How to Improve your Running and Pullups (or anything else for that matter)


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My Sensei (Karate Instructor) taught me one important thing: if you want to get better at front kicks, then do a lot of front kicks! In other words, practice makes perfect.

A really great approach to program design is to create workouts that revolve around your goals. Simple enough? But not enough people do this. They get caught up with all the other hoopla and nonsense that surrounds health and performance improvement.

For example, if you want to improve your running, then why not just go out for a run? Depending on your goals, you may want to perform a few timed trials per week, or distance runs. Throw in a few power cleans and snatches, some sprinting, and walla! You’ve got yourself a program.

Same things for pullups. People think they need to hit their back harder in the gym, or they start isolating their shoulders…etc. etc. etc. No, just get up on the bar and pull your body up to it. Rinse, and repeat! One of the best pullup programs out there is the Armstrong pull up program, because it actually revolves around doing pullups.

Ok, so what about people who are doing pullups and running, but still do not see much improvement? Well, then it’s time to start looking at other things – other weaknesses. Maybe your biceps are too week, or your hamstrings are too tight.

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