High Frequency Bodyweight Exercises

High Frequency Bodyweight Exercises

High frequency training has both muscle building and fat loss benefits. The following are 4 of the best bodyweight exercises to use if you wish to include high frequencing training into your program:


The plank is a great movement that should be performed more often. In fact, you should do it everyday. A 1-minute plank first thing in the morning will set everything straight.


Another great movement is the lunge. This movement is great if you’re lacking in lower body mass. One program that I always refer back to is the PLP-60 program by Chad Waterbury. Start off by performing 10 repetitions, then add 1 repetition each day for 60 days.


Burpees are one of my favorite movement and a great way to lose fat. I recommend setting a time for 2 minutes, and seeing how many you can perform in that time frame.


If you’re looking to pack on muscle on your upper body, then chose dips over pushups. I refer back to the PLP-60 idea presented by Chad Waterbury. Start off with 10 repetitions, then add another rep each day for 60 days.

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