Exercises for the Lats

Exercises for the Lats

The best exercises for the lats do not even require any weights! All you need are a set of parallel or monkey bars, and you’re good to go. The name of the movement is called the bodyweight row, and we’re going to be going over a set of progressions that will help you train your lats.

So put down the weights and head out to your local park. The name of your trainer is Mike Fitch, creator of the Animal Flow Workout. He’s always coming out with new and unique ways to train with your bodyweight.

According to Mike, the way to make a bodyweight movement harder is to increase the percentage of bodyweight that you lift. You must progress with the movement properly. Doing too much in the beginning can set you up for injury.

Check out the video of Mike’s bodyweight row progressions:

As you can see, each variation is harder then the one before it. It’s incredible how much you can achieve with just your bodyweight! Mike Fitch has built an amazing body without lifting weights. He shares his unique bodyweight system in his brand new Animal Flow Workout.

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