts

Moderate training will get you moderate results. It’s as simple as that. In order to truly excel in your fitness goals you need to be constantly taking it to the next level. Taking it to the next level means training heavy. Forget about training for aesthetics for just one moment. Don’t worry about mass or fat loss, worry about getting strong, because that’s how you put on muscle, and that’s how you cut weight.

I get asked all the time: I don’t have any weights, can I get in shape through bodyweight exercise only? The answer is yes, but the problem is progressive intensity. Progressive intensity means that your workouts constantly become harder. Earlier I’ve said that I always fall into a short training stump, where after about two to three weeks of great workouts, I experience a week or two weeks of really bad workouts.

This is partly my fault for not realizing this pattern earlier. But I’ve realized why this happens: my body adapts REALLY fast. I recover REALLY quickly. I can do an intense workout one day, then another intense the next day, whereas someone else may need a day or two off to recover. I think this comes from my old martial arts days. I believe that anyone that has participated in sports in the past, or currently does, is used to intense training and is able to train their body to recover quickly.

Two elements of my martial arts training was progressive intensity and constant change. Thy key is to be able to combine these two elements into your training routines.

Progressive Intensity

Progressive Intensity simply means that you constantly make your workouts more difficult. When it comes to weight training, you can increase repetitions, but that will only work for so long. You will need to go back, lower the reps, and add resistance. Instead of doing that, why not just constantly add resistance?

To make strength gains, you should keep your reps in the 1 to 5-rep range, and to make mass gains, you should keep your reps in the 6-10 rep range. Higher than 10 reps and we’re talking about muscular endurance training, which is beneficial for only certain purposes. In other words, work in the 1-10 rep range, constantly striving to increase your weights.

Constant Change

Constantly changing up your routine is crucial to keep your body guessing, and to avoid boredom. I once stated that you should switch up your routine every 3 to 4 weeks. However, I think that this depends mostly on the athlete. For example, I’m starting to transition into changing up my routine every week, and will probably end up using dramatically different protocols every five days. In other words, instead of using cycles lasting 21 days, I’m now shortening my training cycles to five days.

Don’t worry about what cycle you should work in. Your body will naturally tell you when to change your routine. When the gains stop coming, it’s time to change.

One of the best workouts out there which helps you increase your strength levels through bodyweight and dumbbell training is the Size & Strength workout featured in the Gladiator Body Workout.

Gladiator Body Workout is a set of 6, 4-week programs. Each program targets a particular goal, but once you go through all six programs, you’ll be leaner, stronger, and fitter then when you started out with.

In my opinion, Gladiator Body Workout is the best program out there if you’re looking for consistent progress and wish to train at a high intensity level with bodyweight and dumbbell exercises.

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Sore Muscles = Progress? NOPE – 8 Ways to Progress with your Workouts without Muscle Soreness

There are a lot of “soreness seekers” out there. Soreness seekers are trainees who will not take a day off or stop training until they feel sore the next day after a workout. They’re also known as “fatigue seekers.”

  • The main difference between fatigue seekers and soreness seekers is that fatigue seekers aim to fatigue their bodies within a workout. In other words, they’ll keep going until they can go no longer. Until they collapse on the ground in a pool of sweat (and sometimes puke and blood).
  • Soreness seekers are individuals who will continually make a workout more and more difficult in the hopes that they’ll get sore the day after. Read More

Achieve More with this One Simple Trick


“Not again.” I thought to myself.

It was 5:22 am.

I had slept past my 5 am alarm. I didn’t even hear my malayalam tutor’s phone call.

I shook my head as I stood up on my feet. Making my to the bathroom, I texted my tutor, “Sorry, just woke up.”

She responded, “K. Can you get on now?”

I told her 5 minutes.

After brushing my teeth, washing my face, and making myself coffee, I placed my phone on my desktop tripod and called my tutor via Hangouts.

The next 30 minutes was a blur.

At the end of the session, my tutor lectured me on how I need to watch shows in the language she was teaching me, and that I needed to sleep earlier.

Shatter Your Goals with Mental Strength!

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“I can’t do both” I thought to myself.

But I was making excuses.

There are going to be episodes in your life where you begin to “slip.” Your routine begins sliding as procrastination creeps up behind you and taps you on the shoulder, smiling seductively as she holds a bag of Cheetos.

One cheeto here.

One cheeto there.

And next thing you know you’re eating a bag before bed each night.

