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Don’t Hurt Yourself! Top 2 Ways to Improve your Kettlebell Technique

Everyone knows that Kettlebell training is tough, exciting, and produces incredible results. However, if you don’t perform the exercises properly, you can hurt yourself. This is why learning proper technique is absolutely crucial to Kettlebell training.

There are two ways to improve your Kettlebell technique. The first method is free, but it has its limitations. The second method will cost you some money, but it’s absolutely worth it if you wish to excel with your kettlebell training.

Method #1: YouTube

For the past few years, individuals have been posting their kettlebell workouts and exercise demonstrations on YouTube. However, many people are not taking advantage of the real potential of YouTube: free, online coaching. There are hundreds of people out there that comment on exercise techniques of other individuals that post the video.

So, take advantage and tape yourself performing a workout or exercise. Post it on YouTube with a title such as “Kettlebell Turkish Get Up – Critique Technique Please.” I guarantee you within a few hours people will start commenting on your technique, and you will have lots of advice for absolutely free.

If you would like me to check out your form, then simply email me with a link to your YouTube video at shah@shahtraining.com. For an even faster response to your videos, post your YouTube video on Kettlebell training forums. One of the more popular forums out there is Dragon Door.

Method #2: Information Products

The second method of improving your technique is to purchase information products such as eBooks and DVD’s. Most world class trainers have Kettlebell training DVD’s and programs that you can use to improve your Kettlebell technique.

This method is much better than YouTube videos, since you’re getting access to professional help. However, it’s also cheaper than getting a trainer, since you’re not paying someone on an hourly basis. You usually pay a one-time charge, then access the information.

The best information product on Kettlebells is the Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution program. This is a program put together by world class coach Craig Ballantyne and his protege Chris Lopez. This Kettlebell program is perfect for both beginners and advanced athletes.

Click here to learn more about Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution.


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