Get Ready for some Bootcamp Exercise Ideas

The Military has been using bootcamp PT to get their soldiers in shape. Now average folk are looking too bootcamp exercises to help them get into better shape. If you’re a trainer, then you need to listen to the needs of your clients, and give them what they want: Bootcamp Workouts.

To get started with bootcamp classes, you need to listen to Craig Ballantyne. In a recent Summit, this world-famous trainer took a room-full of trainers who are craving information to help them give them the edge in their fitness business, through a sample workout. Here is a little clip of his workout:

This was just a snippet of how to use bootcamp classes to make more money in your fitness business. If you’re looking for more bootcamp workouts and bootcamp business tips, then check out Craig Ballantyne’s TT Bootcamp 2.0.
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