Citrus Baked Tilapia

Makes 4 Servings Ingredients – 1 pound fresh tilapia fillets – 2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil – 1 Tbsp. lime zest – 1/4 cup freshly-squeezed lime juice – 1/4 cup orange juice (preferably freshly-squeezed) – 1/2 thai red pepper (optional, only if you like it spicy) – 1 tsp. seasalt – 1/2 tsp. freshly-ground

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Why Americans are Fat

Based on data from 2008, Americans consume over 60 pounds of added sugar per year. According to the American Heart Associate, the acceptable allowance of daily sugar intake for men is 150 calories or 9 teaspoons per day. For women, it’s 100 calories or 6 teaspoons per day. Our current daily average is 306 calories

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Can you Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting quicker than Dieting?

Dieting to lose weight is a difficult process for most people.  Most diets come with unpleasant restrictions, which can hurt your motivation.  We’re supposed to enjoy eating food, not get stuck with unsavory options.  This is one of the many reasons why intermittent fasting could be a better choice for you. Some of the most

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Diet to Increase Energy

Went out to lunch with my cousin Sagar and close friend Chetan on Friday. We had a great lunch at a Greek restaurant. We all had the same thing. Can’t remember the name of it, but it involved hummus and beans. It made me realize that if you plan ahead, and choose the right spots,

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