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Fast Fat Loss vs Efficient Fat Loss

  There is always more than one way to get from point A to point B. When selecting the right way, you need to decide what’s more important: getting to point B fast, or getting to point B efficiently. The difference between fast and efficient

Eating and Bodybuilding

NOTE: This post has been submitted by James Chan, NSCA-CPT. His profile is at the end. Ever since I’ve read the book, “The China Study,” I’ve experimented with lowering my animal protein intake and upping my vegetables. If you haven’t read the book, what it

1 Trick to stop cravings & control appetite

I have a great nutrition program for you today from nutrition expert Mike Geary. Mike is one of my most trusted colleagues in the field of nutrition, so pay attention to this info on how to control cravings and appetite to get that lean body

Mike Geary Six Pack Abs Nutrition Product

Fat Burning Kitchen is a Nutrition eBook written by Mike Geary. Mike Geary wrote the world famous “Truth About Abs” eBook. Lets take a look at what people are saying about Mike Geary and his fitness programs: Leith Carnie from Australia “…I was running regularly

Mike Geary’s Fat Burning Kitchen Half Price Sale

Hey guys, just got this email. Mike Geary, author of Truth About Abs is turning 34. In celebration of his birthday, he’s offering his dieting manual, “Fat Burning Kitchen” for half the price. But this promo will only last for 3 days. Click here to

Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss

Now You can Have a Great Body, Better Health, and Amazing Fitness by Exercising with Just your Bodyweight in the Comfort of your Own Home! I’ve been training with my bodyweight for almost two years now. For a long time I stuck to primarily pushups,