Kettlebell Workout Finisher Day

Today is the day that you stop reading, and start taking action. You already know what to do. You have all the information at your fingertips, so what’s stopping you from taking action? I’ll tell you what it is: you’re looking for some secret, magic super sauce to make your fat loss worries go away. […]


10 Weeks of Kettlebell Training Routines

The fitness industry is full of controversy. There is a claim floating out there that Kettlebell training is the best and fastest way to lose fat. Whether or not this claim is true is up for debate, but what I do know is that Kettlebells work. Sometimes I love Kettlebells, and sometimes I hate them. […]


Dumbbell Swings Technique for Fat Loss

All this time, I’ve been talking about Kettlebells, but what about Dumbbells? Well, each implement has there advantages and disadvantages. One major flaw with Kettlebells is that they are difficult to learn. However, we can easily remedy this problem by using Dumbells. All Kettlebell movements can be done with a pair of Dumbbells! One of […]


Kettlebell Routine to Destroy Visceral Fat

Lack of a six pack is due to the fact that you carry too much fat on your stomach. It’s as simple as that! So doing tons of situps and crunches everyday is not going to help you reveal your six pack abs. In order to lose fat, you must stick to compound movements such […]

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Benefits of Kettlebell Swings

The kettlebell swing is a much under-used and extremely underrated exercise. It’s the most basic of all the kettlebells exercises, and it’s imperative that you learn how to do it correctly, before attempting more complex moves like snatches and cleans. However, just because it’s basic doesn’t mean that it’s easy, unimportant, or without benefit. Let’s […]


5 Kick Ass Kettlebell Coaches

I fell in love with Kettlebells over 5 years ago, and have been using them along side my Bodyweight workouts for extra calorie burning, a boost of strength, and overall challenging workouts. I’ve since tried a multitude of workouts written by variety authors and Kettlebel coaches. The following are 8 of my favorite fitness professionals […]


Kettlebell Swings for Fat Loss: More than One Way to Use Kettlebell Swings

The Kettlebell Swing is the most simplest Kettlebell exercises. But don’t let it’s simplicity fool you. The swing has the capability of making even the most elite athletes beg for mercy. However… There is no such thing as the “perfect” workout. I recommend performing high-rep kettlebell swings very often. However, this is not the only […]