Don’t worry….I’m not referring to cheetos. Luckily I don’t have that habit. But what I am talking about is my slip from being able to wake up at 4 am to struggling to make my tutoring session on time.

5:22 is early for most people.

However, the reason I kept a 5am tutoring session was so that I would have a reason to get up early.

Get up early. Go through tutoring session. Write for at least one hour. And then head off to work.

Simple plan.

Win your Mindset

It really isn’t even about waking up early. What this is really about is conquering the first battle of the day: your desire to sleep in.

There have been days where I have slept for 8 hours and still struggled to wake up. That struggle, my friend, is what determines whether or not you win the day.

And by win the day, I don’t mean all good things will happen to you. What I mean is winning  your mindset.

What your mind and body wants to do is lay in bed. Be lazy. Don’t face the world. This is our status quo. We need force ourselves to get up and face the world.

It’s hard.

But it’s empowering.

The feeling of being able to get your body up despite your desire to sleep. That is the ultimate win against your subconscious mind….and that win is going to carry you for the rest of the day.

If you can say “no” to sleeping late…then you can say “no” to practically anything else that is holding you back from your goals.

It’s the kind of mindset you need to truly conquer life.

If you’re finally ready to take life by the horns and conquer it, then it’s time to grab my brand new ebook (btw, it’s dirt cheap).

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Committed to your success,

Parth Shah

PS – One of the primary lessons of the ebook is something known as self-talk. You can use this technique to achieve practically anything in your life, including waking up earlier!

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How to Never be Bored in your Life

Your life seems smooth sailing. You have the education you want. The relationship you want. The job you want.

You got it. Your dream life. Your goals. Your hopes. Everything is right there in front of you. You did it!

But you still wake up in the morning, look out the window and wonder, “Is this it?”

You should be satisfied.

You should be happy where you are in life.

But you’re not.

Why is that?

This feeling is real. You do feel restless. You do feel like wanting more.

And it’s ok.

This reminds me of what King Solomon writes in the book Ecclesiastes, “Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what I had toiled to achieve, everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun.”

The question that Solomon brings up is this: will we ever be truly satisfied with life if we simply live for ourselves?

Short answer: No

But Parth, isn’t that what your slogan basically means: “Do not simply exist. Conquer”

Short answer: No

Conquer refers not to the external, but to the internal. Simply stating that if we haven’t first conquered our own emotions, our own self, then anything that we amass externally will ultimately result in emptiness.

You must be perfectly fine with having nothing as you are with having everything.

And that is what you are missing here. You have not conquered you as a person. So before you try to achieve anything outside of yourself, get a hold of your own feelings.

How do you do that?

Start off by downloading by brand new ebook. I’m excited to share my 7 step process to finally conquering your own self.

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Talk soon,

Parth Shah

PS – If this program is not for you, just remember…

If you are stressed out by life, and have a desire to do more and be more, then you need to fix  your mindset.

Do something every single day to improve your outlook. Look within yourself and be honest with your feelings. When you feel hurt, depressed, sad, lost….take the necessary steps to fix it. Don’t run from it.

Be Someone’s Hero

Think about the people you pay attention to.

Think about the celebrities you follow, your inner circle, and the people you look up to in your life.

Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, is someone whom I’ve grown to admire. He’s a man with a killer work ethic, an awesome smile, and a physique to strive for.

It’s rare to find genuinely good guys in Hollywood, but I believe that The Rock truly does want to give back to his community, to transform lives, and to build people up to take on life the way that he has.

What Mr. Johnson has taught me is that regardless of the cards that you have been dealt in life, you can come out of it with hard work and a never-back-down attitude. Seems cliche, I know, but Dwayne Johnson has conquered what it means to be awesome.

Now, think about the people that are in your inner circle and those you look up to. What makes them so great? Why do you look up to them? Why are they in your life?

What qualities do you see in them that you can emulate?

Now look at yourself. Think about why you are in your life. What qualities do you possess that makes you attractive to them. Is the feeling mutual? Do they come to you for advice as well? Do they look up to?

In short, whose hero are you?

If you want to wake up in the morning, and look at yourself in the mirror and genuinely say to yourself “I’m awesome,” and if you want other’s to say, “Dang, he’s awesome. I want to be like him.” Then I urge you to start developing yourself physically and mentally.

Start with my new ebook – Conquer: Your 7 Day Guide to Becoming Awesome.

4 Reasons You Feel Guilty and Solutions to Deal with Guilt

The donut seems like it’s speaking to you. You can’t turn your eyes away from it as your mind races to find a rational explanation to consume said pastry. You do a split screen in your mind: one version of you walking away, the other version of you eating the donut.

