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  • The Manhattan Beach Kettlebell Workout


    Workout Description Workout will be based on the Tabata 20-10 model. Perform 20 seconds of each exercise, followed by a 10 second rest: Kettlebell Snatches with Left Hand Kettlebell Snatches with Right Hand Kettlebell Goblet Squats Kettlebell Halos Kettlebell Clean and Press with Left Hand Kettlebell Clean and Press with Right Hand Kettlebell Swings Repeat […]

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  • The One-Kettlebell Workout

    one-kettlebell workout

    If there’s one thing a fitness buff should have, it should be a kettlebell. You can do so much more with this seemingly simple equipment. Below is a list of workout that you can do with it: Kettlebell Swing The kettlebell swing can be done either by one or both hands. This workout targets the […]

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  • The Best Kettlebell Exercise for Each Body Part

    Ah, kettlebells! The exercise equipment we love to hate. For those of you a bit confused as to what these kettlebells are, just picture a mini bowling ball with a handle on top. Yes, you have to lift that mini bowling ball as an exercise. You can groan all you want, but these babies are […]

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  • A Minimalist’s Guide to Burning Fat – Kettlebell Sprints

    KB Sprints

    The following is a guest post by Vince Juron of Humble Predator. 40 minute jog in the park? As Sweet Brown would say, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!” Not only am I sure you don’t have time for a leisurely jog in the park, I’m sure it’s not commensurate with getting ripped or even […]

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  • Top 3 Kettlebell Training Programs

    Whenever you’re dealing with a lack of progress, the solution usually involves switching things up and challenging yourself with a brand spankin’ new training regimen. When it comes to Kettlebell Training, you have three incredible options: Kettlebell Challenge Workouts If all you had was 20 minutes, a single Kettlebell, and your own bodyweight, what would […]

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  • How to Make Kettlebell Pyramid Swings Work for You

    We know that high-rep Kettlebell swings WORKS for fat loss. The biggest problem is that performing 500 – 1000 swings within a single workout can be a DAUNTING task mentally and physically. To ease things up, we can organize our workouts in much more manageable sets while still achieving the benefit of high-volume training. Before […]

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  • #1 TOUGHEST kettlebell workout method? (not what you think)

    These new kettlebell workouts could be the hardest thing you’ve EVER done. But if you want serious results, they NEED to be a staple in your long-term workout plan. They even helped an ex-pro football player friend of mine lose 64 pounds in 7 months, and keep it off for good … => See this crazy new […]

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  • 4 Kettlebell Training Rules To 6-Pack Abs

    By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS For years fitness “experts” have been preaching the merits of endless crunches and sit ups in pursuit of great abs. Combine that with the latest low fat diet and the tedious, slow boring cardio and – voila! Instant 6-Pack Abs. Over time, however, evidence is showing that this just […]

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  • Kettlebell Figure 8 Abs Exercise

    The Kettlebell Figure 8 is one of the many unique abdominal movements you can perform with a Kettlebell. However, I personally believe that almost all Kettlebell movements work your core region. Here’s how to perform the Kettlebell Figure 8 exercise: Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Place one kettlebell directly beneath […]

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  • Turbulence Training Kettlebell Kickstart 4-Week Program

    Everyone’s heard of the brand new Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution program that as recently launched, right? It’s from Chris Lopez, the first ever Turbulence Training certified instructor. Well, he’s developed a short, 4-week course, rightly named the “Kettlebell Kickstart” 4-week program. This is an introduction to Chris Lopez’ intense style of Kettlebell Training. If you’re […]

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