For Fast Mass Gain, Train to Failure

When your hard work and dedication to improving your body and mind does not pay off, you start to second guess yourself. You start to wonder what you did wrong and how you can go about fixing it. You start to wonder if you actually did work hard, or were you just going through the […]


Lose Fat with Supersets and Trisets!

“But I don’t have Time to Exericise!” – Image by higekuma The single biggest excuse people state for not exercising is a lack of time. This is due to the belief that you must train for 90 minutes a day at an expensive gym, or purchase some expensive equipment or a set of DVD’s in […]


How to Design an Effective Quick Workout

Image by Somewhat Frank I spend a lot of time on this website talking about quick workouts. It’s time to give you guys a primer on how to design such a workout: Step One: How long will the workout last? Determine how long you want the workout to last and make that your time period […]


Fat Loss is a Battle – Workout 4

This is the fourth installment of the Fat Loss is a Battle series: 5 rounds of: 10 16kg Kettlebell Snatch, each Side 10 Double Unders Substitutions Kettlebell Snatches can be performed by dumbbells. Some bodyweight exercises can be burpees, pullups, or squat jumps.Double Unders can be substituted by sprints or any high intensity cardio. Progressions […]

Results from Old School New Body

We’re back with the final installment of my interview with Editor-in-Chief of Ironman Magazine, Steve Holmon. Check part 1 here, and part 2 here. Parth: So what is the first thing trainees will notice when starting this program? Steve: They will start feeling better almost immediately. A lot of problems, including chronic joint pain and […]


Fat Loss is a Battle Explained

A while back I started a series known as “Fat Loss is a Battle.” I started FLB without much of an explanation, and I temporarily suspended FLB without much of an explanation. So, let me explain: Image by Nicole Hamm I wanted FLB workouts to be starting points of progression. For example, FLB 3 listed […]


The 3-Point Formula for Fat Loss (plus secret revealed)

It’s time to get down to business and reveal the three-step formula to burning more fat: Explosive Training + High Intensity + Progressive Overload We talked about high intensity training in the last email. If you missed it, you can still read it on the blog: Intensity is King. I’ll cover explosive training today, then […]


Intensity is King

If your main goal is fat loss, then intensity is the king. And therein lies the problem: most people don’t push themselves enough. How do you know whether or not your workouts are intense enough? Here are a few hints: #1 – You don’t see any results The higher the intensity, the more results you […]