It has sprinkles on it. White ones. The same ones you used to have when you were ten. It was ok then, why can’t it be ok now? Oh, because you’re past your prime and your metabolism will kick you in the butt for it.

But you’ve been working out so hard. You’ll burn it off. Your metabolism is good now. Maybe not as good as when you were ten, but still pretty good. It’s just one donut. The one with the chocolate frosting and white sprinkles.

Same as when you had when you were ten.

5 minutes later you walk out with a bag. Inside the bag is the donut you were staring at.

5 minutes later you’re sitting in your car.

5 minutes later you’ve consumed the donut. Nearly swallowed it whole. Ate so fast as if your life depended on it.

5 minutes later, as you pull out of the parking lot, it hits you. Guilt.

Let the Punishment fit the Crime

Like a ton of bricks you feel this overwhelming sense of failure. Like you’re that bad kid when you were ten and you were about to get scolded by your mother. Only this time you actually wished that you would be scolded by your mother.

At least then the punishment would be something other than what it’s going to be…

…you know what the punishment is. FAT.

It’s going to appear on your stomach. Maybe some on your love handles. Perhaps your forehead. The back of your arms. Oh, and certainly, 100%…your thighs!

The emotion here is guilt. It’s difficult when you feel guilty, but it’s important to know the why so that we can learn the how.

Guilt can be triggered due to many reasons:

Unable to hold up to a standard either your or someone else has set for you

When you are attempting to transform your body, you hold yourself to a particular standard – an image of what you want to look like. The standard also includes how you behave – what time you go to the gym, what we eat, how much we work out, when we eat, etc.

The more rules we impose on ourselves (or rules imposed by our trainer or someone else), the greater our desires increase for the things we can’t do. It’s an impossible to escape piece of human psychology (and physiology).

This is why we implement cheat meals and cheat days. Generally, the more extreme your diet is, the more you are allowed to eat during your cheat meals/days. If you’re someone who struggles with feelings of guilt when you fall off your diet, then start implementing cheat days.

Not only will your mind thank you for it, but so will your physique.

Believing that something should be easy and that something is wrong with you because it isn’t

When you see the physique of someone who is ripped, jacked, shredded, cut, lean – or whichever synonym of those words you desire to use – you are seeing someone that has put in an incredible amount of work to forge their physique.

They are still human. They still go through the same temptations and struggles you do. So then why do we feel guilty?

The difference between you and them? They have built in systems for dealing with temptations.

That’s all it is. There is no magic behind it. One technique is to use cheat meals/days – but if there are certain foods that you are addicted to, you will need to literally kick the habit.

Related: Check out this list of 7 foods I used to be addicted to.

Afraid of the consequences that may come due to your actions

The consequence of eating something that isn’t on your diet plan is fat gain. Right? Not necessarily, as we know that if you’ve been on a strict diet for a long time, and eat something different, you’ll shake up your metabolism and actually end up burning fat.

Your body works in ways that are not very….logical. Hormones. Calories. Amount of exercise. Sleep. Water intake. – All these factors have an impact on your physique. To isolate just one thing (for example, calories), won’t do you justice.

So what to do if you feel guilty? You need to stop thinking about the consequences. Visualize only where you want to be. Fill your mind only with images and quotes that will help you move forward in your goals.

You are conditioned to feel guilt based on your upbringing or environment

Some people are just brought up to feel guilty. This may be because their parents kept condemning them for every little thing. Or it may be because they were sent to a school that did such a thing, or they have been extremely religious growing up.

It could be any number of reasons – but if you feel this way then what you need is a support group. Surround yourself with a number of individuals who will give you words of encouragement and keep you accountable for your actions.

Now, we don’t want to turn this conditioning-based guilt to a “guilt because I’m afraid of what my group will say.” Nope, you want people who will be able to lovingly correct you. You can start off with joining fitness forums, but before you do, read the comments. If the majority of people are encouraging and helpful in their responses, then that is the place for you.

It’s normal when you feel guilty. Don’t let it hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. Organize yourself and create systems to deal with guilt and you’ll be on your way to a leaner, healthier physique.

“Organized living is healthier and less stressful, more manageable, and more productive than today’s accepted chaos and constant connectivity.” – Dan Kennedy

Your Step-By-Step Plan to Embrace Pain


Life is not about surviving, it’s about thriving. The large majority of people are too afraid to step out into the world in the fear of getting hurt, mocked, or disappointed. This is no way to live.

