Combine Kettlebells, Bodyweight, Barbells, and Dumbbells in this Turbulence Training Workout

This one’s a pretty high intensity, advanced routine developed by Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training. He’s got some interesting exercises techniques that I’ve never seen before.

First of all, his entire program, known as the Lean and Jacked workout, combines Kettlebells, Bodyweight, Barbells, and Dumbbells. So, essentially, there’s something for everyone here.

If you have access to a set of Barbells and Kettlebells, then this is a great program to get. If you don’t, then you should still get it as all the Kettlebell and Barbell movements also have Dumbbell variations you can do.

Workout A of his program starts off with the Triple Press. The Triple Press is a triset of three pressing movements. The idea is to move from your weakest position to your strongest position.

Start off with the seated shoulder press. Perform 6 repetitions with a pair of dumbbells, then drop the bench to the half-way point. This is your incline bench press. Perform 6 repetitions, then drop the bench to the flat position.

This is your strongest position, and you should be able to finish off with 6 more repetitions. Drop the dumbbells and move immediately to the inverted bodyweight rows.

For the rows, make sure to squeeze your shoulder blades at the top of each movement. After this initial circuit, it’s time for the first superset of the lot. Start off with a set ofpushups.

Pushups are done for just 2 repetitions short of failure. If you do not know how many pushups you can do, just stop the movement before you feel you hit failure. Superset the pushups with Barbell Rows.

Just as in the bodweight rows, make sure to squeeze your shoulder blades at the top of each repetition. Perform 8 reps. Rest and repeat for another 2 sets, for a total of 3 supersets.

Next superset you will pair chinups with dips. Chinups are performed with an underhand grip with a quick pull, and slow lowering of the body. Shoot for a 4-second lowering phase.

Perform a total of 6 repetitions (if you can), then move onto dips. Craig Ballantyne likes to do his dips with his knees tucked up in front of his chest. This moves the center of gravity forward and takes stress off yourrotator cuffs.

Use a 3-second lowering and press back up as fast as possible. Perform 2 reps short of failure, similar to what we did with pushups. You’re going to finish off the workout with an Abs superset.

Start off with a Stability Ball Ab rollout with a 5 second rolling out phase. Perform 10 repetitions and move onto the Cross-body mountain climber. Perform 10 repetitions.

Do a total of 3 sets of the abs supersets.

As you can tell, this particular workout did not have Kettlebells, however the rest of the Lean and Jacked program does include Kettlebell training. The only barbell movement was the row, which you substitute using the Dumbbell row.

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