Fitness Products + Affiliates = Success

Transform yourself into a FAT BURNING machine...

Fat Burning Kitchen is the ULTIMATE plan to help you fix your nutrition today! Learn how to transform your kitchen so that you can transform your body.

We’ve got the fitness products, and you’ve got the audience. We want to bring our fitness products to your audience to help them transform their bodies.

In the process, we’ll pay you.

Specifically, we’ll pay you 51% of all sales.


We’re giving away more than half of our business, and all you have to do is send your readers an email, or write a blog post about our fitness products.

You can even interview us, or write a review of one of our fitness products. We’ll even help you write unique content!

Ok, I guess I’m getting ahead of myself.  My name is Parth Shah, owner of (the site your on now). I’ve been an affiliate marketer for 5 years, and now I’m the affiliate manager for Coach Lomax’s 6 home fitness products.

I want to invite you to become an affiliate, just like me. I’ll train you, absolutely free. There is no cost to this, except your time and effort. If you want to make a comfortable living with affiliate marketing, then check out the program we’ve set up at

Once you sign up, we’ll have a free training lesson each week. Sign up today, and start making money – 51% for each sale you make, to be specific.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way for you to make some extra side income. It just depends on what you consider to be “side income”

Lets take one of our products: Gladiator Body Workout. This is a $27 product. You make $12.22 for each sale. If you make just 3 sales per day, which is extremely easy to do, take a look at how much money you’d make per month and per year.

Book Sales Per Day

EXTRA Monthly Income

EXTRA Yearly Income




This may not seem like much, but when you replicate the results with all 6 of our products, then you’re looking at a really nice income.

Even if you just sold one copy of each product per day, you’re still looking at an extra 20 to 30 thousand dollars with minimal effort.

Bottom line, if you do what needs to be done, you can make a nice second income.

But you’ll only do this if you stick to the plan, and follow along with our affiliate training blog at Join today!

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