What does this have to do with fitness? EVERYTHING! The reason why so many people walk around unhealthy is because they have allowed their fear to create a life of comfort. Exercise is all about pain. If you can’t embrace pain, then you won’t be successful in the gym.

You might workout. You might go to cardio classes. You might be dieting. But how much of that is within your comfort zone? How much of that is true, actual PAIN? You’ve heard the quote: Pain is weakness leaving the body. So if you’re not going through the pain, then what you’re doing is staying weak.

Many believe that if you feel pain, then it means that you’re weak. The truth is that if you avoid pain, you’re weak. You are so fearful that the slightest bit of something uncomfortable is going to make you turn the opposite way. The prize could be on the other side of the door, but you won’t open the door, simply because of the fact that it’s too painful to experience the unknown.

At the gym I see people taking it easy. They’re just sitting there, pretending, believing, and thinking that they’re working hard. But what they’re really doing is taking it easy. If you haven’t at least attempted to lift more, push harder, and train at a higher intensity level than the week before, then you’re just wasting your time. You might as well go home and eat cheetos.

Look, there are things that are completely out of our hands, I get that. Sometimes you can do everything right, and still come short of your goal. I get that. And that disappointment is hard to deal with. But you have to remember your ultimate goal: a better future, better body, healthier attitude and an improved lifestyle.

Here is what I have to say to those people that are “stuck.” If you’ve been slaving away at your workouts for quite some time now, and are still not experiencing the results that you desire, then perhaps the problem isn’t the workout. Perhaps the real problem is in your attitude. You’re taking it too easy on yourself. You’ve become comfortable with being comfortable.

You need to try something new. And if you make a mistake, you’ll learn from it and get stronger. If you become disappointed, you’ll re-adjust and try again.

And if you’ve tried to follow all the rules of dieting, and worked out hard but still fell short of your goal, then I want you to change the way you think about that situation. Instead of getting down on yourself, think about it this way: the mistakes you made, the time you lose, and the money you spend – all of that is tuition for what you didn’t know. Most of us are willing to spend time and money to go to a university to learn something that may or may not help us in life, but we don’t see life as the ultimate university?

So the moment starts now to not be afraid of pain. Here is your step by step plan to making this happen:

#1 – Acknowledge the fact that you need to push yourself harder.

#2 – Write down your current workout.

#3 – Take 50% of your workouts, and replace them with something you don’t like doing. For example, if you love bodyweight circuits, but hate treadmill sprints, and you train 4 days per week, then do 2 bodyweight circuits per week, and 2 treadmill sprints.

#4 – Take the remaining 50% and set a goal you’ve never attempted before. So, lets say you normally do 3 rounds of 10 pushups, 5 pullups, and 20 squats. Take this workout and try to do 6 rounds of 15 pushups, 10 pullups, and 30 squats. Don’t give up until the workout is complete Go above and beyond, just one time to see if you can do it.


Keep working hard,


  • Parth

P.S. Have you been feeling lately that you haven’t been pushing yourself hard enough? What’s your attack plan to fix this?

The #1 Lie You Tell Yourself

Happy New Year everyone!

If you have been reflecting on the past year, and find yourself unhappy with the results you achieved in 2014, then there is one thing that is absolutely true: you don’t need another training routine.

Another book. Another workout. Another diet plan. Another piece of equipment. Another….another….Because let’s be honest, it is not gonna work for you. What you need to do is work on your thinking. There is most likely something mentally holding you back from achieving your goals.


Stop Lying to Yourself

Trainer Mike Whitfield would eat a bag of chips on his way home from work all the while thinking about what he wanted to eat for dinner. He would then warm up a frozen pizza, eat the entire pie, and finish the night off with a bowl of ice cream.

Mike kept lying to himself, saying that he needed to eat that bag of chips to relieve stress from work, and that he was too fat to exercise. His weight escalated up to 300 pounds before it hurt him enough to do something about it.

How many times have you told yourself that you need to do this, or need to do that, knowing that the habit was unhealthy? What kind of lies are you telling yourself that are holding you back from achieving your fitness goals?

One of the lies that Lolly Daskal addresses in her article The 9 Most Damaging Lies We Tell Ourselves Daily, is “I don’t have a choice.” Just as Mike Whitfield kept telling himself that he had no choice, no other way to relieve his stress from work, we constantly tell ourselves that we have no choice, and there is no other way.

We create stories in our minds. These stories we tell ourselves shape how we perceive ourselves, and the world around us.

