Diet to Increase Energy

Diet to Increase Energy

Do you STILL perform cardio?

Learn how to lose fat by ENDING  your cardio:

Went out to lunch with my cousin Sagar and close friend Chetan on Friday. We had a great lunch at a Greek restaurant. We all had the same thing. Can’t remember the name of it, but it involved hummus and beans.

It made me realize that if you plan ahead, and choose the right spots, you CAN eat out healthy! Eating healthy is the most natural way to increase your energy. Forget about supplements or energy drinks, just focus on eating the right foods.

There are three rules you must follow if you want to eat healthy: plan, shop, and prepare.


The first step is to plan your diet. Now, just HAVING a plan is not enough. You must literally sit down each week and identify any and all obstacles you have coming your way. So, if you have a business meeting this week, or guests coming over, or are planning a trip with friends – you need to plan for all that. Be aware of the situation, and modify your diet based on your situation.

Based on your schedule for that week or day, you may have to research restaurants or go to the grocery store to get the right foods. Regardless of your situation, you will be able to find a healthy option once you start being aware of the obstacles in your way.

Planning also involves learning how to cook. The more recipes you know, the more variety you will be able to add into your diet. If someone like me, who is the worst cook on the planet, can learn a few simple recipes, so can you!

Your meal plan should be as simple as possible. That is the ONLY way you will stick to it. Find foods and recipes that you love and focus on portion sizes instead of counting calories. Counting calories will just drive you nuts.

As you plan your meal, remember not to keep anything OFF LIMITS. If you do that,you will crave them more, and then you will go into relapse. Schedule days were you cheat on your diet, where you can eat what you crave within reason.

If you’re eating with someone else, make sure that person knows about your healthy eating plan. They may reject it, or they may support it. But be prepared for rejection. If they are very apprehensive of eating healthy, then you may want to avoid the meeting. Your goals come first!


Now you have to do the grunt work. You have to actually go out and get the foods you need for your recipes and diet plan. The first time going into a grocery store can be tough. Even for people who go to the grocery store on a regular basis, you’re now going there with a different mission: find healthy food!

Here are some tips:

First, stick to the perimeter of the store. Most of the packaged foods, which you don’t need, are in the center of the aisle. Next, if something says “low fat” or “Reduced fat,” don’t get it. And finally, reduce your bread intake as much as possible!

Remember, you wont’ get it right away. As you shop, some of your old desires and cravings for food will creep up. Keep the process slow and steady and realize that you will make mistakes along the way.

Make sure you get a lot of different spices to make your food taste better. Many people will just use salt and sugar to make their food taste better. Spices have not extra calories, and will help you make your transition to healthy eating less painful.


Some people can cook for an entire week. Other people can’t do this. Either way, find a way to prepare your food ahead of time, wether you do it once a week, or once every 3 days, it’s up to you.

There are also some recipes with 10-minute preparation times, so you can learn those as well. The whole idea hear is to make nutrition as convenient for you as possible, so you can eat healthier and naturally boost your energy levels!

Preparation is absolutely important because it will prevent you from stumbling. Even people who have been eating healthy for years will stumble. Perfection is not what we’re after. We’re after a healthy lifestyle.

When you cook your food, pay attention to portion sizes. If you make a lot of one dish, remember to portion it all out ahead of time, so that you don’t over eat. Use tupper ware to do this.

So if you’re looking for the perfect diet plan to help you lose weight and increase your energy level naturally, then I recommend grabbing a copy of TT Simple Nutrition. Click here for more information!

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