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Top 3 Kettlebell Training Programs

Whenever you’re dealing with a lack of progress, the solution usually involves switching things up and challenging yourself with a brand spankin’ new training regimen. When it comes to Kettlebell Training, you have three incredible options: Kettlebell Challenge Workouts If all you had was 20

4 Kettlebell Training Rules To 6-Pack Abs

By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS For years fitness “experts” have been preaching the merits of endless crunches and sit ups in pursuit of great abs. Combine that with the latest low fat diet and the tedious, slow boring cardio and – voila! Instant 6-Pack

Kettlebell Figure 8 Abs Exercise

The Kettlebell Figure 8 is one of the many unique abdominal movements you can perform with a Kettlebell. However, I personally believe that almost all Kettlebell movements work your core region. Here’s how to perform the Kettlebell Figure 8 exercise: Stand with your feet slightly

Turbulence Training Kettlebell Kickstart 4-Week Program

Everyone’s heard of the brand new Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution program that as recently launched, right? It’s from Chris Lopez, the first ever Turbulence Training certified instructor. Well, he’s developed a short, 4-week course, rightly named the “Kettlebell Kickstart” 4-week program. This is an introduction

TT Kettlebells

The Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution program is a Fat Loss system developed by Chris Lopez using the famous Turbulence Training system of exercise. The TT Kettlebells workouts are 10x better than interval cardio for fat loss for a number of reasons. First of all, for

TT Kettlebell

Chris Lopez, creator of the TT Kettlebell Revolution Fat Loss System, is your perfect example of a busy dad, who’s just got too many things going on with his life. For example, recently on his blog, Chris stated that while taking care of his five