The bad news is that often times the realities we create for ourselves are not based on what is actually true. The good news is that since our mind has so much control over our perceptions, we can change our realities and create a new story for ourselves!

Approach to 2015

Turn Your Fear into a Challenge

Humans respond to challenges. During the early years of our existence, we had to compete to survive. Every day was a challenge. We are no longer in survival mode, but our competitive nature is still a part of us. This is why when we’re in a competitive environment, we’re able to achieve more than we ever thought possible.

We often create these stories around things we fear. For example, Mike Whitfield could have easily dealt with his stress by working out. Instead, the story he told himself was that he couldn’t do it, and there was no choice for him. But you do have a choice. You can choose to make the decision to change.

One technique I’m using for my goals in 2015 is to turn my fears into challenges. By structuring your goals into both small and large challenges, you’re going to light a fire inside of yourself.

Both world-class athletes and movie stars take advantage of this competitive nature to achieve incredible levels of fitness. When there is a competition date set, you have no choice but to train hard.

See, if you’re going to make the excuse of having “no choice”, then you need to put yourself in a situation where you actually HAVE no choice but the healthy option. Because if you signed up for a triathlon, sitting there eating chips and ice cream will not get you anywhere.


Your Approach to 2015

So this coming year, instead of telling yourself “I have no choice” say to yourself, “I challenge myself to go to the gym twice a week” or “I challenge myself to do 20 pushups per day for the next week.”

Here are a few more ideas you can use to turn your fears into challenges, and create an environment where you have no choice BUT the healthy option:

#1 – Enter a Competition

It can be a fitness competition, a racing event, a strongman-style or obstacle course event. Do something that will get you in front of people, creating a situation where there is no turning back. You have to compete or you won’t get back your entry fee, and you will also embarrass yourself in front of all those strangers.

#2 – Friendly Competition

Compete with a close friend or group of friends. This can be lifting competitions, races or even weight-loss challenges. One reason why it was much easier for me to stay in shape before I began to work in a 9-5 office environment, was because I was training with my buddies in my backyard. We pushed ourselves and built a sense of camaraderie.

#3 – Do What you Believe is Impossible

To set up my goals for 2015, I asked a few people close to me what they believed that I thought was impossible for me to do. You see, at times we ourselves do not realize that we are making excuses or taking the easy way out. Our friends can help us see what is our true potential. Their responses helped me narrow down 4 important challenges I will be taking up for 2015.

#4 – Make a Bet

For one of my 2015 goals, I have a bet going on with a friend of mine. When money, or some sort of prize, is involved it helps you clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s much easier to visualize yourself achieving that goal, rather than you spinning your wheels and over time becoming depressed due to a lack of results.

You won’t have a great 2015 if you don’t fix your thinking. I’ll leave you here with another one of my favorite stories: Roger Bannister was the first person to run the 4-minute mile. Before Roger Bannister, the belief was that human beings were physically incapable of running a 4-minute mile. Mr. Bannister broke through that limiting belief, and within a year, 23 other people matched or beat that time. And since then, over 20,000 people have run a 4-minute mile.

Take 2015 on with an attitude of victory. Eradicate limiting beliefs, stop lying to yourself, and turn those fears into challenges!

Have a great 2015!

  • Parth

Three Questions to Ask Yourself before Embarking on an Exercise Plan


Due to the immense amount of conflicting information on the web, choosing an exercise plan can be extremely challenging. If you find yourself suffering from information overload ask yourself the following three questions to get yourself back on track:

  1. What is your primary goal?
  2. What activity do you know how to perform?
  3. What do you need to learn to achieve your goal?

So lets have our hypothetical trainee, Bob, answer these questions:

  1. What is your primary goal? – Lose 20 pounds
  2. What activity do you know how to perform? – Jogging
  3. What do you need to learn to achieve your goal? – Nutrition & Resistance Training

Just by answering these simple questions, Bob has already identified his goal, and now knows how to filter through the wealth of information out there.

Bob has also successfully selected a starting point for your exercise plan! Since he already knows how to jog, this is a good place to begin his exercise plan. Once he starts jogging, Bob will most likely see at least some results, which will motivate him to learn more about weight loss.

While he commits himself to his jogging plan, Bob can pick up a book, read a blog post, or reach out to an expert regarding how to eat properly for weight loss. He can also begin to slowly implement a resistance training routine starting off with simple exercises he can learn such as pushups and squats.

Ask yourself these three simple questions, and tweet your answers to @Shahtraining!